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keskiviikko 30. joulukuuta 2009

A New Year - A NEW START

It's almost here...
The last day of the 2009.

This year was very hard to me
in my personal life -
I will never forget it!

I think that
I didn't have survived all this year round
without your kindness and support!

This quilting blogging wonderland
has given me a lot of new friends
and I have visited many blogs, where
I have seen a lot of beautiful projects.
I will never forget those either...

Already today I know ;)))
there will be a lot of new and fun coming
in the next year!!!

WELCOME 2010!!!

PS. While you are visiting, you can listen some music
and watch the video, if you like;)
... just scroll down the page...

...with or without you...

sing with Bono;)

... we'll shine like stars in the winter light.
One heart, one hope, one love...

keskiviikko 23. joulukuuta 2009

Merry Christmas

Here's few happy moments...
... just before Christmas 2009.

I wish you
- my dear friends from the blogging world -
the merriest Christmas ever.

I have been so lucky in this past year
for I have 'met' so many kind people
all over the world.
You all are treasures of my life;)

Thank you - Kiitos
for the moments and feelings that you have shared with me!!!

torstai 17. joulukuuta 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa / Rakas Joulupukki,

I know it has been REALLY LOOOOONG time since I last wrote and left my letter to you on the bench of the porch. If I remember right it was very late 60's then. Oh, the time has really gone fast! And the world has also changed a lot... I'm not going to leave this letter anymore on the bench, but I'll post it as a modern style;) And I have heard that you have very busy helpers over the seas too... here on Fat Quarter Shop. So this time I have to write - atleast try to - in english.

You might have noticed that I have learned a lot about handicrafts over these past decades. So in this year my biggest wish / dream would be to get a fat quarter bundle... and exactly this one

from Fat Quarter Shop. If you, my dear Joulupukki, are wondering why... it's because I really need MORE PINK & BROWN fabrics to finish some of my UFO quilts and why not also starting some new;)))

I hope you don't have too cold there at Korvatunturi in the North-Finland. We have had this week quite cold weather here in southern coast.
Besides it...
Would you, please, send warm hugs and regards also to Rudolf (Petteri Punakuono)!
We are waiting for you to come...
and bring some light and happiness to our home.

With love / rakkain terveisin
Satu ja Fenix

sunnuntai 13. joulukuuta 2009

Already Third Advent

Happenings in this week...

... one Christmas carol concert
work, work, work
dark, dark, dark
some snowing... Oh my, little lighter;)
few Surprise ready to post
joined Bagalicious Club in here

Today little bit confused what I must do next
The Christmas is so near...

maanantai 7. joulukuuta 2009

Southern Notes

December 8, 1861. Eldress Nancy Elly Moore wrote this note in her diary

(text copied from Rosemary Youngs' Civil War Diary Quilt book

... and here it's the beginning of the last CWD block in this year

Fabrics are

green: Lecien's Mrs March's Coll.

pink: Paula Barnes' Bonnie Blue Basics

cream: Quilt Gate's Mary Rose Coll.

Block 16. Southern Notes is finished

It was quite easy, perhaps TOO easy...

because there is some bulky in the middle and I should have been more careful with the seams...

I began my CWD quilt in the end of January 2009 and until now I have sewed 35 of 121 blocks.

Hmm... with this pace it will be finished in 2012!
Maybe I'll try to sew more blocks during 2010... 2012 feels so distant...

I have planned to sew next block on the 1st of January. It is block number 29 named Remembrances,

but before it there is so many Christmas projects...;))

sunnuntai 6. joulukuuta 2009

Independence Day - First Christmas Cards

We - finnish people - are celebrating our Independence today, on the 6th of December.

To me it always means that I start to make christmas cards...

... what a mess on the cutting mat;)

Few hours...

... and there was some almost finished christmas cards;)))
to the three special ladies...
over the seas;)
Now I'm going to start my 'relaxing' part of the Independence Day
- a good dinner with few sips of wine...

Relaxing Second Advent to Every One of You!!!

perjantai 4. joulukuuta 2009

Draft Threat

Still half an hour left...
before it's the 5th December here in Finland.
So I won't be late with my next CWD block...

