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maanantai 30. joulukuuta 2013

Summary of 2013

Melko silppuinen vuosi takana...

... my completed crafts in 2013 are relatively small in size...
... socks, bags, mini quilts...
I announced to OPAM challenge - hosted by Kris and Peg - 32 finished craft projects.
I counted knitted socks as one OPAM / month, although I knitted many more pair of socks in a month.

Here is December's secret cross stitch for my blogger friend Katrin.

I couldn't resist it, when I saw the pattern in magazine. About the same time I had also seen photos of Katrin's bathroom...
To me the phrase of the cross stitch is so... true! The year 2013 began with aiming the stars...
and it seems that 2014 will begin too... because My Oh, My Stars quilt is still in progress... but now I have bought a piece of wool batting for it and I have only 7 or 11 small stars ahead. You just wait a moment... it will be completed;o)

... but before that...
... we have something else in our mind...

Colorful New Year 2014 
- quilty friends all over the world -

We are happy that you share the joys of our quilting adventure, and sometimes sorrows...
with hugs Satu & Fenix

perjantai 27. joulukuuta 2013

Secret Santa Claus Swap

This was the fourth time, when I took part in Secret Santa Claus Swap

hosted by Chookyblue...
... this year Googygirl co-hosted her.

The SSC swap always means that you are totally spoiled at Christmas Eve;o)

This year Maria from Australia had worked hard and it was her turn to spoil me.... and Fenix too!!!
Fenix got treats from Maria's cat, Eduardo!

You can guess Fenix was very interested in those treats... purr- nam... purr!!!

 And WE BOTH love Maria's other gifts: a small towel - cutest little kangaroo on it - so CUTE!, useful transfer stickers for next Christmas and a GORGEOUS, SOFT lace scarf... with bling-bling on it! LOVELY! All these were carefully wrapped and Maria also included care instructions for the scarf.
And I think I also got a new blogger friend from Australia;o)
You really spoiled... 
Special PUrr-thanks also to EDUARDO!

I tried to spoil Suze from Australia with these treats...

I surely hope that she like them... as much as I liked to make them;o)

I also hope that Chookyblue will has enough strength to organize SSCS2014! ... my Christmas won't be a real Christmas without SSCS!!!
So it's time to thank you... you too...
 Chookyblue and Googygirl!!!

By the way, if you are wondering who is laying there... under the Christmas tree...??
He is Fenix's newest playmate, who came to us with Santa Claus from Cattinka's place... from Germany. We call him Ferdinand.
I must say... first I was a little bit jealous to him, because Fenix spent quite much time with him... not with me! For example Christmas morning I woke up the sounds, which I hadn't heard before. I guessed... that Fenix was playing with a ball and probably with Ferdinand, because he wasn't there where he stayed with a new ball in the previous night, when I went to the bed. On Christmas Day both boys were sleeping on the coach... heads next to each other... they were so sweet;o)
So, Katrin, you spoiled us too!!!
Danke Schön!!!

We wish you a wonderful last weekend of 2013!!!

keskiviikko 25. joulukuuta 2013

Celtic Solstice - Part 4

This week we are making green-orange FOUR-PATCHES! Tadaa!!!

I don't know...

...why this photo of my trip to Ireland - Rock of Cashel - occurred to me, when I laid out some units together... especially those four patches brought to my mind stone fences of Ireland. I don't know why?

I like Bonnie's way to guide us through her mysteries. Her clue 'lessons' are always very informative! She gives us many useful tips... for example, this week to make a perfect 4-patch. I think it's worth of reading the clue pages, even if you do not sew it now. At least I have learnt a lot during the mysteries, although I haven't sewn them before.

I didn't sew many test patches to get an exact 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" four-patch... I have learnt to 'read' my B's presser foot;o) But I'm sewing quite short strips together, because I don't trust that I'll sew longer strips straight enough...

 To date, I have sewn 52 / 120 four-patches... I'm almost in the middle way;o)

Shall we begin to sew the units together on Friday... exciting!!!

... before that I'll go and see the progress of other CS quilters, here.

Hugs, Smiles And Warm Fuzzy Feelings
to every one;o)

maanantai 23. joulukuuta 2013

The Happy News...

... Santa's sleigh is packed and he has started on a journey. Korvatunturi today.

lauantai 21. joulukuuta 2013

CWD: Rachel's Frustrations

Today December 21, 2013 is winter solstice, the shortest day of the year... here in the northern hemisphere... ;o) Doesn't that sound nice? From here on we will have more daylight...

