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torstai 27. helmikuuta 2014

Heittäytyipä hankalaksi tämä.... curious GEORGE

(alias Utelias Vili)

All went well until I had sewn the sashing strips...

What do you think?
Do they look a little bit heavy?


.... absolutely yes! The narrower strip will be better!

BUT how we make that trick? There are lots of seams, which I have to unpick!
Krrrr! Why I didn't thought this thoroughly... earlier????? Why.... why...?

If I only cut the strips half.... and then I sew them together again?
How does it sound?
It sounds good!!!! Let's do it!

But look... would it be nice... if there is a narrow cream strip between dark orange strips?
Oh yes, let's try it too!!!!! We'll see a modern baby quilt soon!!!

No, jopas näyttää kivalta ja mielenkiintoiselta, kun välikaitaleet ovat eri levyisiä...
... mutta, mutta...
... something is wrong now....

The upper and lower row... they are now too narrow!
Krrr! I have to use r...r.......ripper :oonce again today...
Fortunately there is still fabric!
AaaaaH, WHAT a feeling! It's finally ready - 
may I show you my newest Schnibbles
These blocks are called monkey wrench...

 Oh NO!!! Don't say it!
HOW on earth is THIS possible!?!
The blue monkey wrench block is totally in wrong place!!!! It should be at the opposite corner of the other blue block, just like it was in the previous photo!!! KRRRR!!!

Jostain syystä tässä vaiheessa päivää päässäni alkoi soida Vicky Rostin:
"Näinkö aina meille täällä käy.... käy.... käy...... käy.........."
Enää ei jaksa, ratkoja pysyköön laatikossaan... tämä moderni luomus kelpaa minulle!

I decided that I no longer use the seam ripper... but just enjoy the work I did today;o)

Hopefully you enjoy it too;o)

I posted "George" to Sinta Renee. She and Sherri are - again - organizing 
the Schnibbles parade on 1st of March.
Remember to visit at their blogs then  - it's worth it!

Happy WEEKend!!!!

tiistai 25. helmikuuta 2014

Back to Normal...

(Fenix's lottery and the Olympics are both now the lived life)
... joten on aika palata normaaliin viikko rytmiin...

... which means - for example - the updating the BOWs!

 Today I update the Loyal Union Sampler blocks in the last four weeks.

We have had a pretty easy blocks... based on the shape of a square.
On D-6 block I did some fussy cuts... or I tried to...;o)

I'll update the Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks as soon as I have sewn this week's block.

Besides the BOWs I have also sewn something else than blocks.
... but I can't show you them completely... yet...

I joined in my first mug rug swap with Quilting Gallery. The theme of the swap was Celebrate the Olympics. and my swap partner is Veronica from New Mexico, USA.
I posted the rugs and two mini Moomin mugs to her yesterday
... so when she'll receive them... then I'll enlarge the photo:o)
BY the way
there is a new SPRING themed mug rug swap coming in Quilting Gallery.

I have also continued to sew one work from the UFO pile... ;o)

I was so happy, when I heard that the next Schnibbles shall be something, which I could pick myself... one of the new patterns or one of the Vintage ones...

If I remember right, George was Le Petit  -project in July 2011... I found a few of my post about those times. In 2011 I sewed eight blocks... today I sewed the last two.

So maybe I'll have something to show on next Schnibbles parade ;O)

Purr-kroooH! I pur-hope that Satu won't use too much blue in George!
Let's see what happens! Purr!!!

sunnuntai 23. helmikuuta 2014

A Silver Ball Game

Fenix woke up early this morning...
starting to play with his silver balls!

Dear Fenix! I tried to be EXTRA-careful today! 
There you have 12 names and silver balls to play with!

PURR!! Purr!!! GOOD!!!
... but first...
a little bit purr ~ warm-up!

ARE you ~ purr ~ ready girls?

... while Fenix play...
maybe I'll tell you some "rules of our silver ball game"
The purpose is to get your silver ball as close as possible to the golden mice
whose ball is the closest is normally the winner....

... but not today!
As you remember we told that our winner is the one, whose ball is the fourth-nearest!!!

It seems that game is over now...
But who is the fourth-nearest?

Let's measure then!

The game was really tough!
The closest ball is Irma's ball...

... AND "the Winner" is Tilkku & Tilkku's ball!
Warmest congratulations to you!!!

Tilkku ja Tilkku, ONNITTELUJA satelee sinulle ;o)


We will post you this Tilda -book and a surprise on next week!

Fenix is now a bit sleepy, but together we want to...

who wanted to play and have fun with us!!!
YOU are TREASUREs and important parts of our quilting life;o)
KIITOS teille!!!!

lauantai 15. helmikuuta 2014


... we have a party!

 ... and we would like to have fun with you!!!
... and...
We want to send you this Tilda's Atelier book, if you want it... comment on this tale.
And we would be extremely happy, if YOU truly ARE our follower / reader;o)

The book is not the latest Tilda... it's published in 2011.
The reason why we give it away is, that we have two version of this Tilda book: one written in Finnish, the other written in Norwegian.
We will post you the latter version = written in Norwegian!

The book has clear pictures and instructions, which helps you to sew these lovely Tilda projects!
... even if you do not know any Norwegian...

Inside the book is... Tilda and cake angels, animals (kakadu, giraffe, elephant), pillows, small things for decorations (roses, butterflies) and many other colorful projects. There is 152 pages full of Tilda fun!!!

