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perjantai 30. huhtikuuta 2010

Updating GDO

Hello Girls!
Tadaa... I have catched up with you;)))

The block four is finished...
only the candy jars are empty.
I'll fill them after piecing the top of the quilt together.

... and block three was the goal for April.

It's finished too;)))

I would love to piece those blocks together.
I have seen many beautiful blocks out there,
but I must wait until next month.
I have so far received blocks 1 to 11.
If I have understood the instructions of piecing the blocks together
is block twelve...

My goal for May is block five


Have a lovely stitching weekend!!!

sunnuntai 25. huhtikuuta 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook - week 16

FOR TODAY April 25, 2010

Outside My Window... it's afternoon and it has been a clear blue sky all day. It's amazing after darkish spring!

I am thinking... happiness and the purpose of life. I have been wondering why I'm not happy, although I have a new home, a new job... And I just read a one sad blogposting from Anne Heidi. The life is sometimes so cruel and unfare.

I am thankful for... the experiences, which this life gives... They must have some purpose.

From the kitchen... tomato and sausage baked in oven. A new receipt from the cook-book.

I am wearing... cosy clothes.

I am creating... I have stitched almost every day the stitcheries of block three from Girl's Day Out quilt. Yes, I know, I'm a snail, but it's almost finished! Yesterday evening I joined to this 'group'. When joining I promised to do one hexagon flower each Wednesday. The english paper piecing is quite new to me... I don't know yet how many of them I'll make. Let's see what will happen;)

I am going... to copy and print some hexagons.

I am reading... the gardening books. I must refresh my memory and recall the name of bushes and trees.

I am hoping... more joy... or I don't know...

I am hearing... a classical music from the radio.

Around the house... some noise from the downstairs. A new neighbour is doing the repairs.

One of my favorite things... is snooker. I have never played it, but I'm enthusiast to watch it on TV. There is World Championchips games in Sheffield.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: to make first hexagon flower, to stitch block three of GDO (block four already stitched;), to sew one SBS and CWD block??? and begin to stitch block A of Gardener's Journal.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

A greetings from Simone
and few photos from the parks of Kotka -brochure.

lauantai 17. huhtikuuta 2010

Friday Night Sew-in

"The Official Inspector" had a busy week;)
... to check a quality of fabrics
... to check the strength of the sewing thread
... to check the seamlines etc.

Here he is checking the seams of the JellyRoll Sampler block 4.

It's odd! Why simple piecing can be so difficult! I had a hard work to sew those strips straight... Maybe I wasn't concentrated on enough.

Last night it was more challenges ahead...
piecing A Gardener's Journal block G.

I have always difficulties to sew tiny one inch squares straight together. Although this time I really tried to sew them VERY CAREFULLY. And although I sewed longer than 1 1/2" strips together, cutted them afterwards. Yet there is wonky seams... krr...
The other error was, which I noticed immediately after starting to stitch, that I didn't cut my stitchery fabrics overlarged. When the pieces are stitched they are ALWAYS little smaller than before cutting. I didn't remember that fact at this time..krr! Well, I stretched the piece... and the seams are narrower than 1/4".

Anyway my FIRST A Gardener's Journal block is ready;)

I'll use mainly the Garden Party fabrics from Blackbird Design (MODA). But I wanted more variation... So I searched my stash and found some of the Garden Gate fabrics designed by Ro Gregg - beautiful tiny roses, other flowers and currants. Furthermore there is few fabrics from Lecien, Quilt Gate and Faye Burgos too - more rose and paisley prints.

There is - unawares - some nice fussy cuts on the pieces; one more bird is flying to the bath and some beautiful flowers too.
"The Official Inspector" is proving the work... after all;))
- What a relief! -

I have cutted the fabrics for the other blocks.

I got a good hint from one of the Stitch - A- Long ladies, how you can restore cutted patches.
Thank you, Helen;)

I also traced all five stitcheries for the A block. It's block of the May.

Visit here if you want to join or see what everyone else is up to in the group.


