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lauantai 24. maaliskuuta 2012

Again... a quiet week

I have done nothing in this week,
except I have been lying in the bed both in the hospital and at the home.
After several medical examinations were made a thrombosis was found on my leg, so it can happen that there is silent week coming...
The treatment is now started. But my leg need rest and I can't sit steady for a long periods or move too much.
But we all know that sometimes in life it may be more important things than beloved sewing hobbies..
Don't worry I'll be back ASAP ;o)
I have to try to do atleast one important school project first... but sitting at the computer is somewhat painful... but I'll try... I just don't know, if I can... hopeless...

Despite of this, I have something to show you, because recently I have been also spoiled ;o)
 A surpise present from Bev.
The present was VERY beautifully wrapped and inside it was Rosalie Quinlain's book A Stitch in Time.
It's full of tempting patterns with stitcheries. LOVE it!

 A birthday card and cute presents from my dear blogfriend Katrin.
Katrin is very multi-talented lady. Especially her crocheted works are always amazing.

 Isn't that owl SOOOO cutie?

Then I have got inspiring and very useful free motion quilting books...

 ... from my very dear blogfriend Simone
She has supported and inspired me during our frienship - a LOT ;o)

 Then I got this book as a gift...

... from my very, VERY dear mother.
It's Lynette Anderson's newest book Country Cottage Quilting. If you are a 'fan' of Lynette's creations, I'll bet you will love this book!!!

I can now only thank...
even if life is a dark moments, there is also PLENTY of glimpses of LIGHT!!!

Thank you my dear friends!!!
I also want to thank everyone else, who posted me warm and nice emails last week!!!
You are treasures ,o)

lauantai 17. maaliskuuta 2012

FNSI in March 2012

It is a long time since I last took part in Friday Night Sew-In. But this week I decided to sew something at Friday n... oh, my night was exactly afternoon.

The project, which I choosed to make was March's Another Year of Schnibbles - Bibelot.

My goal was to finish all the T-blocks, which I need for the top.
The progress was slow, because I sewed one block at time... and I thought, what kind of changes I'll make to the right down corner. I had a nice idea, but I didn't realize, how should I implement it.
Shall I sew only white square there... 
or a bigger T, which would be a nice background for the appliqued b... ;o) 
Shh... I won't now tell you what those b's are...

Fenix also came to think this 'problem'...
 in fact, he came to purr-say, that it's his feeding time.
So I did a quick solution...

... and here is BibeloT ;-)
Now it's time to think about the borders...

Hopefully your Friday night was fun too!!!
I'm glad that you visited... happy weekend...

keskiviikko 14. maaliskuuta 2012

A New Pincushion - Cathedral Window

Maybe you have already sewed your own version of this...

 ... Cathedral Window pincushion!
If you are not...
you'll find tutorials at Moda Bake Shop or here
More lovely pincushions you'll find here at flickr.

 Ages ago I did my first cathedral window pincushion (blue one). It looks little bit different and it's smaller than a new one, which is about 4" x 4" finished.

I sewed the pincushion of the same Hunky dory fabrics as Bibelot.
So far I have made (only) eight blocks for it. There is 7 x 7 blocks in the pattern. But I know, that I'll make (again) slightly different (atleast smaller) kind of Bibelot. So I ventured to use few charms for the Cathedral Window.
I'm planning to continue Bibelot on Friday Night Sew-in.
Shall you join us?

till Saturday ;o)

sunnuntai 11. maaliskuuta 2012

A quiet week...

 ... not much has happened...

I did the next appliqued block for My favorite things - quilt. It's a HOME block.

Only the stitches at the other tree are irritating me... because I was too lazy to search for a thread, which would have been more invisible. Better not to look so close... ;)

In March issue of Suuri Käsityö I saw lovely easter decorations... knitted Easter eggs and balls. And guess what... they are patterns by those famous norwegians Arne & Carlos. ;o) Do you remember their Julekuler?

Of course, I had to knit one for myself...

Because I like flowers... I knitted a yellow tulip.
... and we are knitting one for Fenix.
Can you guess, what is his favorite egg pattern?

Satu, I think this yellow is purr-fect for the...
SUNNY Sunday and the beginning of the week!!!

sunnuntai 4. maaliskuuta 2012

Jotain valmista. Osa3 - March

 Purr-relief... finally finished!
I'm so tired of all this work after... I just want to cross my paws... and pur-sleep!
 but Satu is only smiling and...'
Pur-WHAT I see! 
... carrying the CAMERA!!! purOh- pur-NO...

Fenix, come on! 
We must take some pictures now and show to all our dear quilting friends, 
what we have done ;D

 Purr-purr!! Let me just little wash my face...

After minutes!
... and minutes!!

Fenix, you are clean enough! Just take a more representative position!

 Purr,purr!! Is this good enough?

Fenix, please, concentrate on this session! 
What are you doing now...

 Look, Satu!
Have you noticed... there is birdies on that tree? Purr-fect!!!

Oh my, poor catty, hopeless! I'll finish this without you...

 few photos of details...

 ... and then I'm trying to take one at the outdoor. Yesterday I saw very beautiful blanket on the snow on Ulla's blog.

