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maanantai 28. helmikuuta 2011

CWD: Flag of Truce

I'm closing this month with Susie King Taylor's note. She wrote February 28, 1865

The remainder of the regiment was ordered to Charleston, as there were signs of the rebels evacuating that city. Leaving Cole Island, we arrived in Charleston between nine and ten o'clock in the morning, and found the "rebs" had set fire to the city and fled, leaving women and children behind to suffer and perish in the flames. The fire had been burning fiercely for a day and night. When we landed, under a flag of truce, our regiment went to work assisting the citizens in subduing the flames. It was a terrible scene. --- (quote from Civil War Diary Quilt / R. Youngs)

This must be a sign to me... to forget CWD blocks for a while,
I heard a loud sound of wonky blues, when I finished..

Block 102. Flag of Truce
(quite suitable name for this block... I think)

I know I should have foundation piece it,
but I wanted to try - once again - sewing those nice;) 3/4" stripes together.
I have to learn how to cope with them... maybe next time... 15th of April...
Well, now I'll wave the white flag of ...

... and dissappear for a while with my CWD blocks.

I'll be back 1st of April with two new blocks: number 23 and 95
---if I only figure out how I'll sew Catherine Island block ---

Special greetings to Elin;)
I know you must be eager to sew some CWD blocks;)

lauantai 26. helmikuuta 2011

Fixed Stars for March

Before March
there is still time in February...

for example
starting a new project... and also finishing it;)
But what was a pink mystery thing...

It became a huge pincushion - diameter is about 22 cm!
I love it!!! It's like a tiny pillow;)

The pattern is designed by Janelle Wind. She is one of my favorite designers, because she always uses bright colours. I use them all too rarely... And the frill is sooo cute!

Are you soon keen on to see what happened to my Fixed Stars in February? Well, let's start to scanning...

1. Sew 10 CWD blocks. 9 of them done, the tenth I'll show you tomorrow!

2. Piece Angel's Story blocks together. Done!

3. Finish Jul Mysteriet 2011 -tablerunner. Waiting for quilting and binding...
4. Finish all blocks for Midnight Stars - doll quilt. Only 3 blocks of 9 done.
5. Finish woollen socks. Done!
7. Piece miniblocks of BG block 8 together and start to stitch block 9. Block 8 done, block 9 not even started... will continue in April

6. Sew 4 SBS blocks... Done!

... and other blocks for samplers. Done!

Here is three blocks for 1880's Sampler
and Richmond is Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts block. I haven't yet done three other blocks of BB's tutorial: Log Cabin, Cotton Ball and this week's Bird in the Air.
But maybe I'll catch them later...

If you look Richmond closer, it isn't exactly the same with BB's...:(
It ought to look like this... KRRR...

There was (=I saw) also few Shooting Stars in February:

I wanted to finish Le petit project, which was 'Sweet Spot' by C. Nelson, but I only cutted the fabrics for the middle stars... and tested the colours... and fabrics...

... and because I'm now studying different kind of handcrafts, there is some homeworks in the evenings... and that leads to new temptations... too often;)

I must remember that, when I'm considering Fixed Stars for March!

And here they finally are...

1. Finish Midnight Star - doll quilt.
2. Finish Jul Mysteriet 2011 -tablerunner.
3. Start and finish a shopping bag with pink roses.
4. Stitch-a-long 3 blocks for 'Tis the Season'
5. Applique block 2 for 'The Night before Christmas'
6. Spare time for Shooting Stars
7. Sew 4 SBS blocks and other blocks for other samplers.

Oh, this was loooooooooong post!!!! although February is short month...

with Life is Beautiful stitchery
I would like to wish you...

beautiful first week of March;)

tiistai 22. helmikuuta 2011

CWD: Abomination of Desolation

I'm feeling like I have been reached the real finish line...
emptiness, but at the same time extremely happiness...
I really DID IT!!!

And the first row (G) of my CWD quilt is READY too;)

Applauses, please;))))

Unfortunately Emma couldn't have any of this kind of feelings,
when she wrote to her journal in Feb. 22, 1864

--- Yesterday afternoon we walked all over the town in company with Miss Ellen Labordo - Yes, I have seen it all - I have seen the 'Abomination of Desolation'. It is even worse than I thought. The place is literally in ruins. The entire heart of the city is in ashes - only the outer edges remain. --- (quote from Civil War diary Quilt written by Rosemary Youngs)

Block 76. Abomination of Desolation

But I'm only in the middle of the journey...
68 blocks of 121 ready
... and there is still one CWD block in February...