PS. UPDATING GDO! I'm desperately trying to catch you, Girls! I have almost finished the block 4 and started to stitch block 3. A lot of stitching HERE in this weekend;)))

torstai 15. huhtikuuta 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook - week 15

FOR TODAY April 15, 2010
Outside My Window... blue sky, snow has almost melt away, although here and there are dirty snowdrifts.
I am thinking... a new job. My first workday there is on next Monday. I'm a little bit... no I'm VERY nervous - already! Butterflies in my stomach...
I am thankful for... all opportunities what the life gives... or atleast I should be thankful... Today I'm little pessimistic...
From the kitchen... I haven't yet decided what shall I cook today. Any suggestions?
I am wearing... pink / tan striped blouse, jeans and brown socks.
I am creating... my first block of A Gardener's Journal -quilt. It's block G. I cut the fabrics and I'm going to sew it tomorrow night. It's a Friday Night Sew-in evening. Would you sew with us, please???
I am going... to introduce my newest CWD block, sewed this morning. You'll see it in the end of this posting with the note written by Cora Owens Hume. Yes, it's really my block on the picture. I played with the Paint. Fabrics: red is Civil War Anthem by Brackman & Clothier Thompson and tan is designed by Jo Morton.
I am reading... Civil War Diary quilt book and pondering, which block I'll sew next...
I am hoping... a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my goddaughter. She'll celebrate tomorrow;)
I am hearing... the song of robins, gulls, great tits and so on... THE SPRING is HERE!!!
Around the house... still few unpacked box...
One of my favorite things... is to watch the birds. But recently I have been lazy to go out and watch them in the woods or on the beach. It has been cosier to watch them at the window --- with Fenix;) --- early in the mornings.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: I'm planning to continue these weekly daybook entries on Sundays. I think it's the best day of the week to write down the happenings of the near past and future.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

sunnuntai 11. huhtikuuta 2010

Euro bee and SBS block

Fenix wanted to inspect Monika's block carefully, before I took a photo.
Monika is one of the Euro Bee quilters and April was her month. I'm sure she will have very colourful quilt one day. You'll find here more Euro Bee blocks.

B-10 Friendship Star
was a second block, which I finished today.

But now I must go and check what Fenix is doing in the kitchen. The noice is terrifyingly loud...

Have a great Sunday!

keskiviikko 7. huhtikuuta 2010

Parlor Activities

April 7, 1864. Isabella Buchanan Edmondson wrote in her diary

I beat Capt. Farrell two games of Chess tonight, Father let us sit up just as late as we wanted to, and we had a delightful evening.

CWD block 42. Parlor Activities

Easy block!
Fabrics are
dark green:Nancy Gere's Civil War VI
little flowers on tan: Judie Rothermel's Civil War Dressing Gowns
white: unknown

Now I'll go back to the sewing room...
Yes! previous sewing corner is now ROOM;)
... there are patches of Euro Bee block waiting for me...
I'm coming!

Until next time...

maanantai 5. huhtikuuta 2010

FOR TODAY April 5, 2010

Outside My Window... morning broked gray, but the sky is becoming more and more clear. A lovely, sunny second Easter Day!

I am thinking... of Leanne. I send to her many supportive thoughts. She is one of my favorite quiltdesigners.

I am thankful for... the most of the things are now delivered to the new lodging. What a relief! Few past weeks have been awful! But there is still some stuff, which I have to clear out and carry to the rubbish dump.

From the kitchen... I'm eating an apple, but for the dinner I'm going to make a chicken in cheesesauce with mandarin slices and noodles.

I am wearing... olivegreen blouse, velvet trousers (lila) and woolsocks.

I am creating... the block 4 of the Girl's Day Out -quilt. I also joined to the Stitch- a- Long -group, which is doing the Gardener's Journal designed by Anni Downs. I started it few years ago. Then I stitched two stitcheries, but lately I made use them of greeting cards. So I'll start again. The first goal is finish the block G in April.

I am going... to arrange some clothes on the shelves and stitch.

I am reading... Doris Lessing's book called On Cats.

I am hoping... more sunny days. Here is still a good deal of snow.

I am hearing... the noise of the Weezel. It's a toy, which Fenix got at Christmas.

Around the house... Fenix is running all over the house. He has... in finnish... HEPULI;) He is little angry with me, because he hasn't yet found HIS spot on this new desk.

One of my favorite things... is crocheting. I found a nice pattern of covering and so far I have crochet few patches... very relaxing. Those new variegated woolgarns - Novita Nalle Kukkaketo - are delicious.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: I'll have four last workdays ahead at the Ruusutarhat. I'm feeling sad, but life must go on... Maybe I'll go back there someday, but now I want to learn new things about nursering the public gardens.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

perjantai 2. huhtikuuta 2010

Happy Easter!

Our life is beginning to settle here...
in new home!

Fenix has found a good and very safe
sleeping place at our sofa beside
my oldest friend - Nalle.

Aren't they cute together?

But I'm worried about Little Bear...
Do you see his white ears behind Fenix?
Has he enough room to be there... Is he in trouble?

We'll continue to put things in order through the Easter...
but I'll try to find some time to stitch few stitches.
I have now a very cosy armchair;-) - in an excellent stitching corner!