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lauantai 25. lokakuuta 2008

Summertime is ending

Early next morning we will here in Finland say goodbye to summer 2008! Must remember to turn clocks a one hour toward last summer...

It was quite rainy summer. Now I'm starting to wait when first snowflakes are falling. I think somewhere in northern parts of Finland there is already snow... Weather forecast is promising also here in south Finland some snow on next week. Let's see what happens!

Now there is a strong wind outside and very dark. It would be nice to light a candle or two...

Relaxing Stitching Days to you all;)))

PS: I would like to hear your opinion which fabric to choose for triangles of my Dear Jane, HERE.. Thanks!!!

sunnuntai 19. lokakuuta 2008

A Little Bit This and a Little Bit That

Becky the Bookworm from my Angel's Story quilt is finished - finally! I have only one block without stitchery, then I'll start to cut squares. Have to sharpen my Fiskars...

I began this quilt in summer 2006, stitched five blocks, then somehow I forgot it... By chance I visited at Stina's blog in this summer and saw that she is sewing it with the other 'Angels'. That gave me so much inspiration that I started it again. I made desicion to finish it at the end of this year, because I'm going to give it as a birthday gift in next January. I'm not quite pleased with my fabric choises. During these couple of years I have found other fabulous and 'more suitable' fabrics, so I have planned to make another one, which I will keep myself.

Today was quite rainy, no good weather for outdoor activities. So I did some home decorations; sew those curtains and a new table-cloth. Those owls looks funny... When I saw that fabric I knew I have to buy it, owl patterns are captivating.

I also stitched a little bit more butterflies to my Butterflygarden and a few ladybugs to one block of the Nice People and Nice Things.

Already so many creatures.... and more is coming....

These are my goals for the next week...

The second Pincushion of the Month kit arrived on last Thursday. And I'm thrilled! It looks like a jewel! Hopefully I'll manage to make it correctly.

And it's time to finish atleast a top of this doggie quilt... 'only a month' and it supposed to be given as a birthday present... to... a charming little man, who took his first four steps by himself without outsiders help today;)))

It's late and it's time to say goodnight, sleep tight little ones, but before that...

I must show you this huge cup. My DH arrived last Thursday from Cincinnati. He was there in WUSV World Championship event (German shepherds all over the world meet and compete) as the leader of the Finnish team. And look what they received... bronze medal and really heavy cup! And I RECEIVED that ruler with inches...
PS. My Stitchers' pal received my parcel last Friday, I'm happily relieved.

maanantai 13. lokakuuta 2008

Nice People (=Very Busy Postman?) and Nice Things

It has been quite quiet week after such hectic Stitchers' Angel weeks.

My first stitchery in NPNT is ready. You will find a little story about it here.

I finished that cute block from Lynette's Noah's Ark; Birds and Tortoises. The shields of tortoises are little messy, because I stitched them with two strands. Maybe I should have used only one... Next time I will be wiser;)

Yes, I have a BIG plan to make other Noah's Ark quilt. I heard that one of my nieces is going to have a baby in March. I think these Noah's Ark stitcheries in pastel colours are just perfect for babyquilt. I found that fabric (in photo below) with creatures from Fabric Shack and postman delivered it today. JIPPII!!

If you look the same photo really, really close, you'll see that postman has been very busy indeed. I got today also Lynette's A Kitten tale -patterns...:)))) OH, I have now all kind of NICE THINGS except time.....

So Satu, maybe it's time to change place...

Anyway it's always pleasant to share my time also with you all NICE PEOPLE there!!! See you again;)))

PS. Kävin viikonloppuna katsomassa Heli Laaksosen näytelmää, josta mm. jäi mieleen lausahdus:
"Varma huano on ain paremp ko epävarma hyvä..."

torstai 9. lokakuuta 2008

Updating Stitchers' Angel Swap

Today I posted parcel to my own Stitcher pal with some candies in it. Hopefully it will arrive in A... in good condition and in TIME.

Sometimes packages are disappearing in a mysterious way... I have been waiting my first block of I Believe In Angels BOM for three weeks now (from USA), the second block arrived today in one week. So I'm waiting... Maybe I'll get a parcel from my Dear Angel too;))) How exciting...

sunnuntai 5. lokakuuta 2008

Something is Ending, Something is Starting

I have been wondering where my Angel might live? For some reason I think she might not live near me... Overseas, perhaps...?? Has she sent me a clue.... hmmm...

How is she getting on? Has her fingers been as busy as mine has been these last weeks? Has she enjoyed doing her projects?

I have now finished all my Stitchers' Angel works. (Some patterns I'm going to use for my christmas projects too.) So I'm planning to post all goodies in one parcel on next week, maybe on Wednesday. That Sewing Angel on couch will bring them to you, my dear stitching friend... Hope you like them?

It has been delightful and quite productive seven weeks. This was my first this kind of Swap. It was so fun to get new pattern every week, make it for some special person who you know is really able to respect your works. It would be nice to join and experience this fun again...

With REALLY BIG HUG I want to thank you all our wonderful designers:

Helen, Natalie, May Britt, Karen, Lynette, Tracy and Sue.

I learned much and first of all got new friends all over the world. I'm sure I will remember these weeks for the rest of my life.

Am I sounding sad...? Oh no, not at all!!! When something ends, there is always time to start something new...

torstai 2. lokakuuta 2008

Hooked on Sue's Catcher

I'm hasty now, but I want to show you what I just get finished.
It's already the second Thread Catcher, the last project in Stitchers' Angel Swap, desinged by Sue Daley.

First I hesitated, could I ever manage to do such a cute little catcher. Because I'm not experienced in English Paper Piecing...

But before I even noticed my catcher was at this stage; ready to fold the scallops up. One by one they rised up... and soon I realised I have to do another one and another one... They are so handy as a little gift basket. SO I'M HOOKED!!!

I must admit I'm not the master of herringbone stitches. So don't look them too closely...

Sue was kind and gave us as an extra two stitchery patterns which we could stitch on our catchers. Due to my fabrics choice I stitched roses on my two first ones. I'm sure I will use Sue's desings later. That rose figure is from Tilda's Hus -book. Also leaved out buttons, used instead satin bows...

My two catchers so far; one for everyday use, other one for my cousin's birthday as a giftwrapping.

A blue one is waiting for stitcher... where is she...???

...must hurry back to my sewing corner... and perhaps taste a little bit red wine... A LOOOOONG weekend is coming - three dayoffs.... Keep Stitching Angels!!!