The patterns are 1:1, so you don't have to enlarge anything... just draw patterns and you are ready to sew your Tilda sweets...

I think Fenix will play with his silver magic balls and will draw a lucky winner of Tilda's Atelier
on Sunday, February 23.

So you have a week time to comment...
and we need at least four comments!!!!

Because our magic ball competition winner is not the best... nor the second or even not the third!!!
Our winner is the fourth in the race!
Eli nyt ei sitten parit sekunnit, eikä sekunnin kymmenyksetkään, estä sinua saamasta palkintoa;o)

Purrr!!! LOOK what I found! Satu, this box is just purr-fect size for me!!!
Oh, here's only me and you! 
In television... there must be a very interesting skiing, because Satu is not nearby..
Purr-fect, then I can tell you a very, VERY big secret! Tilda book is not the only thing, which you'll find in your box!

SO now it's your time to comment:
Purr... What shall I ask? Purr...

- What do you think is the best thing in our adventures in quilty world?
- Do you like to see more quilty tips in Finnish... or in Satu's English?
- Would you like to join some kind of quilt along with us in this summer... or later in this autumn?
- Or do you want to only congratulate me? Purr???

PUURR!!! Satu is coming... I post this before she is here... purrr....

Good luck to you... in our purr-game!!!!

perjantai 14. helmikuuta 2014

lauantai 8. helmikuuta 2014

Sew Kitschy: Cookie Jar

A short tale of Sew Kitschy in February

After a long time it was a wonderful feeling to sew some backstitches - - - by hand.

Kristy didn't give us the pattern of embroidered word 'Cookies'... so I think it's a voluntary part in this block.

It was quite challenging to sew the jar of this wavy stripe fabric. I was trying to target the dashed lines, but I did not quite managed to do it. One problem was that I have only a layer cake piece of it - - - a 10" x 10" piece of fabric.

The lid of the jar annoys me a little bit... it looks little bit heavy. Maybe I should have sew the lower... or upper strip of red solid fabric...??
It's easy to replace... later... if I want to!

Happy Sewing Sunday!

maanantai 3. helmikuuta 2014

Mother's Day - Aurifil Designer 2014

Aurifil's February designer is Amy Gibson. Her block is called 'Mother's Day', because... 
"it looks like a pretty flower arrangement- just the kind of sweetness I want to send to my mom, both on Mother’s Day and every day..." (quote from Aurifil's blog)

I didn't find Lapland girl's hat last month... and because we have had a real winter weather... we had to come up with something warm to her, that she would not get the flu during the photographing. We took photos on the snow ;o)

Because the Olympic games will start this week, I think the most proper accessory to her is this woolen knitted hat. What do you think of her style? Is she ready for the Olympics?

Like Amy, also I want to give flowers to my mother on Mother's Day and every day, so I chose plenty of red roses in her basket... of course with some sewing notions.
It seems, that some kind of theme - a red thread - is shaping up this year's Aurifil BOMs.
Do you find a possible theme?
Auts! Pins can be quite sharp...

HUOM! Kun ompelet kahden kolmion neliöitä tätä blokkia varten niin annetut mitat ovat todella tarkat! Ainakaan minulle ei jäänyt trimmattavaa Amyn mitoilla, kuten hän ohjeessa taitaa mainitakin Minä piirsin ommelviivat ja ompelin niiden sisäpuolelta, siltikään en trimmannut juuri mitään pois. Lisäksi blokistani tuli muutama milli liian pieni, 1/8" alle 12" x 12".

Happy first week of February!!!

lauantai 1. helmikuuta 2014

CWD: Nurse

I had few weeks time to think about how to sew the next Civil War Diary quilt block.
I ended up with two options:

 a foundation piecing... or I'll try to cut the pieces of star points with the Tri - Recs Tools.

I took a calculated risk...

... and I cut the star point units with the Tri - Recs. 
The outer star points are clearly 2 1/2" wide... but the inner star points are about 1 3/16" or 3 cm wide. So I can not guarantee you a certain dimensions.

Before I started...

 I was mentally very well prepared to sew this block more than one time today;o)

After few resewn seams... and few trimmings...
Furthermore the tiny pieces were hard to handle, because my fingers are rough due the cold weather. Funny, do I need a nurse;o)

I had this 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" star! Is this working?... 
Ok! I think there is much more wonky patches in this quilt, when all the blocks are done. 
So keep on sewing, Satu!

The rest of the stitches were easy...
and only in two hour I had the whole...

block #98. Nurse
I like it! The star in the middle doesn't bother me at all... actually it looks quite nice, because it's a bit wonky;o). Also I do not regret that I chose more fabrics for the block than there is in the book. And this time it happened that the block looks more beautiful in the photo than in the nature!

In February, 1863. Susie King Taylor wrote in her diary: Several cases of varioloid broke out among the boys, which caused some anxiety in camp. Edward Davis, of Company E had it very badly. He was put into a tent apart from the rest of the men, and only the doctor and camp steward were allowed to see or attend him; but I went to see this man every day and nursed him. (quote from Civil War Diary Quilt written by Rosemary Youngs)

Nurse block was my last CWD block with the date in February... so we'll see the next time in March... and it'll be a really easy - block #100 Regiment Landed!

But I'll tell you many another stories before that;o)
See you!!!