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sunnuntai 28. syyskuuta 2008

Filled with Birthday Cakes Spending Weekend in Butterfly Garden

Greetings from my sewing corner!

Finally I find some time to stitch my butterflies. Now I'm stitching block 5. My First BG is a BOM ordered from Kim. Kim's fabric choises are fantastic, quilt will look very same as Leanne's original.

I have a GREAT plan to sew other one from my stash. I have collected some flower fabrics and butterflies will be blue and yellow... Same butterflies which are flying at the finnish meadows.

All week long I have feeling very honoured and flattered, because Elin gave me the Kreative blogger -reward. Tack för dig, Elin!

Unfortunately I didn't manage to copy the logo of it to this page..:( Have to learn more about blogging...

Am I imagining or... Do you also think my little bunny looks quite concerned? So looks my husband... Why are they so concerned? Is it because the piles of fabrics are growing...?

On Monday postman brouhgt me Fat Quarter Bundle from Kimberly. It is the newest(?) collection from Fig Tree Quilts called Fig & Plum. Yummy colours....

If anyone is doing something from these fabrics, I would be happy to see your works. Please, leave a comment...

Anyway to "calm down" to my DH, I gave him a huge bunch of roses for his birthday... I exposed myself where I'm working;), but it's not a flowershop. He was glad... never get so many roses... there is 43... OOps! More exposures!

At my work we were celebrating the founder's of our company 80th birthday. I stitched that greeting card for him, which is one of patterns designed by Bronwyn Hayes.

In Stitchers' Angel Project we got a nice wollen and easy pattern of needle-keeper from Tracy. Thanks, Tracy!

I used again fleece and changed the pattern little. Inside the keeper there is a little pocket for buttons, needle threader and so on. Next to mine is one keeper for my Stitcher partner... she like blues too... I'll show front of it later in October.

I have made three gift for my dear Stitcher and emailed her about it. If I have time I might do one more... AND...

ATTENTION all participants of Stitchers' Angel Swap

This is one clue, where my DS might live...

PS. If you are interested in following my DJ project closer, I'll show photos more here. Maybe there is more my quilting tales... See You!!!

lauantai 20. syyskuuta 2008

Too much Temptations...

... and couldn't resist them!

I have been shopping like Charlotte the Shopper in this week. Oh, my poor wallet... But the good thing is that all my shoppings are involved in every possible way to my dear hobby - quilting : )

I received BIG parcel from Tilkkutex. Inside was cotton batting and different kinds of interfacings, which I'm going to use my christmas presents. I'm planning to sew one or two bag...

Then I visited at Anne Heidi's blog. She had joined the pincushion club and almost finished the first one. Second temptation... Quickly... must open the pages of Quilt Fabric Delights... and could not resist. I joined too. Now I'm waiting for my first post from there.

The shopping continued after I have visited at Anne's blog. Because I have christmas and angels in my mind I had to order her LOVELY 'I believe in Angels' -quilt as BOM.

And there is more temptations approaching...

Lynette's newest The kitten Tale -quilt is SO tempting. Have you seen it at her blog?

She has used fabrics from 'Harvest Home -collection by Blackbird Designs. Fortunately I have one fat quarter bundle waiting for a suitable pattern. I think I have found it...

It seems there is SO MUCH TO DO, but only 24 hours in one day. I - as so many other of us - wish some hour more to this day or should I wish two hands more;)))

See You!

PS. Have you visited at Bloom? She has made GORGEOUS Blue wren's nest bag! Pom-poms and everything;)

keskiviikko 17. syyskuuta 2008

Inspired by Felix

Today I'm in the mood for orange. Actually it's not my favorite colour, but there is now many inspiring things that makes me to sew something from orange fabrics.

For example autumn, which is colouring the leaves with every shades of reds (therefore I like autumn), my embroidery scissors (have been without holder about 20 years) and of course Lynette's sweet kitty, Felix. She is our designer in this week.

Recently Lynette has given me a lot of pleasures in stitching. I have stitched all seven blocks from Noah's Ark BOM. It really seems that I'm great fan of her;)

This Noah's Ark will be my first 'real' redwork. I'm stitching it with DMC's stranded cotton (115) and if you look the rainbow more closely there is few strands pearlescent (E5200) and satin (S321) threads - also from DMC.

I haven't yet choose the fabrics, but at this moment I'm planning there might be some red/white with grey or black/white fabrics.

PS. Caddy is almost ready, only the binding is absence... SEE You!!!

torstai 11. syyskuuta 2008

Angel's cushion

Isn't She cute? Sitting on the cushion and dreaming of...

This Angel has been sitting on the edge of shelf beside my sewing table until yesterday evening. Then she desided to change place and I'm afraid she doesn't give up her new place easily;) It seems she really enjoy her beeing there...

Her cushion is designed by Karen from Cotton Spice (this week designer in Stitchers' Angel Swap). I used fabrics taken from old clothes; fleece and flannel. BIG yummy button is from my mother's old winterjacket. So re-cycling is my theme this week.

Or should I say WAS my theme until today...

After a little painful visit at the dentist I picked up a parcel from post office. There was some Tilda -fabrics, rose buttons and one stitchery motiv, which is a surprise for my Angel partner (you will see it later).

So I couldn't resist! I had to make something from these immediately. This is not typical of me, because I usually make plans for a many days...

And here is the result... another pincushion, but not for my Angel at this time. This will belong to one secret person some day.
Rest of the week I'll spend time with my Dear Jane and I'm really going to sew my caddy;)
I'm HAPPY if you have spent a little time with me...

sunnuntai 7. syyskuuta 2008

Potholder and Blue Angel

My quilting week began as usual with my Dear Jane. On Monday evening I rushed to Anina's blog to see what will be our first block in this week. It was the center block - G7 Indianapolis and in the Thursday evening Anina showed to us how to do this F10 Potholder block. (Sorry, picture is slightly inaccurate. Fortunately, there is some terrible mistakes in the seams...;))

Some of the DJ blocks which I or we have done so far has been really troublesome. So my ripper has endured many hardships and now it looks like that. OOh... I hope my Angel will see this...

I bought the Dear Jane book few years ago and this spring I found a group (leading by Anina) which is making two blocks per week. The schedule is convenient for me, because it allows me to make something else beside DJ. Also I have noticed some blocks are so complicated that without Aninas tutorials I hardly haven't managed to sew them.

There was also the other blog on this Monday, which I had to visit. May Britt was our Stitchers' Angel designer in this week.

She designed for us a lovely sewing bag. When I saw it I have some trouble to choose a colour. Then I suddenly remembered: at 80's I was young studying girl and then I sometimes spent night together with my girlfriends in the restaurant where I usually drink a cocktail which name was a blue angel. That's it! I'm gonna sew this bag in blue... And then it's also a perfect gift pouch to my friend from a work. She just LOOOVES everything in blue. And smells the flowers everyday, she's the gardener, so as I.

As you see I have changed a little May Britt's original pattern; there is small snap fastener and handles. Maybe this might be my new party bag... just joking...

By the way my caddy is in this stage. I'm planning to sew it next week. But I'll have to go to work next weekend and it always mean less time to my hobbies. :(

HEY, I noticed that there really is visitors at my blog. It makes me exceedingly happy that I can share my quilttales with you!!!

Thank you... and extremely Happy week to you all!!!
PS. I want apologize to all my readers - my english is quite rusty and my abilities of blogging are poor at this moment, but I'm learning...