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perjantai 31. elokuuta 2012

ELOKUU - Jotain valmista OR OPAMs in August

I did it!
'Winter Vanilla' (55cm x 55 cm) is finished!!
Oh, do I hear some tiny applause ,o) 

I was thinking hard quilting figures.

First I thought of some kind of bare branches pattern, which I saw at Leah's blog. But it was difficult to sew in those small cream background areas. Even the practicing with the pen didn't helped... 

I almost gave up... until I figured and remembered the shape of vanilla flowers... and vanilla pod...

I'm pretty sure, if you think hard... you can see them here ;o) 

I quilted mainly with the white thread, only the vanilla pods are quilted with the brown variegated thread.

All the squares are 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"...
so the churn dash blocks are no more than 4 1/2" x 4 1/2". The churn dash blocks I stitched in the ditch.

The backing fabric is Antique 1800's Blends from In The Beginning fabrics. I love those graphic birds and flowers! The binding fabric is dusty green from one of the Lecien's collection.

Apparently you all are now tired of my stories about 'Winter Vanilla'... I promise you this was the last tale of it ;o)

This hexagon pincushion is my other OPAM in August.
Oh, I wish I could be more productive in the future!

But now
I wish you a great weekend;o)

PS. If you don't hear of me for a little while, it's a sign that my computer will be broken. Lately I have had big problems opening it. Maybe I must go to the computer shop instead of the quilt shop... hmmm...

sunnuntai 26. elokuuta 2012

A Life at the Sidings

Lately I have deeply been wondering, shall I ever finish anything? 
Or do I just circles like these vines on our balcony?

Oh, you see... I have done circle with flowers... partly...

What else?

Fenix, it's all too small roof for you!

You see... 

I have appliqued a house for the next Raining Cats and Dogs block 4... partly...


I have played with the new ruler....

It's X- Blocks' belly button. The block size is 3 1/4".

Hmmm... the blocks look like raspberries...

Oh, Satu, while you are playing with the raspberries---

I'm gonna take a PURR -nap.... krooooooh -pur!

All eight Summer (Autumn) Stars are sewed...

part of them look like a disaster... KRRR...
But THE THING, which supposedly interest all of us IS

what's going on with the tablerunner 'Butterchurn'....

not much, but I'm still smiling;o)

The top is finished.
I have choosed the backing and the binding fabrics

and I think, I won't call it as a 'Butterchurn' anymore...

from here it will be a 'WINTER VANILLA'

As you can see, my quilting life is off track... without a trace or clue...
But is it true...
if you do not get lost, you'll never find anything new?

sunnuntai 19. elokuuta 2012

If You Like to See (and Learn about) Hexagons...

... visit here!

 Festival of Hexies
There's still one more week left.
Hmm... I planned to sew something else today,
but I hardly can resist a cute hexagon pincushion ;o)

 Happy Sunday!

perjantai 17. elokuuta 2012

Nyt kierrättämään...

... HYVÄÄ!

Jotta ketju ei katkeaisi, päätin minäkin ilmoittautua mukaan

ANNA HYVÄN KIERTÄÄ - haasteeseen.

Itse otin haasteen vastaan Tiinateiltä ja nyt toivon kovasti, että minäkin pystyn omalta osaltani kierrättämään hyvää ;o)

Mistä onkaan kyse?
'Säännöt' ovat seuraavanlaiset:
Kolme (3) ensimmäiseksi ilmoittautunutta saa minulta jotain mukavaa ITSETEHTYÄ seuraavan 12 kuukauden (eli vuoden) kuluessa. Se voi olla ompelu = 100 % tilkkutyö;o), neule esim. lämpöiset villasukat jouluksi ;o) tai virkkuutyö, vaikkapa pikku pitsiliina piirongin päällystä somistamaan;o). Voit halutessasi esittää väri, koko tms. toiveita. 
Jos innostuit hyvän kierrättämis - ajatuksesta, laitathan kommenttisi osallistumisesta tähän postaukseen
Niin, ja mikä tärkeintä!
Jotta hyvän kierrättäminen jatkuu, myös sinun tulisi laittaa haaste eteenpäin omassa blogissasi.

JOTEN nyt kipin KAPIN ilmoittautumaan ;o)

PS. Olen aiemmin osallistunut 'ulkomaiseen' Pay It Forward -haasteeseen. Siitä jäi pelkkää hyvää kerrottavaa. Lisäksi sain yhden todella ihanan tilkkuystävän Hollannista, joten kannustan kaikkia kolmea osallistumaan ;o)

PPS. Today I wrote finnish, because I took part in to the finnish Pay It Forward -challenge. I reserve first three places to finnish reader, but if there isn't three finnish, who are interested in... I can take along one or two from the abroad ;o) Let me know, if you are interested in and I'll tell you the 'rules' later!

maanantai 13. elokuuta 2012

We Want to Thank...

... everyone who liked our story in Pets on Quilts Show...

 ... and voted our tale!!!

Now it's time to get back to normal, but only with the tiny steps ;o)
 I mean...
why should you be rushed in this finished world?

 That motto in my head...
... my last week looked very scrappy! I did a little that and little this...

1. I sewed one more Summer (=autumn) Star. The sixth star is cutted beside the sewing machine. 2. I sewed the background for the fourth block of Raining Cats and Dogs. All the applique pieces are prepared also. 3. I am ready for the August's Designer Mystery block. Somehow I have managed to sew my flying geese units little bit smaller than the 12" blocks. Does it sound like a trouble in the future... AND 4. (Oh,yes! You were not dreaming, our dear reader!) I REALLY took a tiny step with the tablerunner 'Butterchurn' too. THE two border stripes are now sewed together ;o) Wov!!!

And finally more small 'tales'.

 At the same time, when I watched the Olympic Games, I pieced some hexagons together.

wanted to take a big steps last week, I really hope that your project was a SUCCESS ;o)

with love Fenix & Satu

torstai 9. elokuuta 2012

It's Time to Vote!

Hello, all our quilting friends!

... please, visit at the Lily Pad Quilting
and, if you liked our

Cat on Quilt -story
VOTE US with number #91!!!

The voting is open until Sunday night (August 12th).

maanantai 6. elokuuta 2012

BOM Rehab

I nearly finished Raining Cats And Dogs block one at this weekend...

... only the embroideries on the dogs and windows are missing...

Happy new week to you all!!!

lauantai 4. elokuuta 2012

Pets on Quilts Show

Hello all Pets on Quilts all over the world!!!

  My name is Fenix and
I'm the one and the only Quilt Inspector here at the Quilttales.
 Today I would like to tell and show you about my very important role in Satu's beloved hobby.

As you know the first very important thing is that the sewing thread is correctly inserted in the machine... 

 ... purr-pur! Oh, my gosh!! It seems that Satu has forgotten the whole sewing thread!

 The next step to the beautiful quilts is different kind of blocks.

My favorite block pattern is - purr-maybe - the flying geese. Sometimes Satu has difficulties to arrange the blocks the correct way, luckily I'm here to advise her.

 Sometimes she needs a (little) help in quilting process too.

And when the quilt is quilted and binded...

... I have to inspect it visually
 and of course... physically.
 Am I on the catwalk now?

Sometimes I'm asked to be a model for Satu's creation...

Don't tell anyone... this appliqued cat block is not designed by Satu, but it's designed by Annie Downs. And it's one block for My favorite things quilt.

After all I purr-think it's quite fun to be a quilter's cat. You never know what you see or feel tomorrow...

 ... Purr-look there is butterflies!!!