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maanantai 30. huhtikuuta 2012

So Much (or less...) to Tell...

... and I don't know where to start!
It's May Day Eve, Monday (I have to tell about BOM rehab) and the last day of April (I have to tell about AYOS and OPAMs / Jotain valmista joka kuukausi)
Huh, this post will be loooooooooooong! Hopefully you won't get bored...

Let's start with happy and lighter things...

WE (Fenix&I) wish you


and then 
are you ready for more serious matters?
 In BOM Rehab I sewed one Designer Mystery 2011 block. It's block ten called 'Layered Daisy'
My personal favorite... indeed! The colours and... EVERYTHING!!

Here is all six blocks... I'm on the midway ;o)
But the other... BOM RC&D

only the second block is done!!!

What shall I show you then? Would you like to see something 'pretty'?

I feel pretty. Oh, so purr-pretty!
I feel dizzy, I feel sunny, I feel fizzy and funny and fine…
Are you kidding, Fenix?

 I don't know is my April's AYOS project 'Summer Day' 'pretty' enough for me, but the main thing was that at least we had fun, when we did it. Fenix is so keen on red/ orange fabrics... I don't know why... maybe because he's orange himself...

BUT now it's time to a darker story...
For the Jotain valmista joka kuukausi - challenge I promised to finish Butterfly Garden quilt. As you may have seen I FAILED - really BADLY!!! Since mid-April there has been no progress at all! WHY!!!
Laziness, Illness and  Indecision..... 
L.I.I.? Hhmmmm, sound good explanations for the fact that BG is still in progress.
Therefore, I do not put myself big goals for May.

This small 'Flower patch' quilt (Moda Bake Shop recipe 2009) is my goal for May. And I might alter the recipe a little...

So I really need stronger control to my quilting life...

... and who else is better than Fenix ;o)
Together we quilted and binded 'BibeloT' - wall hanging...

... it found a place in the bedroom wall. Fenix can now count the butterflies, when I'm sleeping ;o)

Finally, as Ron Sexsmith sings...

It's really coming down
Raining cats and hounds
It's falling on parades
And on the plans we made

But there'll be other days
And things will turn our way
The rain has got to fall
It's April after all 

maanantai 23. huhtikuuta 2012

BOM Rehab (weekend 16)

The past weekend I sewed two blocks for the Designer Mystery 2011 BOM.
Several other participants do this same BOM in Sinta's Rehab
This weekend I decided to do exactly the same way ;o), because the eleventh block arrived last week... AND I just LOVE those Strawberry Fields fabrics!!!!
There is only one block to come, DM2011 BOM will end in May and the next Designer Mystery is about to beginning in June... so if I want that all blocks are ready before the new mystery starts... I have already a hurry, because so far I have sewed only 3 (or 4) blocks.

 The sewed blocks are : 
1. Sweet Pea 2. Promise of Spring 3. Pretty Pansy 4. Rose Buds
I sewed them all in time... almost right away, when they arrived from Fat Quarter Shop. But then as normally happens to me I stayed after and just put the envelopes on the shelf to wait for the future...

But along with BOM Rehab, I thought it would be a good way to get DM2011 back to the track.
In the beginning I planned to make the smaller blocks than in original (that's why the Sweet Pea block is smaller than the other blocks). But the resizing was difficult (the other blocks were more complicated than the first one), so I thought it would be better sew the blocks as it was informed in the pattern.

1. bigger Sweet Pea and 11. Rosey Posey
... on the shelf... there is six blocks waiting...
Maybe I'll sew next two blocks on the next weekend...
... or shall I surprise you with a new BOM???? ;o)

Some progress in Raining Cats and Dogs too...

I wish you a plenty of sunny days!!!!

lauantai 21. huhtikuuta 2012

Oh, Michael...

... finally we met!
On Friday night at Hartwall Areena in Helsinki.

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Thanks for memorable moments, MB!!!

maanantai 16. huhtikuuta 2012

BOM Rehab (weekend 15)

Last weekend I took out one of the many unfinished BOMs,
It's BOM by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs. I ordered it from Fat Quarter Shop and the program is from Noverber 2011 to August 2012.  
I think the purchasing of it is still possible, if you are interested in.
So far I have only made a few appliques on the second block

I ordered it mainly..
... because of the beautiful fabrics. Anne used Puttin' on the Ritz collection by Bunny Hill Designs and 3 Sister's Etchings collection by Moda. 
A lot of pink, light blue and grey!!!

... and because of cats and dogs!

Can you guess, what she (note: a pink collar) is chasing?
 Is she chasing stars?
Or maybe 'more important' things...