Dec. 21, 1862 Rachel Young King Anderson wrote in her diary: We have had heavy rains since Mr. Anderson left and I fear he is water bound. This is the eleventh day since he left and I am so lonely. Another mammoth battle has been fought in Virginia in which the Confederates were victorious. Thousands of men are slain. Lord have mercy on us! Lord pity us. Is it not enough Thy wrath has been poured out upon us - Save or we perish. (quote from Civil War Diary Quilt written by Rosemary Youngs)

How did it go with you? I mean... did you have time to sew Rachel's Frustration and try the measurements, which I gave?

The measurements were quite right ;o)...

First I sewed the pinwheel unit for the middle part of the block. It should be 4 3/4" x 4 3/4".
Then I sewed two green triangles to the opposite sides of brown 2" x 2" square as shown in the photo. 

... I succeeded to finish my eighty-first block of CWD quilt. BRAVO! I have - only - forty blocks to go!

5. Rachel's Frustrations

Hmm... now I'm frustrated... I scanned the block with a piece of thread on it... looks messy!... sorry...
The next time we'll meet in a spirit of Civil War Diary blocks on New Year's Day... yes, you really read right... ON NEW YEAR'S DAY I'm going to show you TWO new CWD blocks...

I'm horrified - now already - with the block, which is shown on upper photo. There is many REALLY TINY pieces!!! IIIIIIKK!
So ELIN, if you read this and you see my horror, pleeeeease, help me!!!
How we'll sew that block? Is it paper piecing the best way?

Have a peaceful fourth advent... tomorrow!!!
... I'm planning to bake small potato pies, roast a ham (= some traditional finnish Christmas dishes)... and if Fenix is not too horrified with a spruce... we'll decorate our Christmas tree;o)

torstai 19. joulukuuta 2013

May I pour you...

... a cup of cocoa?

 ... Or two?
Quilty Fun Sew Along has progressed so far that it is time to take a Christmas break... the Sew Along continues on January 6, 2014.

Hmm... so I would have now time to sew these blocks together...
... if I only can... 
I wonder, are all those sashing strips 1 1/2" width?

On Saturday I'm going to sew the next block of CWD.
I did some measurements and already cut the pieces...

from white fabric: 2 - 3" x 3" squares for the HST's
from brown fabric: 2 - 3" x 3" squares for the HST's
from brown fabric: 4 - 2" x 2" squares for the corner squares
from green fabric: 4 - 2 3/8" x 2 3/8" squares.
Cut the green squares diagonally once to make 8 triangles.

Tadaa... now we are ready - hopefully - to sew Rachel's Frustrations block together;o)

See you on Saturday!!!

keskiviikko 18. joulukuuta 2013

Celtic Solstice - Part 3

This week the speed in Celtic Solstice Mystery has been more peaceful than the past two weeks...

We cut orange and yellow squares to make - only - 200 Half Square Triangle units.

My squares were 2 1/2" x 2 1/2", because I like to sew HST's little bit bigger than is needed. That way - with little bit trimming - my HST's are precisely the right size: 2" x 2". I know there is faster ways doing this... but this is the way, which fits me better;o)

Out of HST units we sewed 25 pinwheels and the other 100 HSTs are just single ones....

... Bonnie has shown us the photos of tiled floors of Christ Church in Ireland. They have inspired her doing this mystery quilt. I also took out my photos from Ireland. I was there in summer 2004... nearly ten years ago... where all this time disappears???

The result... three weeks of 'hard' work... ok, not so hard... I have still 30 HST units, which are not trimmed! But you see, I have no hurry in this week;D

I hardly can wait Bonnie's next clue... but before that I'll go and see the progress of other quilters, here.
Hugs, Smiles And Warm Fuzzy Feelings
to every one;o)

sunnuntai 15. joulukuuta 2013

3. Adventtina...

... mausteiden tuoksuja ja värejä...

Today I'm baking gingerbread cookies... the dough is made according to a recipe of Pikku Myy (= Moomin character Little My). It's more spicy than a normal gingerbread dough, but so yummy, nam!!!
SURPRISE!!!! I found a new quilt-along....
American Patchwork & Quilting magazine is organizing Tone It Down quilt-along. There is a group of designers, who are sewing the quilt together. They are sharing their tips, tools and tricks while sewing their own version of Tone It Down. The scrappy block interested me too much... so I had to sew a block. The block size is 15" x 15"... quite nice size;o) I'm not sure, if I had now time to sew more of them... although the temptation is... there...
It's so dark that I NEED COLORS around me!!!
Our cat is called Marty today.
Fenix had an unexpected problems finding a yellow-green fabrics... but I comforted him that when we need a pure green fabrics the finding will become more easy;o) So far he is doing his job very well!

