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sunnuntai 18. tammikuuta 2015

Aurifil 2015 Designer of the Month - January: "Flurry"

... although I decided not to join in this year's Aurifil BOM.
WHY I had to?

Because this is the first time, when I "met" Icelandic quilt designer. Nowadays she lives in Minnesota. Then I got an idea that her pattern might look nicer, if I use three fabrics. She used two fabrics, red and white. Maybe this way I can highlight more a shape of a snowflake... 

Now you can be a judge and say... how I succeeded ;)
"Flurry" is 13" x 13".

I'm glad that you stopped by...

PS. Thank you for all your lovely comments regarding Oh, My stars!
Keskellä on käsin kirjailtuna tuo sivupalkista löytyvä Södergranin Tähdet - runo ;)

maanantai 12. tammikuuta 2015

Kevättä ootellessa...

... waiting for Spring!

I think this is a setting for my Oh, my Stars -quilt!
Hopefully I have SOON time to sew first stars together...

... mutta sitä "tapahtumaa" ootellessa...

... käperryn iltaisin nojatuoliin lämmittelemään pirteänväristen lankojen kanssa ;)

I wish you a colorful wintery week!

tiistai 6. tammikuuta 2015

2015 BOM Vacation Time - Down by the Boardwalk

New year, but I have not broken free from my old, bad habits ...
... because I started a new BOM
with Pat Sloan.

BOM January - "Down by the Boardwalk"

Of course I just HAD to sew this block, because...
if the BOM is starting with the star block, who can resist it!
You know me... at least I CAN'T!!!

Kiitos ihanista kommenteista edellisiin postauksiin!!! Täällä on pitkän ompelutauon jälkeen kiva piipahdella ;)... jos ei muuta, niin ainakin uusia yksittäisiä blokkeja vilauttelemassa...


sunnuntai 4. tammikuuta 2015

Aurifil Designer 2014 December - Not Afraid of Flying

Look! She is back home - my dear Lapland's girl ;) -
 and today she is wearing her own hat, when she is introducing the last Aurifil Designer 2014 BOM
- Not Afraid of Flying -

  She has not told nothing about her adventures with Santa Claus, although I have asked. Mainly because she is not allowed to talk about anything which is related to Korvatunturi and her job there. You know all what happens there is very, VERY SECRET. And besides she signed a paper, which she promised not to tell anything of she have seen or heard. Well, I just have to be happy, when she's back home ;)

I think that also Fenix is enjoying the company of Lapland's girl...

... or what do you think? ;)

I haven't yet figured out the final setting of the blocks
... they are so different from each other...

One plan might be that I'll use only nine blocks... or I'll sew few more blocks...

OR one possibility is to use Jane Davidson's setting...
... it looks quite nice and interesting... especially I like the center spools!

pat sloan aurifil 2014 setting button
This photo is copied from Aurifil's blog.

The Aurifil designers 2015 is introduced and the team is fascinating, but I'm not sure, if I'll participate this year. Every designer will give us the pattern of Mini quilt not a pattern of BOM.

I wish that you'll have an inspiring week...