December 4, 1861 Nancy Elly Moore wrote in her diary

About this time there were many rumors afloat that the young man of Kentucky would be drafted and forced to take up arms against the Government of the United States. With these reports, many young man of our neighborhood, who were determined to remain steadfast to their loyal principles in support of the government of our Fore Fathers, were induced to leave their homes and seek refuge in other states. (quote from Civil War Diary Quilt book written by R. Youngs)
...and here it is;)

It has been a while when I last time foundation pieced the CWD -block. And it felt fine;) although Fenix was little bit difficult tonight; teasing me with his playing with the pool of the thread... So it took more time to finish than usual, and a little quarrel with F...

The red (or pink) fabric is Judie Rothermel's Sturbridge Village Miniatures I, multicoloured (background) fabric is designed by Jo Morton and white fabric in the middle is again the fabric which range I don't know.

Oh, suddenly my eyes are feeling so heavy... it was early wakening this morning. It might be better to go to the bed... before I'll fall asleep---

And relaxing weekend with your stitches;)
ja jos emme tapaa ennen sunnuntaita

Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!

maanantai 30. marraskuuta 2009

lauantai 28. marraskuuta 2009

The Last SBS BOW of This Year

I need now few moments to relax
in the middle of sewing a traditional teddy bear ...
I hope I'll manage to finish it tomorrow:)
I have sewed a body, two hands, one leg and a head...

So let me show you the latest block of the SBS.

M-7 New Mexico

... And it's also the last BOW of this year.

I have made now 48 blocks!!!
With this pace all blocks will be sewed in 2011...
...yet a long way ahead...

I'll return back with pictures of the teddy,
but now I'll wish

sunnuntai 22. marraskuuta 2009

Learning Something New

This week I have concentrated to learn something new...

I visited last weekend on the Finnish Craft Skills - exhibition in Tampere. And I couldn't resist this Bernina Aurora 440QE anymore. So it arrived to me on Wednesday... It opened a totally new sewing world to me. My previous Bernina is very simple model of sewing machine compared to Aurora. I'm looking forward those shared moments with it;)) Unfortunately also Fenix is really interested in it... especially the spool is spinning much more nicer!

And what else new in my quilting life...

SBS - BOW of the week number 46 was E-4 Indiana Rose... With it I learned a totally new applique method - back basting. Here you'll find a good tutorial of back basting.

It was so good experience, that I'll use it in following applique projects too. Especially the direction of the pieces is easier than it is with the freezer paper, when you do needle-turn applique. But that's only my opinion... and you have to remember, I'm not a master of applique... not at all...

Next weekend I'm going to learn more new things... Between Friday and Sunday I'll take part in the course, which we'll make a Teddy Bear. A real one from mohair, with the glass eyes, mobile joints, and so on... Exciting!!!!

So don't worry,
if you don't here me for a while...

...probably I'm sewing teddy bear and some Christmas gifts...

perjantai 20. marraskuuta 2009

Spinning and Knotting

November 18, 1862 Mary Austin Adelia Wallace wrote in her diary

I drew three loads of wood, went to mother Kyes and borrowed her wheel and reel. I came home and spun over three knots of yarns and gathered some cabbage.

Nov. 18, 2009 I choosed my fabrics for the next CWD block. Brown is one of the Judie Rothermel's Sturbridge Village Browns collection. Blue is Renee Nanneman's Itsy Bits fabric. The range of the white fabric is unknown to me. Orange fabric is... I'm not sure, but I think it might be Judie Rothermel's too. Atleast it's some of the reproduction fabrics. And I thought of using it very long time... Should I pick up some other fabric...???? But those coils fascinates me...

Nov. 19, 1862 Mary wrote

I went over Mr. Rowes to find out the reason my cow didn't come home. He said he turned her in with Mr. Holmes lot and told them to turned her out morning. He said he was afraid they had not and he would go and get her. --- I spun over three knots of yarn and doubled and twisted over six.
On Thursday evening (Nov. 19, 2009) I cut fabrics this way
- out of brown and orange two 7,5*7,5 cm squares, which I cut diagonally once. I had four brown and four orange triangles

- out of blue and orange six 5*5 cm squares. Those squares I cut also diagonally once, so I got 12 blue and orange triangles

- out of white four 6* 4 cm rectangles

Nov. 20, 1862 Mary dug potatoes and picked them up. And she washed her yarn. (all quotes of diarynotes are from the Civil War Diary quilt book written by R. Youngs)
Today I sewed the block 111. Spinning and Knotting

It's one of my favorites so far. And I'm not unsure anymore of that orange fabric. It matches quite well with the other...

