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sunnuntai 31. tammikuuta 2010

GDO update and Y- SEAMS!

My FIRST Girl's Day Out block is stitched!

The lace (neither buttons) is not yet sewed, because I'm not sure , whether I'll change it...

Oh, Fenix! What are you doing? It's not a real bird, you silly furball...

After finishing all of the SBS blocks,
I'm quite sure
I'll must be a real master of the Y-seams!

There was eight Y-seams in this Love in a Mist -block.
Perhaps this was my best achievement so far.

The funny co-incidents with SBS are continueing... Meanwhile I was sewing this block at this afternoon, I saw that there is movie called Waterloo Bridge in TV tonight. So I allowed plenty of the handkerchiefs and enjoyed... Vivien Leigh was so pretty... and lot of love in a mist...

In the end MyDJ updates...

We'll see soon...

keskiviikko 27. tammikuuta 2010


January 27, 1861 Hannah Walton Sanders wrote in her diary

A beautiful day overhead but the ground covered with snow. The day of course for preaching at the brick church. So much snow we could not go. (quote from CWD quilt book by R. Youngs)
Here in southern Finland was a very beautiful day too, but extremely cold - in the morning, when I drove to the work it was in some places -30 C. In the afternoon it was less frost, but then the wind started to blow... it felt much more colder! HRRRR... says Fenix too;) But I think he isn't feeling chilly, but he is up to do something nasty, perhaps?

If you look the photo closer, you will find some cutting instructions for the block.

I used these fabrics:
orange is Cover Story by Thimbleberries
brown is Bonnie Blue Basics by Paula Barnes
white is... hmm... might be Mayflower Muslin by Benartex... or not

and the result is...

Block 32. Church

Oh, I must go to play with Fenix... he just insist on it NOW;) Until next time... Take care

and Warm greetings to Elin!

maanantai 25. tammikuuta 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook - week 4

FOR TODAY January 25, 2010

Outside My Window... now dark and -13 C, but sun was shining in the day-time. The lenght of the day is now 7 h 20 min... The last week was very cold, every day over -20 C, so I have had some extra excitement in the mornings whether my car will start.

I am thinking... my household. Ever since my ex-H left I have been thinking it a lot! Soon I must do some decisions about moving to the cheaper lodging and getting a new job, if I can. Thinking all of this IS quite stressful.

I am thankful for... I still have some savings, although I'm NOT economical person at all...

From the kitchen... at work I ate a soup of vegetables and goat's cheese. Hot soup was a splendid lunch on this cold day.

I am wearing... can you believe I'm wearing the same white-black striped pants;) as last Monday. But today I have dark green socks and blouse.

I am creating... the first and definitely THE ONLY OPAM in this month - the woollen socks. Only ONE OPAM in this month is a huge dissappointment for me:(

I am going... to go to the interview of the new job on Thursday. I'm little bit nervous already. Ten years ago it was previous...

I am reading... last chapters of the Philippe Claudel's Le Rapport de Brodeck - in finnish Varjojen Raportti. I have found few good thoughts from it.

I am hoping... more time... and I'm hoping also that tiny feeling of the pain in my elbow would dissappear. It worries me...

I am hearing... Duffy's Rockferry album. Oh, it makes me melancholy, but also strengthens! I will survive!!!

Around the house... washing machine is 'playing it's own music'

One of my favorite things... goat's cheese and a tasty red wine... Hmm.. maybe I should go to the kitchen now;)... but before that...

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: to keeping hold of my New Year promises, I'll sew some blocks (one CWD, one SBS, one MyDJ block and triangle). Furthermore I must finish the first block of the Girls Day Out. I can't wait to see which of the blocks the other girls have stitched in this month. There is seven other ladies and you'll find their names from Mai's blog.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Until the next time...

lauantai 23. tammikuuta 2010

Two BOWs

Just a short post
showing you these two blocks.
Sometimes fun co-incidents happens...
I choosed the same fabric and the same fussycut for mySBS block
as Anne Ida used for her DJ block in this week.
It's that rose fabric in the middle...

Until next time...
... try to keep yourself warm;)

maanantai 18. tammikuuta 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook - week 3

Through the Natalie's blog I found my way to here... and I thought this might be a splendid way to keep weekly diary on Mondays... atleast I could try... although my english is not so perfect and rich in meaning...

FOR TODAY January 18, 2010

Outside My Window... it's dark and frosty, the streetlamps are the only source of the light

I am thinking... of last Friday evening at the opera and Rusalka's moon, quite impressive performance

I am thankful for... all the pleasures that the cultural event may give

From the kitchen... Rafaello's temptation for Fenix, for me few cup of coffee, cheese sandwich and grapes

I am wearing... woollen socks (floor is cold), white-black striped blouse and pants

I am creating... the block for the Euro bee, my month will be August... so plenty of time yet

I am going... to stitch the block one of the Girls Day Out Quilt for the rest of the evening. It means only one hour or half... so only little progress today

I am reading... Philippe Claudel's Le Rapport de Brodeck - in finnish Varjojen Raportti.

I am hoping... the all possible help for the people of Haiti

I am hearing... sound of silence with the relaxed breathing by Fenix. It reminds me tomorrow is the yoga training - Oh, F. is now strecthing all his legs;)

Around the house... quite peaceful at this moment, Fenix is sleeping on the keyboard table and the keyboard is on my lap;) Am I too kind to him....