I'm glad you visit here!!!

torstai 12. joulukuuta 2013

Purr - Hello Kitty Fellows!

This is my day! PURR!

 We have stayed well our schedule to sew one cat block a day (... purr a CAT BOD... purr)!
Of course the schedule is ok, because I have selected fabrics to Satu and conquered the cutting mat with them ... puur-purr! She hasn't had a place to cut nothing else before she has cut my fabrics! Purr!!!
A Purfect Week!!!

Happy End of this purr-week!!!
wishing Fenix - purr!

keskiviikko 11. joulukuuta 2013

Celtic Solstice - Part 2

This week we are driving down and up the hills of Ireland.
I must be careful not to drive too fast...

... because... if the concentration slacks, it's very easy to sew the pieces in the wrong direction.

That's why I scheduled my UP&Down hills -week like this:

- on Monday 100 neutral downhills
- on Tuesday 100 neutral uphills
- on Wednesday 100 yellow downhills
- on Thursday 100 yellow uphills
- on Friday sew 100+100 down-uphill -units together
;o) ... so

...on Friday I'm ready for clue #3!

... but before that I'll go and see the progress of other quilters, here.
Hugs, Smiles And Warm Fuzzy Feelings
to every one;o)

sunnuntai 8. joulukuuta 2013

Good Vibrations!

Niin se - lähes - vuosi mennä tupsahti jonnekin...
... and it's time to say goodbye to 2013 Aurifil Designer BOM, snif!

December's designer is Pat Sloan, the hostess of this BOM. She was inspired by Beach Boys song 'Good Vibrations'... I think it's perfect name for this block... at least I get a good vibrations, when I see a star block ;o)... any kind of star!

I had many months ago decided that the last block's colors are chose after labradorite (known as spectrolite in Finland). WHY? Because it is the most mined precious stone in Finland and it has gained international fame as a beautiful, multi-colored color, gray to black. On the stone's surface can be seen the colors of the rainbow, mostly green and blue colors.

My weak point -
ok, one of my weak point - is those Basic Grey's Grunge fabrics, for the star points I used black Grunge. I don't know how well you see the shades of blue and grey on the fabric's surface... but I tried to imitate as well as possible the play of colors, just like they play on the surface of spectrolite. Hmmm... I would like to have a whole quilt made of these kind of blocks... a great block pattern and lovely colors! Unfortunately - or luckily - I don't have enough those fabrics...

By the way labradorite is known to calm your overactive mind and bring forth new ideas! ;o)

Now it's time to think about a layout of the blocks...
Here's the 'original' setting... maybe not a final... the colors are unbalanced.

... this needs a loooooong thought and a good cup of coffee;o)

Happy week!

2. Adventtina...

... ei paljoa ole tapahtunut, mut'...

... I prepared the pieces for Celtic Mystery, Part 2 and something really tiny...
Those HST units are only 1 cm x 1 cm!
At this moment I know that my plan didn't properly succeeded :-(

Peaceful Sunday Evening!

lauantai 7. joulukuuta 2013

Hei! Nimeni on...

... Satu.
And I'm addicted to... fabrics, yarns, BOWs, BOMs... and nowadays all kind of quilts related alongs.

Elizabeth Hartmann's colorful and modern quilts has always fascinated me. She started a cat-themed quilt along on the first day of December. She makes it with an easy block-a-day (BOD) way. The quilt along continues through December 25.
I didn't hesitate much since I saw her 'colorful cat-themed quilt! We surely need that kind of quilt... hanging on our sewing room's wall!... Or what do you think, Fenix?

 I'm sorry Fenix, I haven't yet sewn a cat, which would be a orange-red cat. But soon...soon...
we are approaching shades of orange.

So today I confessed to you my newest addiction: the Cat Quilt-Along.
Thank you for listening to me!
Happy Saturday!

perjantai 6. joulukuuta 2013

Hyvää Itsenäisyyspäivää!

Hui, noin vanhoja ollaan jo;o)
Waikka ilma ei olekaan iloinen
 - pimeää, vettä, tuulta, räntää - 
niin wietetään silti iloinen itsenäisyyspäivä!!!

maanantai 2. joulukuuta 2013

Celtic Solstice - part 1.

As I yesterday showed you, I began a new Mystery with Bonnie from Quiltville.