I'm planning to sew two block in December, 4th and 8th of Dec. Although I have some other craftprojects and it's busy time at work too, but I'll try to sew atleast one;)))

SEE YOU and creative weekend to you!!!

PS. Helen has revealed her NEW QUILT: Life is Beautiful. And she has a giveaway on her blog, visit there and spread her beautiful message...
Her newest is AMAZING!!! Must have...

And if you are searching some mystery for your weekend you'll find it here;)))

torstai 12. marraskuuta 2009


It's November 12, 2009

I opened my Civil War Diary Quilt book and wondered how I'm going to sew this Foragers block...

I decided to cut my fabrics this way:

out of green and red (green = R. Nannemann's Itsy Bits, red =one of the J. Rothermel's reproductions? - two 8,5 x 8,5 cm squares (I cut them diagonally twice, so I got 8 triangles) and four 6 x 6 cm squares, which I cut diagonally once

out of cream (I don't know the range or even manufacturer)
- two 7 x 7 cm squares, which I cut diagonally twice (I got 8 triangles)

By the way if you click on the picture, you can read the note from the CWD book written by R. Youngs and the note is written by Eldress Nancy Elly Moore.

After cutting those pieces there was a really exciting moments ahead. Is my block finally 6 1/2" x 6 1/2"?

So far it's loo
king quite good;))))

Let's piecing more...
I can't belive this, it's still looking good...

Here is Block 22. Foragers

I'm pleased that I didn't use paper piecing this time. After all it was quite easy and quick to make. And I was lucky that measurements were right...

After this kind of success it's more fun to wait the next CWD block...

THE day is or more exactly the days are Nov. 18-20. Oh, it's already on the next week...

See you ... not later than November 20

sunnuntai 8. marraskuuta 2009

Just SBS blocks

I have sewn only Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks this week. If you remember I was planning to make one CWD block last Sunday. But I hadn't enough energy after work... it was a long and hard day... and Hands all around was a little bit challenging block... I was disappointed, but it's not reasonable to take a stress about your hobby;))) And I finished some extra SBS blocks in this week. I sewed two Card Trick blocks; one for me and the other for Pattie, who is planning to sew a bridal quilt to her daughter.

Yet in this year I'm planning to make four CWD blocks. They are blocks 22, 111, 15 and 16.
It might be a hard goal, because Christmas is coming and... but we'll see what happens.

Enjoy your week!
we will meet on Thursday evening;)

lauantai 7. marraskuuta 2009

Time to Reveal Sweet Surprises

This morning it felt like Christmas Eve. My eyes were sparkling and heart was beating really hard, when I opened that huge letter from Wendy.

There was all these little parcels in it...
Oh my... I was SO touched...

The eyes filled with tears we (Fenix too) opened those little parcels and we found all these LOVELY gifts!!!! There was needlecase and so soft pincushion with beautiful rose stitchery on both of them. A big bundle of Fat Quarters. A pair of embroidery scissors with so beautiful trinket. A chocolate... nam. A notepad and so useful Quilt Journal to record each quilt's story. There was also that cute embroidered feltpouch with gorgeous bracelet in it. Those gem stones and rocks are just my favorite colours!!!
I don't know how Wendy might knew that I'm a little bit stone freak too;)))
It seems that also Fenix is quite interested in that bracelet. I have to hide it...
And there was two so tiny and cute silvery angels. I'll try to take a better photo of them some day.

Oh, WENDY you really are spoiling us now!!!

I don't know how can I ever thank you enough.
I have also been so happy that we have emailed to each other.
I hope this frienship will continue;)))

After that my own Stitcher's Angel gift to Kay gives a quite modest impression...

... although there is only my own creations in this picture. I put some extra gifts with them...
But these latest weeks with the Stitcher's Angel projects gave me a plenty of happiness and pleasure. And I think it was a worth of participating this swap... also this year ;)

Now it's time to Thank
who organized this all fun for us - again.
And of course all the other talented designers, who gave us so beautiful patterns for free.

so Thank you also

Natalie, May Britt, Tracy, Leonie, Cori and Sue

PS: If I'll have time tomorrow, I'll tell you what happened last Sunday with my goal of finishing two blocks... You may have noticed that I didn't post CWD block on the 1st November.

lauantai 31. lokakuuta 2009

A Challenging Sunday Ahead

This week has been quiet week in my sewing corner...
because I have still little bit flu and on Wednesday I had a terrible headache AGAIN. Then I couldn't do anything than rest in the dark. So I might have migraine....

