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sunnuntai 26. syyskuuta 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook - week 38

FOR TODAY September 26, 2010

Outside My Window... autumn leaves are flying like butterflies in the wind.

Here is the latest SBS blocks...

I-1 True Lover's Knot


J-4 Autumn Leaf

I am thinking... Girls Day Out quilt... and I'm again in trouble with it. I have only stitched a few stitches to the next block... only four days left... so I'll jump over this month... and try to catch in October. Anyway my goal with GDO is to stitch all stitcheries in this year and sew it together in next year!

I am thankful for... my desicion to re-schedule the GDO. I swear that it won't stay forever lasting UFO. Whatever is that...????

I am wearing... velvet trousers, olive green blouse and woollen socks - I like to wear woollen socks around the year...

In the sewing room...

So from the kitchen...
after finishing the block F, we rewarded ourselves, Fenix got tasty shrimps and I got Cappuccino with extra chocolate;) YUMMY!!!!

I am reading... I continued to read John Irving's book called Last Night in Twisted River. I started it loooong time ago....

Noticing that... I have a marking on one page of the Civil War Diary quilt book... and it's TODAY... so more sewing...

Block 108 sewed by me. The text scanned from the CWDQ book.

One of my favorite places... to purchase BOMs is Fat Quarter Shop. They always arrive in time and there is enough fabric. This evening I'm going to applique few pieces of Tiny town quilt, which I ordered from Kimberly. I'll show you it later...

A Few Plans For The Week: one hexagon flower and frosty flake, two Euro Bee blocks for Amanda... and...

This charming Mimmi -bear is living in the finnish zoo. And she stretches herself every morning.

Have a lovely week!

Nice that you spent a while with me;)

lauantai 18. syyskuuta 2010

CWD: Premium Prize

September 18, 1863. 15 years old Cora Owens Hume wrote in her diary

--- It was very cold all day. I went to school and then went to the fair. Miss Lucy, Nellie and C. came home with me. They all stayed all night and we all went to the fair all day to-day. (I was seeing how often I could use all in my sentences.)---

--- There was a premium of a $50 set of furs offered by Prather ans Smith, for the best 5 lbs. of butter and Mrs. Cris Cary got it. The butter was very good, but the furs were not pretty, though a nice prize for 5 lbs. of butter.---

Today I wrote in my CWD quilt - diary

Cutting instructions of block 61. Premium Prize:

- cream: one 2"x 2" square
- lilac: two strips 2" x 1 1/4", two strips 3 1/2" x 1 1/4", and four 2" x 2" squares

And for the flying geeses

- lilac: four strips 3 1/2" x 2"
- green: eight 2" x 2" squares

I'm bit nervous, have I measured and cutted the pieces right...
and have I choosed the right fabrics...
Well, soon I'll see it!

Hmm... quite nice!
I'm glad that I didn't paperpieced this block,
although I first thought about it.

I have now sewn 52 CWD blocks. There is 121 blocks in the whole quilt. So I'm quite near the half-way.
Here you'll find all my blocks. I just scheduled the rest of the CWD -year and I'll try to make atleast seven more. I know, it's not many, but I still keep the plan: I sew the CWD block at the same day, when there is a diary note in the book.

The next date is 26th of September...
until then...

keskiviikko 15. syyskuuta 2010

Happened in Satu's Flower Garden This Evening

"I don't like paparazzies!

Purrr.... Please, leave and
let me continue
my nap
on this cosy
ironing board!"

"Ok! Then I'll take a photo of these flowers and frosty flakes."

"No way! Not without me!
May I touch that flower -
a little bit - while you are taking a photo?"

Dear Fenix,

you are hopeless;)))
and sweet...

sunnuntai 12. syyskuuta 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook - week 37

FOR TODAY September 12, 2010

Outside My Window... semi-cloudy, warm (15 C) Sunday. The leaves of the trees and bushes are turning to yellow-orange. The twigs of rowan are heavy with deep orange berries... I just love this season and these colours!

So I couldn't resist these yarns either...

I am thinking... Secret Santa Claus Swap. It's my first time to be in SSCS... and I'm quite anxious. What shall I create to.......

Oh, IT is TOP SECRET!!! SHHH.... Don't tell!

From the kitchen... nothing special today. I fetched pizza Americana from the KOTIPIZZA. And I'm now sipping red wine as a dessert...

I am creating... one Sylvia's Bridal Sampler block in a week.

We have now a new BOW facilitator in our SBS group. Welcome Lynda!!!!

I am going...
to spend rest of this - hopefully - sunny afternoon at the balcony with Fenix... stitching the next pieces of Gardener's Journal.

I have already finished and framed 'Dove Cote' stitchery of block F. I also received my 'prize' from Gail's giveaway. It's one of her newest designs called 'Somerhill House'. First I couldn't believe it that I HAVE WON, but it WAS simply true. And you know, I was really happy dancing;)))))
I think I'm going to spare my FQB of 'Rural Jardin' for it...


One of my favorite things... are Gail's patterns. They are always so natural and beautiful. Can you imagine how happy I am...

I am hoping... to receive my first pattern of Schnibbles from Fat Quarter Shop in the next week. It's Carrie Nelson's 'Paganini'. I planned to use charm packs of 'Bliss'

I am hearing... the snoring of Fenix.

Around the house... naturally, when he is sleeping - deep silence.

I am reading... the brochure of comedy called 'Arsenikkia ja vanhoja pitsejä' (Arsenic and Old Lace written by Joseph Kesselring). I saw it yesterday evening and I must admit it was a funny play. I laughed a lot;))))

A Few Plans For The Week: yoga training, stitching rest of the stitcheries of block F of Gardener's Journal (hopefully it's finished on next weekend), updating Satu's Flower Garden, sewing one SBS and - long time since last one - Civil War Diary block and of course one more miniblock of Butterfly Garden...

I wish you all
warm and colourful week!

keskiviikko 1. syyskuuta 2010

1st of September... updating GDO

Is this a door to the secret garden?

In this time,
it's lucky, it's not that door
- when I'm thinking of me -

That is...
the door to the teddies and dolls -shop,
which is the seventh block of the Girl's day out - quilt.

I focused - hard - in this week
and managed to finish it;) - although I believed I can't do it.
Well, some miracles might happen...

So all my goals of this month
are fulfilled;)))

Because the sixth block of the Butterfly Garden -quilt
is finished too!

Now I'm ready to meet the goals of September!


PS. A part of me is STILL in heaven after U2, because of that I have been lazy blogger recently... but I'm landing... piece by piece;)))