Well, now it's time to concentrate on the other goals...

maanantai 21. helmikuuta 2011

CWD: Sadness and Silence

February 21, 1864 Emma Florence Le Conte wrote

--- The very air is fraught with sadness and silence. the few noises that break the stillness seem melancholy and the sun does not seem to shine as brightly, seeming to be dimmed by the sight of so much misery. I was at Aunt Josie's this morning and there learned for the first time the extent of suffering. O God! When we think of what we have escaped and how almost miraculously we have been saved we should never rise from our knees. --- (quote from CWD quilt book / R. Youngs)
Suddenly also I'm feeling sadness, because tomorrow our looooong marathon week with CWD blocks will end. It lasted nine days... there has been both up- and downhills... And I'm glad that we have got some very encouraging comments during the journey!!! THANKS - KIITOS;) to you! I value them! Sorry, that I haven't have time to answer them all...

Block 74. Sadness and Silence
(almost PURR-fect;)


sunnuntai 20. helmikuuta 2011

CWD: Churches Spared

Can you read Fenix's thoughts???

"Yes, ladies! I got a very good hunch that this would happen to Satu with her next CWD block. I know she doesn't like the narrow stripes (3/4 finished) and she always sew them too wide..."

"Okei, okei Fenix! You don't have to tell everything!! But block 74 is not so bad... I can cut the edges or... something... Do you want to hear about Emma and her life in February 20, 1864?

A great drove of lean ill-looking cattle was driven into the Campus today - our two cows have not been taken from us. Neither the Roman Catholic, Trinity (Episcopal) or Presbyterian Churches were burnt. It was a miracle the latter was saved - everything around it was destroyed. In Trinity churchyard soldiers were encamped. Of course there was no service in any of the churches yesterday - no Church bells ringing .- the Yankees riding up and down the streets - the provost guard putting up their camp - there was nothing to suggest Sunday. --- (quote from CWD quilt, written by Rosemary Youngs)

Yesterday evening I didn't sew so much as I planned, but the evening was very pleasant - atleast mentally. I made a experiment on triple-coloured hexagon flowers... AND Bryn Terfel's concert in Helsinki was fabulous... I'm really regretting that I didn't purchase the ticket. I hope he will come back on someday... and then I'm going to be there too!

Block 74. Churches Spared

hope you'll come back tomorrow...
I will;)

lauantai 19. helmikuuta 2011

CWD: Poor Columbia

February 19, 1864 Emma wrote in her diary at the Campus

The provost guard is encamped opposite the Campus. It consists of one battalion and is to remain until the last straggler leaves town. ---
--- Ever since dark thick clouds of smoke have been rolling up from the arsenal and I fear the flames will spread over the hill. Mary Ann came to see us in great distress this afternoon to tell us that a Yankee had sworn to her that these buildings should be burned tonight. --- I suppose it was only a drunken threat. Mother looked over the town this morning from Aunt Josie's attic window. She described a scene of fearful desolation. Here all is hidden from us. When they are gone I will walk out of the Campus and see it all - yet how I dread it! Poor Columbia! --- (quote from CWD quilt book / R. Youngs)

Have you already got bored with daily updates of CWD blocks?
Fenix is...

he is waiting me to play with him...
and if I turn back to the sewing room...
I can hear slight protesting voices...

... today - I must say too -
I'm also getting bored with them... after finishing...

Block 73. Poor Columbia

There is three days (=blocks) left at this CWD -marathon...
BUT I won't give up now!! I'll keep the schedule and reach the goal!

Maybe I'll get more enthusiasm for tomorrow...
playing with these tiny pieces for 1880's Sampler
listening Bryn Terfel's concert

But before that I'll play with Fenix!
Today I learned more about how demanding cats might be;)

perjantai 18. helmikuuta 2011

CWD: Degradation

More mistakes...

First Attempt: I tried to foundation piece block 72...
I didn't reverse the pattern, so all the pieces were in the wrong places.
- I got my lesson again!!! -
Second Attempt: there seems to be a shade of HOPE;) in the middle of degradation...

But let's read, what Emma wrote to her diary February 17, 1864 about degradation, before finishing the block.

One o'clock p.m. - Well, they are here. I was sitting in the back parlor , when I heard shouting of the troops. ---
--- I ran upstairs to my bedroom windows just in time to see the U.S. flag run up over the State house. O what a horrid sight! What a degradation! After four long bitter years of bloodshed and hatred, now to float there at last! That hateful symbol of despotism! I do not think I could possibly describe my feelings. ---
(quotes from Civil War Diary Quilt book by Rosemary Youngs)

Block 72. Degradation
I admit,
this block is the best of the CWD blocks in this week...
so the mistakes ARE very instructive

Shall I learn something tomorrow...

torstai 17. helmikuuta 2011

CWD: Bombardment, The Longest Morning

I'm still here...
I estimated totally wrong all my doings yesterday.
Sorry about that!