BUT I have or should I say I HAD atleast two goals for this week:

1. I must sew Hands All Around block (Sylvia's Bridal Sampler)
2. I must sew Feeding the Rebels block on 1st of November (Civil War Diary)

Unfortunately my working day was today so long and hard that I have no chance to finish SBS block tonight. My eyes are sleepy already, and early wakening tomorrow morning too.
So there is challengies enough for Sunday

... and if I'll succeed, we will meet again tomorrow;)))

Ps. I can't show you this month OPAMs yet , because they are Stitcher's Angel projects, but maybe on the next weekend... when Kay has received them...

sunnuntai 25. lokakuuta 2009

This won't happen often...

...I mean, two tales at the same day...
But I have to tell you.
I just finished my Stitcher's Angel projects!!!

But I can't show you them yet...

Have a nice and hopefully warm week!!!

Sugar Cane

Before I begin with my story about the next CWD block,
I want to thank Anne Ida for her help hunting the fabric from previous post.

TACK för dej, Anne Ida...

... my SBS quilt will become 'just perfect' now!!
I'm HAPPY;))))

Mary Austin Adelia Wallace wrote in autumn 1862

Oct. 22 - I cut and topped a load of sugar cane and took it to Mr. Watterman's mill. -

Oct. 24 - I came home and loaded the remainder of the sugar cane. I took it to the mill. I got my molasses, over 17 gal. and paid him four dollars for making it. Coming home I stopped to mother Kyes and got two letters dated 13th and 17th from Bruce. -
Oct. 25 - I unloaded my molasses, loaded up seven banks of chess and two bushels of wheat for flour. I went to the union with my grist. -

Mary was 24 years old when she wrote her diary in the autumn 1862 (began in August and continued through December) Her husband Bruce left to fight in the war and she was at home with two children, the one 2 years and the other only 6 months old. So she had a lot of responsibilities. (all quotes from the Civil War Diary Quilt book written by R. Youngs)

The block 110. Sugar Cane was easy one. This time also the picking up the fabrics was easy. In advance I was little suspicious with red fabric. It's always difficult to me to find the right red ones. I don't know why? But this time it was SO easy, because I saw Elin's Sugar cane -block and I have the same red fabric in the stash. So
that will be my red too;))) Unfortunately I don't know the name of the red fabric... but I guess it could be designed by Judie Rothermel??? But Elin might know it...
I cut
from the blue fabric (Itsy Bits by Renee Nanneman)
- 6 2"*2" squares and 4 2 3/4"* 2 3/4" squares
from the red
- 4 2 3/4"* 2 3/4" squares
from the white
- 2 2"*2" squares

Then I sewed 8 red and blue quick-pieced triangle-square units pairing the 2 3/4"* 2 3/4" squares together. I usually cut those single squares a little bigger and trim them later - this time I trimmed them to the 2"*2" squares.

If you have followed my tales, I think, you already wonder where's Fenix?
Is it possible to take a photo without him?
Normally it isn't, but today...

...he was quite busy
with the flying flocks of the waxwings.
They are eating the rowan-berries
at the parking area near by us.

So he also let me finish my block in peace...

.. but now he is getting more and more nervous. It's obvious he is requiring me to play with him, because I promised earlier to give him some time, when I get the block ready.

So I must go and play now...

PS. Yesterday evening I started one new and BIG project.

I know!!!!
I have too many (=dozens) of unfinished projects, but this Civil War Bride Quilt fascinates me too much right now.

And I'm supposing...
THE same urging
is familiar to you too sometimes;)))

PS2: If you want to see all my finished CWD blocks, you'll find them here.

perjantai 23. lokakuuta 2009


Does anyone know the name of (=line or manufacturer) this cream fabric???

I would be so, so happy,
if someone could help me to find this fabric.
I would like to use it more in my SBS (Sylvia's Bridal Sampler) quilt.

If I remember right, I bought it from the FabricShack few years ago. I found it there from the tone on tone fabrics. Of course I didn't write down the name of the fabric:((( And there is nothing on the selvages.

Yesterday the postman brought me this HUGE letter from USA.

It's a gift from my dear ANGEL Nana.