Very difficult! Too many shadows...
... mutta Jotain valmista maaliskuussa ;D! 
Nyt pääsen valmistelemaan huhtikuun projektia, joka onkin sitten taas suuritöisempi Leanne Beasleyn Butterfly Garden. Siitä yksi blokki kokonaan tekemättä jne.
Ainiin, pitäisi varmaan tehdä niitä koulujuttujakin...

Gardener's Journal finished and first OPAM (or PIP) done ;D!
Now I can concentrate on the project in April, which is Leanne Beasley's Butterfly Garden. It demands more work: one block unstitched and so on.
Oh, and there is the final school projects ahead too...

perjantai 2. maaliskuuta 2012

Something small and beauty...

... is Bibelot
the next Another Year of Schnibbles project.
Look, I have already prepared for it...

 ... the fabrics have been selected, first blocks sewn, but there is one thing that worries me.
What would be it's use? Shall it be just a small quilt for a doll or baby... 
or a wall hanging...
or would it be only small decorative... cushion?

Hmm.. I'm thinking...
perhaps you almost see the smoke, which is surrounding me ;o)

There is an empty place on this wall... hm... (look, more smoke;o)
Maybe I need to ask this from Fenix!

Happy - maybe thoughtful - weekend to you all!!!

PS. I apologize for all the problems with the previous post.

torstai 1. maaliskuuta 2012

Jotain valmista. Osa3 - Intro

Jotain valmista -suunnitelmani mukaan maaliskuussa pitäisi valmistua Lynette Andersonin My Garden tilkkutyö, mutta päätin vaihtaa sen tilalle Anni Downsin Gardener's Journalin. Se oli listassani heinäkuun kohdalla. Vaihdon tein siksi, että GJ eräänä lauantaina vain erehtyi menemään Berninan tikattavaksi ;o), joten se on lähempänä valmistumista. Ja onhan GJ:n taival muutaman kuukauden pidempikin.

At first my plan was to finish Lynette's My Garden in March for the Jotain valmista joka kuukausi - challenge. But then I decided to change it to the Anni's Gardener's Journal. I made the exchange, because of what happened on one Saturday... I found it under Bernina's walking foot ;o), so it's closer to completion than My Garden. And after all, the journey of GJ is a few months longer.

GJ tarina alkoi vuonna 2010 huhtikuussa, jolloin osallistuin Chookybluen vetämään Stitch-a-long (SAL) -ryhmään. Tuolloin myös valmistui ensimmäinen blokki G.

 The journey began in April 2010, when I attended Chookyblue's Stitch-a-long (SAL) group. Then I also finished the first block G.

Vuosi 2010 vierähti tiiviisti GJ blokkien parissa...
'GJ -päiväkirjaani' voi lukea täältä .

Year 2010 went by working closely GJ blocks ...
'GJ-diary' can be read
here .

... tammikuussa 2011 kaikki blokit ja reunakaitaleet oli ommeltu yhteen!!!!

... in January 2011 the top was ready!!!!

Ja siihen se sitten tyssäsi... 
Mitä tapahtui? Miksei GJ valmistunutkaan SAL -aikataulussa?

And then the flow stopped ...
What happened?
Why it's not completed on time?

Yksi syy oli varmaan turhan kunnianhimoinen tavoitteeni tikata se käsin... 
ensin odotin kevään valoisia iltoja, sitten tuli kesähelteet, sen jälken taas syksyn pimeät illat... 
Toinen syy oli ehdottomasti kokemattomuus... suoraan sanoen pelotti aloittaa käsintikkausta!
Kolmas syy oli seuraavaankin SAL -projektiin, Tis The Seasoniin osallistuminen.
One reason was probably too ambitious goal stitch it by hand ...
First I was expecting bright spring evenings, then became a summer heat wave, then dark evenings of autumn...
The second reason was definitely a lack of experience ... frankly, I was scared to start a hand quilting!
The third reason was, I took part in the next SAL-Project,
Tis The Season.

Viime tapaninpäivän konttailin lattialla ja sain sen vihdoinkin harsittua kiinni vanuun ja taustakankaaseen! Etsin lisää rohkeutta aina tammikuun puoleen väliin, kunnes tartuin neulaan ja aloitin... mutta eihän siitä mitään tullut! Juuri ja juuri sain keskiosan taloa ympäröivät kehykset tikattua...

Last Boxing Day I spent on the floor and finally got it basted! I waited for more courage. In the middle of January I took the needle and started ... but it didn't work out! I just quilted the frames, which surround the house...

   ... joten Bernina sai hoitaa loput!
 ... so B finished the job!

Tällä viikolla sain ruudukkomaiset, suorat tikkaukset tehtyä... 
... ja edessä on kanttauksen ompelu ;o)

This week, I got straight quilting done...
... the binding is ahead ;o)

Olen iloinen, että osallistuin Maikin tilkkujen Jotain valmista joka kuukausi -hössötykseen. Sen myötä olen saanut paljon ryhtiä tilkku- ym. käsityöharrastukseeni.;o)

I am glad, that I attended Maikin tilkkujen Jotain valmista joka kuukausi -hoopla. As a result, I've got a lot of the effectiveness for my hobbies ;o)

Kiitos kaikille mukana oleville innoituksesta!
Thanks to everyone, who are involved in - you give so much inspiration!