The reason why I began it now...
- although I have other unfinished quilts and so on -
... was that I want to make a quilt, which reminds me of our journey in Ireland few years ago. I was there with my dear mother and we traveled around the island of Ireland with a bus. It was one of my many dreams to get there... and it happened!!! It was only a week... but it was a wonderful WEEK!!!!
I won't never ever forget it!!!

 Here is my color / fabric choices.

Bonnie is now
- first time? in her mystery history -
offering to us the mystery quilt in two size... 75" x 75" and 111" x 111".
I'm sewing the smaller one...

... so I'll need in total 188
these kind of background (orange / neutral) and side triangle (blue) units.
I have now sewn 47 units! ... tomorrow 35 more and day after tomorrow 35... and... on Friday I have them all sewed and I'm well prepared for the next clue ;o)
... but before that I'll go and see the progress of other quilters, here.

Hugs, Smiles And Warm Fuzzy Feelings
to every one;o)

sunnuntai 1. joulukuuta 2013

1. Adventtina...

The first door of advent calender is opened...
eli ensimmäinen luukku Veikkauksen joulukalenterista raaputettu... 1000 euroa pukkaa, hih-hih!

... few things from my first Advent...

 ... a gorgeous decoration from Maria... I love it! It will find a nice place at our Christmas tree...
... It snowed - the first snow - last night, but at this moment it rains and the snow is melting...
... secret cross-stitches...
... pieces for Bonnie's new Mystery quilt, Celtic Solstice...

And there will be soon November's Schnibbles parade on Sinta Renee's and Sherri's blog...

I planned to sew my own version of 'Morning Joe'...
but it was only a plan in this month... again!
I got a lot of inspiration of Carrie's block pattern...
and I'm going to sew more of those blocks and...
I'm going to use some VERY tiny triangles - left overs from other works -  to make season greetings cards!
... oh dear, many going to -phrases... again;o)

To everyone...
Hauskaa ensimmäistä adventtia!!!

torstai 28. marraskuuta 2013

CWD: John Morgan

November 28, 1863: 15 years old Cora Owens Hume wrote in her diary

- Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah! I feel like I want to be somewhere that I can scream as loud as I can. I think I will get into the cellar and then no Yankee can hear me. Yes, Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah, for John Morgan and six of his men have escaped from prison. They dug through the floor in some way. - quote from Civil War Diary Quilt written by R. Youngs

Today's block is John Morgan. It's an easy one;o)
I wrote down some of the cutting instructions. You can see them in the adjacent photo.

 63. John Morgan

Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone!!!
- although here in Finland we do not spend it...

tiistai 26. marraskuuta 2013

A Busy Postman...

.... brought to us some treats today!

This year also Fenix got his very own SSCS -parcel. THANK YOU, Santa's little helper MARIA!!!
You know we are very excited...
somehow we had to hold back our horses... or something..., that we won't open them before Christmas Eve!

See you on Thursday... then it's again CWD block day!

sunnuntai 24. marraskuuta 2013

LUS: C-7 Democratic Watchman

Niin se vaan on, että mitä helpompi blokki (tai muu tekele), sitä käsittämättömämpiä virheitä tekee!

Last night I had an hour between two TV -programs, which I wanted to watch. I didn't fancy to knit or read or do anything else. Because the BOW of Loyal Union Sampler looked quite easy, I went to the sewing room, ironed the fabrics, cutted them and... vau! I had still 45 minutes left! Maybe I'll sew the block right now... there is only Quick-Pieced Flying Geese units and Quick-Pieced Square-On-Point unit.
So everything supposed to be QUICK!

Kaikki ei kuitenkaan aina mene niin kuin Strömsössä;o)

Square-On-Point unit went well... it was exactly 3 1/2" x 3 1/2"... although usually I have problems with them (always too small or uneven). 
I was happy... so far SO GOO:D!
Then the FG units... It felt a little bit odd, when I laid the first two square onto the big light green fabric. They didn't overlap each other so much as they should... 
I looked the clock... oh, better just hurry, that I get this block finished before Midsomer Murders!
I sewed, cut them separately and Voila!... DAMN, damn!! I had four all too big (= wide) FG unit! Furthermore their seam allowances were all too narrow!
WHAT has happened?!?!
My mistake was, that I had cut the light green square for FG units 1/4" too big  (it should have been 
4 1/4" x 4 1/4" square)!!! Luckily it was too BIG, not too small and the mistake was easy to repair...
... but just after Midsomer;o)

Block C-7 Democratic Watchman

Jo aikoja sitten... joskus lokakuun alkupuolella Soile, Töölön Tilkkupajasta, "haastoi kaikki bloggaajat avaamaan aarrekaappinsa ja kertomaan, millaisia välineitä / erikoishärpäkkeitä käyttää tilkkutöitä tehdessään".
Mietin sitä jonkun tovin - ja toisenkin;o) - huomasin, että aika yksinkertaisilla välineillä pärjäilee...
melko pitkälle...