Although Fenix is anxious to open it, I have decided to keep it closed until I have finished my own gift for my secret partner. Finally I got the fabrics and I'm planning to post my parcel on the next week.

Have a creative and funny weekend!

I'll try to get rid of this flu, which I got last week by relaxing and drinking something HOT...

lauantai 17. lokakuuta 2009

Temptations from Australia

Let me show you Anni Downs' newest book! I got it from Hatched and Patched last week. And I have been so thrilled... opening it again and again!!!

It's full of temptive projects for boys of all ages.
If you liked her Angel's Story book, this is what you'll love too;)

Today I finally laid it down for a moment or two
and made this week block to my SBS quilt.

Hmm... I'm quite pleased with Grandmother's Fan block...

Have a creative weekend!!!

PS. My Angel Nana has posted some flying goodies to me. I'm waiting...
I haven't yet received the fabrics for my own last Stitcher's Angel project. But I'm not concerned yet; there is some time to the deadline...

lauantai 10. lokakuuta 2009

Updating Jule-sy-mysterium

Stitcheries finished (hopefully) tonight...


I tried to resist this new Norwegian mystery,
I survived two first days quite well, but last night it happened!

Look, what I have done...

... this morning I joined seriously to this fun made by 9na HERE.
Now I should find some red and white fabrics;)

Have a SUNNY weekend
and enjoy your RED stitchings!!!

torstai 8. lokakuuta 2009

Hiring Help with Some Bartering

October 8, 1862 Mary Austin Adelia Wallace wrote in her diary

My folks and myself went to the fair to Coldwater. Mr. Kyes paid $.15 for me to go in the tent and see the trick pony as they all went in. He said he would pay but I might pay him sometime when I got home. Pa borrowed one dollar of me. (quote from Rosemary Youngs' Civil War Diary Quilt book)

Mary's diary entries are usually short and she liked to write about her chores (Do you still remember block 104. Everyday Chores?), like cutting the corn, getting wood, taking care of the farm animals and writing down the amount of money paid for purchases.

This time I picked up following fabrics:
light lavender is again Quilt Gate's Mary Rose Coll., pink is - again;) - Paula Barnes' Bonnie Blue Basics and dark lilac is Nancy Gere's Civil War VI Coll.

Next time we will meet Mary again.
Then I'll sew block 110.

keskiviikko 7. lokakuuta 2009

Greenfield and Stockton

October 7, 1863 Rachel Young King Anderson wrote in her diary

Another stormy excitement is up. Tis reported that 5,000 rebels have taken Greenfield and Stockton. --- Mr. Anderson is at Springfield went to the Government sale and I am so distressed. Night of 7th Mr. Anderson returned from town - bought three C.U.S. horses. The 5,000 rebels has come down to 1,000. They burned the courthouses in Greenfield and Stockton and have gone on I don't know where. --- Reports are conflicting as to where they are or what their aim. Our hearts cry out to God for protection. --- (quote from Civil War Diary Quilt written by R. Youngs)

Block 11. Greenfield and Stockton

The block was EASY... It was much more difficult to choose the pleasing (me) fabrics. Finally I ended up and started to cut 1 1/8" width stripes from these fabrics: grey and red are Bonnie Blue Basics by Paula Barnes and cream is Quilt Gate's Mary Rose Collection.

Hmm... Maybe I should 'hiring some help' for my next... Oh, I have already choosed the fabrics! Ok, That was only a hint for the next block and

I'll sew it tomorrow;)))

sunnuntai 4. lokakuuta 2009

Life between CWD Blocks

The latest Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks

The latest My Dear Jane blocks
still behind Anina's That Quilt -group - if telling the truth, more and more behind after recent weeks:(

A Crow Came to Visit - block 7 from Autumn House quilt

and lovely letters from Norway;)

and... of course...
Stitcher's Angel projects;))

The rose in the picture is called Sweet Surprise. It's one of the 32 varieties, which we are growing...

Today - forenoon at 11 o'clock - heavy showers of rain
(luckily no snow, yet...)

It's so dark, although it's almost midday! Well, winter is coming...
(with this photo from my kitchen window I send greetings and hugs to my Angel Nana;)
... so I opened my DJ book

THIS was a short review of MY quilting life between CWD blocks!!!
I'll continue with the Civil War Diary blocks on the next week... on Wednesday and on Thursday evening.
See YOU soon!!

"You know, it's sometimes really exhausting to be a quilter's best helper."