But today two more CWD blocks;)

and the next block we will see tomorrow!

tiistai 15. helmikuuta 2011

CWD: Confusion and Turmoil

February 15, 1864 Emma wrote in her diary

Oh, how is it possible to write amid this excitement and confusion! We are too off to hear and see much down here in the Campus, but they tell me the streets in town are lined with panic-stricken crowds, trying to escape. All is confusion and turmoil. ---

Block 69. Confusion and Turmoil

May I say...
my worst nightmare came true in this evening...
I even don't know, if that is english...
but I think you know what I mean...
I'm regreting, that I didn't foundation pieced this block.
I made tiny mistakes with the measurements of flying geeses...
so the block is almost 1/4" too small...
KRRRR.... but the journey with CWD blocks is...

--- all day the trains have been running, whistles blowing and wagons rattling through the streets. All day we have been listening to the booming of cannon - All day wagons and ambulances have been bringing in the wounded over the muddy streets and through the drizzling rain, with the dark gloomy clouds overhead. --- (both quotes are from the Civil War Diary Quilt / R. Youngs)

... to be continued tomorrow;)

maanantai 14. helmikuuta 2011

CWD: Panic

Welcome to follow Emma LeConte's life during one week in 1864...

February 14, 1864 Emma Florence LeConte Furman wrote in her diary

What a panic the whole town is in! I have not been out of the house myself, but father says the intense excitement prevails on the streets. The Yankees are reported a few miles off on the other side of the river. How strong no one seems to know. It is decided if this be true that we will remain quietly here, father alone leaving. ---

Block 68. Panic

--- I have been hastily making large pockets to wear under my hoopskirt - for they will hardly search our persons. Still everything of any value is to be packed up to go with father. I do not feel half so frightened as I thought I would. Perhaps because I cannot realize they are coming. I hope still this is a false report. --- (quotes from Civil War Diary Quilt, written by R. Youngs)

Emma's father worked for the Confederate army. He was a chemist. During the war, he supplied the Confederate army with supplies made in his laboratory; gunpowder, alcohol, ether and many different medicines. So just before Sherman's army marched into Columbia, he had to pack up his laboratory and move to the safer place, leaving Emma and rest of the family behind.

PANIC? ... here at the Quilttales?
...truly... not yet!
but maybe SOON...

TO BE CONTINUED... tomorrow;)

PS. Happy Valentine's Day!

lauantai 5. helmikuuta 2011

Books, BOWs, BODs... and Wonders

On Monday: Dreaming... and reading new books;)
...also wondering, where to find more time???

On Tuesday: Hand piecing... and admiring new fabric patches from Sew Unique Creations.
...also wondering, how addictive these spools and flowers are???

On Wednesday: Remembering... Acores in 2007, while sewing SBS block L5 PINEAPPLE.
...also wondering, shall I ever travel again???

On Thursday: Inspiring... and 4 more DEAR JANE blocks (130/169 done).
...also wondering, shall I set one more goal for this year???

On Friday: Comparing... and sewing KANSAS TROUBLES for BB's Civil War quilt.
...also wondering, have I developed in two years???
(at the right KT block for SBS sewed in 2009)

On Saturday: Fascinating... and piecing more tiny patches together.
...also wondering, have I choosed the right shades of colours???

On Sunday: Relaxing... and --- don't know yet;)
... but surely wondering, how mysterious are paths of a life???
On Monday I'll turn a new page in my life... again;)


tiistai 1. helmikuuta 2011

Fixed Stars in February

Before revealing plans (=Fixed Stars) for February...
it's time to scan shortly achievements in January
(one more time;)

1. Sew borders for Gardener's Journal. Done!
2. Sew and finish Le Petit 'Mon Ami'. Done!
3. Stitch block eight for Butterfly Garden. 3/9 done, other miniblocks prepared
4. Sew along Cheryl 1880's Sampler blocks. 3 blocks done!
5. Sew three CWD blocks. Done!
6. Sew four SBS blocks. Done!
7. Stitch some Life is Beautiful -stitcheries. 3 done, 1 prepared
8. Knit woollen socks. one finished, the other started
... did I forget something...

If you are regular reader, you might have noticed that I REALLY forgot something...

... I forgot my character!
I mean
always during the weeks I find something new and interesting things from chest of drawers or somewhere else...
and that means usually focused projects are forgotten;)...
I think I'll call THEM... for now on... as


They are those unpredictable projects
here in Quilttales corner;)

When I gathered projects for the Fixed Stars -list in February,
first it was LOOOOOOOOOOOOOng!
I had to shorten it
- wanted to leave room for shooting stars
- wanted to get more finished projects

1. Sew 10 CWD blocks. starting in 14th February, with Panic
2. Piece Angel's Story blocks together. half of them pieced
3. Finish Jul Mysteriet 2011 -tablerunner. blocks are sewn together
4. Finish all blocks for Midnight Stars - doll quilt. one block done
5. Finish woollen socks.
6. Sew 4 SBS blocks and other blocks of samplers.
7. Piece miniblocks of BG block 8 together and start to stitch block 9

There is a lot of program for February,
even the list is now shortened.

Let's see what happens!

Have a nice beginning of February!

PS. Be aware,
you might see more of these little (or giant) fellows...
flying around here... in a future.