One of my favorite things... listening operamusic. In the Saturday evening I listened Carmen, it was live broadcast from MET.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: clearly sewing one SBS and DJ block, continueing to stitch GDO and Life is Beautiful... and whatever life is giving;)

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Many, many stitches and hugs to you!!!!

torstai 14. tammikuuta 2010


January 14, 1862 Nancy Elly Moore wrote in her diary

At nine o'clock P.M. just after we had retired for the night, we were disturbed of our rest by the noise and tramp of Calvary horses in the street. The Brethren went out to see what was wanted. They said they wanted supper and lodging for 225, also forage for their horses. --- --- They threatened if we did not give them a place to warm themselves, they would break into our dwellings and help themselves. When we found they would not be put off, but were becoming angry, the Sisters got up and prepared supper for them as quick as possible. ---
(quotes from Civil War Diary Quilt book written by R. Youngs)

Nancy was living threatful moments during the Civil War - indeed. It wouldn't be nice to wake up that kind of harassment... although I almost every night wake up something odd noise... Oh, it's just Fenix playing with his mouses or balls;)

This evening I sewed from these fabrics...

- light blue Itsy Bits from Renee Nanneman
- dark blue Lucinda's Needle from Jo Morton
- cream Farmyard Toiles from Carolyn Carpin

Block 17. Harassment

If you look the block closer you see that the seams in the center parts are not so accurate... but they are exactly the same in the pattern... First I tried to fix it, but then I decided to leave it just as they are in the original...

Maybe that's the harassment matter in the block....???

Please, Be with me and with my CWD blocks again
on the 27th of January!

tiistai 12. tammikuuta 2010

Lady of the Lake

C-5 Lady of the Lake

I just finished this SBS block (BOW2/2010)
and it looks so COOOOL ---
that I wanted to show it you immediately.

It seems that my week with the blocks is going to be blueish...
there is some blue fabrics putted aside
for the next CWD block!

Now I'm going to continue
this day off with a good dinner before yoga training -
it's the first time after Christmas break.

See you on Thursday evening...

sunnuntai 10. tammikuuta 2010

Firsties... blocks and week 1...

I was planning to write a detailed description of my first week in 2010. But it happened again, I'm now so tired after days at work in this weekend (someone should deny the working in the weekends;)... that I'm hardly able to do it with this collage... before I'll fall asleep... Fenix is sleeping already and right now dreaming... maybe chasing the mouse...

There was some HIGHLIGHTs...

- on Monday I got Helen's newest quiltpattern - Life is Beautiful. Oh, I really want to believe it;-) and I would like to start stitching those lovely phrases SOON. Hmm... where are my red repros???

- on Wednesday I had day off and I started it with some relaxing
stitches on Civil War Bridal block 1 (Yes, I'm still in the first block...), in the evening I sewed my first block for the Sylvia's Bridal Sampler in this year. It was Blazing Star (F9) and I wasn't quite pleased with the result. That's why only tiny photo of it;))

- on Friday I got my first kit of the Anne's Le Jardin -quilt from the FatQuarterShop. Yes, this was exactly a Christmas gift to myself;)

- today I surprised myself finishing one block (F1) of myDearJane. It has been 'ufo' over three months... oh,my! Yes, it's true OVER THREE MONTHS... Somehow I totally lost touch with sewing the DJ blocks last summer. Now I'm only waiting that I'll get the good old inspiration back, unfortunately the start felt quite strange and uncomfortable... Maybe I'll have better mood in the next week...

Happy Stitching to you;))

OPAM 2010 has launched!!!!
AND I'm IN ;)))

maanantai 4. tammikuuta 2010

Charity Quilt Blocks

The blocks, which Fenix is showing are the charity quilt blocks to the Simone.
They are now on their way to the Nederland.
Hopefully they will arrive savely and in time...

I have decided not to make any New Year promises -
but I must set some easy (?) goals.

1. Sew 1 My DJ and 1 SBS block in week
2. Sew 2 or 3 CWD blocks in month
3. Stitch one Girls Day Out block in month (challenge)
4. Finish one Noah & Friends Quilt
5. Participate OPAM 2010 (or try to;)
6. Enjoy the Quilting and Stitching Every Day

Wishing you a creative week;)

perjantai 1. tammikuuta 2010


January 1, 1861. Hannah Walton Sanders wrote in her diary
A very severe frost this morning. Everything covered with frost and a snow on the ground that measured two feet. The deepest I ever remembered.

The sun is shining behind the clouds, it's 14.30...
and there is frost outside (about -12 C)

After a short Christmas break we digged sewing equipments up... Yes, Fenix was REALLY excited, when he saw the cutting mat, the fabrics and all the other stuff, which appeared at the table. I admit I was too... because I choosed these fabrics (gray= Paula Barnes' Bonnie Blue Basics, very light lavender= Quilt Gate's Mary Rose Coll. , white prints on white= unknown) a long time ago. And I was anxious to see them pieced together.

I haven't yet decided do I like it or not....?
Is the contrast too slight - between white and lavender?

Is the fussy cut in the middle square too conspicuous?

Oh my... these are silly questions, because the more I look this block the more I like it;)))
So The First Block (29) of the Civil War Diary Quilt in 2010 is finished...
The next will be... 14th 0f January.

My dear - especially CWD -friend
Elin, from Norway
posted me these adorable vintage gifts before Christmas. They are lovely...
... and those toffee sweets are so ...
... ended;)

Tusen Takk, ELIN!
PS. Hopefully see yours soon;)))