 ... like a cat?
 I hope not, because I want them to be a good friends ;o)

There is still much to do before the second block is ready, but I'm not going to rush with this BOM.
I do it whenever I need a pink and grey around... my goal is to have it ready by 2016...
I may show you something else on next Monday ;o)
and you know I have a number of other...

By the way I have to tell you this today...
after previous post in our sewing room began to look more comfortable and more familiar.

I started to sew Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks together and it brought back the lost enthusiasm for sewing!
And Fenix conquered the ironing board ;o)

 The first ten blocks together. 
I'm going to sew the rows in two installments, each of which is about 5 x 5.
I think, so far it looks very nice, although all blocks are not exactly the 6 1/2" x 6 1/2 ".

And the last week BOM Butterfly Garden's blocks are all sewn together ;o)

Oh, what a lovely feeling, when you have got Q -vitamin!

We Wish you a great week
- Satu & Fenix -

lauantai 14. huhtikuuta 2012

Summer Day...

... is AYOS (Another Year of Schnibbles) in April!

 I sewed the top of it last September (it was then my free choice for Le Petit - challenge),
but it's still in that stage... Why? I have no good explanation for that, but I think one might be, that I didn't figure quite well... WHAT IS IT?

The size of it is now about 17" x 17". 
I placed it on one pillow... beside my granny square blanket...

 The colours match well together
and I got the idea for the backing...

Now I'm waiting for the SEWING MOJO...
I have a high pile of cutted fabrics next to the B, but no inspiration :o/

I hope you have a more creative weekend than I do
See you ;o)

tiistai 10. huhtikuuta 2012

I Was About...

 ... to take part in Sinta Renee's Rehab in this week!
I got a bit done the last block of Butterfly Garden BOM, but I had no time yesterday to write about it :o/ (Sorry, Sinta Renee!)

The following Monday I'm definitely IN ;o)

... (maybe) I'll then show you another BOM block, because I HAVE to finish this block before the next weekend! I have promised that to myself!!!

There is (only) two daisies and one big butterfly on the middle miniblock, which are undone...
then ALL nine blocks are ready to piece together!!!
Now I must hurry back to the BG...

Have a sunny week!!!!

torstai 5. huhtikuuta 2012

Easter Bunny Wishes you...

Joyful Easter!!!

If you are interested in to embroider of your own Easter Bunny, you will find the pattern here. It's Bunny pincushion, which is only one of the many Easter projects by Bronwyn Hayes.

maanantai 2. huhtikuuta 2012

BibeloT Story AND Jotain valmista joka kuukausi HuHtiKuu

I know I should have written this story yesterday, because it was the first day of April and the parades
at Sinta Renee and at Sherri are going on...
but better now than never?

 Bibelot story continued on last Friday...
Do you believe, how wonderful it felt to sit next to dearB. and start to sew ;o) after few weeks break!!!
First I added the inner white borders and then sewed the Hunky Dory rectangulars together...
and when I began to sew THEM to the borders... I met some problems!!!!
KÄÄÄÄK!!!! They were TOO long!
(Am I little rusty?)

 What shall I do now? Shall I add one more 'inner' border or...

 I did a decision and sewed green spotty border.
But after that Fenix was already too eager to decide the places for the butterflies!

 See... how focused he is!!!

 After a while he pointed to a new location...
but this time I wasn't sure of his opinion.

Because I didn't want to break the T -blocks too much...
 ... I appliqued only two butterflies to the corner.
Bibelot is now waiting for the batting and quilting... and I'll continue with it ASAP ;O)

Finally, a quick rewiev of...

Jotain valmista joka kuukausi projektini huhtikuussa on
Leanne Beasleyn Butterfly Garden.

In April I'm gonna finish Leanne Beasley's Butterfly Garden.
I started it as a BOM (ordered it from Honeysuckle Gottage) in spring 2008. I did five blocks more or less in time, but then it slowed down...
Last year I got some boost from Hanne and May-Britt. They had a goal to finish it before summer 2011. They managed, but I didn't :o/
I stitched all blocks, except the last one!!! Can you believe THAT?

Joten alkutilanne huhtikuulle on:
yhdeksästä blokista 8 valmiina, yhdeksännen miniblokit ommeltu yhteen, muttei vielä applikoitu eikä kirjottu.
Huh, vuoden ensimmäisiin haasteisiini verrattuna kovin haaste edessä ;o)
mutta haluaisin sen toukokuun alkuun valmiiksi!
Peukut pystyyn, tytöt, että onnistun!!!

Hauskaa pääsiäisviikon alkua kaikille!!!!
Happy week to you!!!

PS. Did you remember Zakka Style Sew along started today?