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maanantai 26. heinäkuuta 2010

... Early Updates

Still five days left in July
and I have finished the stitcheries of block 11 of GDO!!!
Are you as much as
surprised that I'm?

Yesterday I finally cut borders for the block one.
I thought a long time,
whether I use green or cream rosefabric for the first border.
I'm pleased with this desicion...

And more 'early' updates

Greetings to
Hanne and May-Britt!!!

I'm now - only - one week ahead
doing miniblocks of Butterfly Garden.
But I prepared one of them for the week number 31.
Slower but most certainly
I'm attaining some of my goals;)

See you...

PS. Thanks to you ALL,
who left a comment to my previous post.
I appreciate them...
extremely LOT;))))

keskiviikko 21. heinäkuuta 2010

Satu's Flower Garden is still blooming...

Four weeks,
four flowers more!

I planned to use this stone printed fabric as a background...

... but when I look these photos...
I'm not sure about that anymore.

They are looking quite dull!!!!
Hm... I must think again...

Anyway -
it was fun to show you
my newest flowers;)

sunnuntai 18. heinäkuuta 2010


Today I show you some of the blocks,
that I have finished this week...

First block of My Garden BOM
designed by Lynette Anderson.
I just love those smoky shades of which Lynette used on her block,
so I decided to make as identical block as possible with hers.

One more miniblock of the Butterfly Garden.
I'm well on the schedule,
the next mini is nearly finished too;)

On 14th of July I sewed this CWD
block 114. Sewing Society for Soldiers.
It was really HOT evening then -
although the pattern is simple, the result is little catastrophic...

Two more 'Klosjes'-
light blue and light brown.
They are very tempting, I only wish I have more prepared...

I pieced together the block H of A Gardener's Journal.
Now I have 'plenty' of time to stitch the stitcheries of GDO.
I'm going to make the block eleven next.

In the end of this story
two latest SBS block

E-9 Queen Charlotte's Crown D-9 Orange Peel

I wish you all -
hopefully - cooler week!!!

sunnuntai 11. heinäkuuta 2010

Short Version of The Simple Woman's Daybook - week 27

FOR TODAY July 11, 2010

Outside My Window... hot, hot, TOO HOT! I'm melting!!! Luckily I live near the coast and there is possibilities of freshing breezes.

I am thinking... of purchase one squareruler. I can't make a decision, which one is better (=more useful) 9,5", 11,5" or 12,5". I have 7,5".

I am thankful for... that I'm continueing to sew the Butterfly Garden. Here is the second miniblock of the block 6.

From the kitchen... peas. My stomach is full of them... and water. It's so hot that I'm not hungry.

I am wearing... ;) something orange - It's THE DAY, when there is the final match of football in South Africa. - and because of that I'm also drinking some sangria;)

I am creating... block H of Gardener's Journal.

I am going... to trace some stitchings for this evening. So there is something to keep my eyes busy, if it's too scary to watch the football match.

I am reading...
Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist.

One of my favorite things... is The Australian Homespun magazine. It's always full of inspiring and tempting patterns.

Have a colourful week,
wherever you are!

PS. In this weekend I was overtaken by ME!

Look what I made

Dear Jane block
I-7 M Mac and Muff.

It's not perfect, but it's done;)
Those tiny triangles are difficult to applique, when the fingers are sweaty.

keskiviikko 7. heinäkuuta 2010

CWD: Bad Box

PS. You'll get this picture larger by clicking on it;)))

See YOU!!!

sunnuntai 4. heinäkuuta 2010

Butterfly Garden - first miniblock

Although Hanne and May-Britt have been busy with their BGs in this past week, I started with mine BG more calm;)

Only one finished miniblock per week and I choosed it to be the middle part of the block six.

Ok, I was a little hurry too, because I have already prepared two next miniblocks. If I'm totally honest I have now nearly stitched the miniblock number seven (miniblock on the left).

This is my third time, when I'm trying to finish my BG. I started it in February 2008. In 2008 I made four blocks and 2 of the miniblocks for block five! And then I suddenly lost my interest on it. The block five (= 7 miniblocks) I finished last summer. And then I lost the touch again. Maybe too much sorrow and all...

This time I'm more confident, because one miniblock in a week is quite reasonable pace for me. You all know I have many other projects... And I have a good support of two strong ladies!

Thank you Hanne and May-Britt for this new start!

Tusen Takk!!!

A third time and all will be fulfilled!

Till the end
Hurrah, Oranjes!!!

I own my first Klosjes to you!

See You!

torstai 1. heinäkuuta 2010

Updating Girl's Day Out...

This far I got in June...

After I took this picture and before I wrote this post
I yet stitched those curtains... HUH!
Some flowers with leaves and stems and blanket stitches around the appliques is unstitched.
Maybe I'm not much late... after all... Girls!

My Progress of Gardener's Journal so far.

Have you visited here? There you'll find many, many beautiful GJ blocks.
And it's fun to read the stories behind them.
Remember, it's never too late YOU to come along either;)))

Perhaps I am silly, but...
I decided to follow Hanne's and May-Britt's lead
(if you have visited at their blogs, you have noticed that they have been more busy in this week)
and finish one miniblock of Butterfly Garden in a week.

I have already done five blocks,
after next one I'm in the half way.
So it would be a good desicion to continue...

Luckily there is few very easy miniblocks,
but there is also few very arduous!

Have a nice weekend!
I'll try to be industrious...;)))