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sunnuntai 22. elokuuta 2010

Saturday, 21 of August - Was THE Day,

I'm touched!

I'm in Heaven...
singing in the rain;)))

Please, enjoy the moments of
U2 360 Tour in Helsinki
with me.

PS. If you don't have time listen all songs,
I'll recommend to listen and watch atleast these:

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for
With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

... But they are all sooooo....

PS. And... YES;) I was really there - listening and singing with them. There was about 52 ooo other...

keskiviikko 18. elokuuta 2010

Weeds in Satu's Flower Garden

... a sigh of relief ...

Luckily they are (only) first Frosty Flakes;)
You'll found Dawn's lovely patterns and instructions here.
Today she is posting block 3...
... and it's dazzling!!!

I'll add the stitchings and the beads later.

But now back to the Flower garden -
17 flowers is blooming there.

Do you still remember, when I considered the background fabric
and what sort of fabric would be the best.
I have now tried several colours and prints.
I think...
in the end I'm gonna lay my flowers like this:

The path of stones between the flowers is a good idea,
I think,
but something in it disturbs me - too much.
But if I find a PERFECT background fabric,
I'll then do those little diamond around them.
But my fingers are already itching to join some flowers,
although I don't know how many flowers there will be in the end...

I just wanna do them -
more and more...

See you again... in Satu's Flower Garden
after... four weeks

PS. You'll found the rest of the finished A Gardener's Journal block D here. It's my latest one. Sewed yesterday;)

maanantai 16. elokuuta 2010

Few Words about Sylvia's Bridal Sampler

It has been a while when I last time wrote about the progress of my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler.

I have written journal of sewing the SBS blocks. Afterwards it's really fun to read those notes, although I'm still on the way...

There are moments of happiness and moments of frustration after sewing blocks, which are not so perfect as I have hoped.

I started my journey in November 2008 picking up some dusty shades of blue, pink and green fabrics.

I have sewed now 77 blocks of total 140. So there will be plenty of different kind of moments ahead;)

I'm still making one SBS block in a week with the SBS group. It's quite slow pace - 63 weeks left - but I don't mind. I think there might be a huge prize waiting after this quilt is finished. So far I have enjoyed my journey a lot! And when I look the first blocks which I have made, I'm happy to noticing some progress of my quilting skills.

This week's block is G10 Arizona.

Maybe you want to come a long....???? It's a fantastic sampler!
And sewing it together makes it's more fantastic;)

Have a nice week!

sunnuntai 8. elokuuta 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook - week 31

FOR TODAY August 8, 2010

picture thought I am sharing today...

Isn't he cute???

Fenix was waiting there in the sewing room...

And when I looked closer, I noticed he had already checked the thread;)) Oh, dear...

Outside My Window... HOOOOOT - in the shadow about 32 C. I'm tired of this hot and moisture weather. Furthermore we got today some smoke from the Russia, where is a lot of forest on fire. This is going to be very distressing... Oh, where are the coolish sunny days of Autumn?

I am thinking... that my blog name should be unfinished quilttales. Because when I look the sidebar and my OPAM list... where are the finished projects???

From the kitchen... something quick and easy from the freezer.

I am wearing... olivegreen microshorts and white T-shirt.

I am creating... a lot of different projects. So nowadays my motto is:

A little bit of that and a little bit of this!

I'll show you few of them...

The second block of My Garden

The Spider Web block to Linda,
who was the 'hostess' of the Euro Bee group in July.
The August is my month.

I got the first block kit of Tiny Town. And I couldn't resist...

Now I would like to ASK a question!!!!
When you do the appliques,
DO YOU cut off the background fabrics behind the bigger parts of applique?

I am going...
to go to concert of U2 on Saturday, 21th of August. I just realised how close is it? Now I'm going to feel more suspense!

One of my favorite things... is watching the detective series from TV - mainly english one. Oh, inspector Lewis is already started...

A Few Plans For The Week: I'm waiting a short summer holiday - five workdays and then...;))))
and OF COURSE THAT concert;)))

Have a creative week!
PS. I was too anxious to go to concert of U2;)) I must wait one week longer...but it doesn't matter;)))