  - lyijykynä, the RATKOJA, hyvä leikkuri, ISO, tukeva neulatyyny, ompelukoneen tilkkutyöjalka ja valikoima erilaisia viivaimia!
Viivaimia minulle onkin kertynyt mukavan kokoinen valikoima - kuvassa ei läheskään kaikki, mutta mieluisimmat = eniten käytössä kuluneet;o)

Koska tuon edellisen blokin kanssa oli hieman "ohjelmaa" lentävien hanhien kanssa, niin esittelen tässä kaksi tuumaviivainta (olen tuumaihminen), jotka ovat oivia apulaisia niitä ommeltaessa.

 Folded Corner Clipper

Hyvä esittely sen käytöstä löytyy Modan ... the Cutting Table blogista täältä.

FCC:n avulla olen lähes poikkeuksetta onnistunut saamaan OIKEAN kokoisia ja muotoisia lentäviä hanhia!

Plussana: ei tarvita kulmasta kulmaan piirrettyjä viivoja! Tosin edellytyksenä on, että koneessa on 1/4" saumanvaralla varustettu paininjalka.
Miinuksena: ei sovellu sellaisille projekteille, joissa ei ole varaa "tuhlata" kangasta. HUOM! Kulmapaloista voi ommella 2 -väri kolmio-neliöitä (HST), joten kangasta ei mene hukkaan!

Toinen hyödyllinen erikoisviivain ommeltaessa lentäviä hanhia on Open Gate Quilts:n...

Fit to Be Geese

Niitä on saatavilla ainakin kahta eri kokoa. Itselläni on tuo pienempi viivain - olen sellainen pienen näpertäjä:o)

Hyvä tutorial sen käytöstä löytyy täältä. 

Alkuun palatakseni... niin, vaikka olisi kuinka oivia, hyödyllisiä, käteviä vippaskonsti - härpäkkeitä, niin erheitä sattuu tilkkuilijan taipaleilla! 
Mutta virheistähän oppii... ainakin jonkin aikaa muistaa taas lukea ohjeita paremmin ja TARKEMMIN okulaarit päässä;o)


PS. As you see we (Fenix & I) decided to start a Christmas time here in a blogland ;o)

keskiviikko 20. marraskuuta 2013

Courthouse Steps... and UPS!...

...Sparklers!!!! Bling!

Now I do not mean that I would have fallen down the stairs of the courthouse and saw sparks. I have never been to the courthouse... and I hope I never be... So the sparks, which I saw were quite different...

Today our postman delivered the sixth block of the 2013 Designer Mystery BOM. And I had to sew it... HETI!... sofort!... forthwith! I guess my eyes sparkled all the time, when I sewed ;o) 

The block's name is "Sparklers". It's designed by Kate Spain.
I do not know, if it's just an illusion, but it seems to me that these blocks are becoming increasingly interesting month by month... I surely don't regret that I joined also this BOM!

Can you believe this BOM is already in a mid way? Time really rushes!!!
The first three blocks are BASKETs, the next three are STARs... 
uuuhhhrrr...., I'm thrilled... what is coming next....

BeFORE the postman visited, I sewed this week's Quilty Fun Sew Along blocks...

two Courthouse Steps - blocks!

If until now you've been wondering... am I crazy or what... and what do I write ... maybe you are now back on track in my mad funny tale...
Yes, these are those steps;o)

I did my steps with dotty fabrics... but I didn't want to make them as scrappy as Lori (& other Sew Alongers) has made.

Maybe I have said this many times earlier, but I use rarely bright colors... BUT after this Sew along I'll know what color therapy means! It feels SO good to watch and fiddle the fabrics... full of colors!!!!

Because I already warmed the machine B. for the sparkles, I sewed two 8" stars for my OH, My Stars -quilt.

Now I have ALL 12" and 8" star blocks ready! Only eleven 4" stars is undone.
OhMy... so close but still so far away from... the quilt...

Here's those all 8" stars!
Each star has the same white background fabric, but the light has altered so much, when I have photographed them, that's why the backgrounds are not similar in this collage...

Wishing you Quilty or Sparkling Fun time!!!

PS. Erehdyin eilen käymään Marimekon Outletissa, ja mukaanhan lähti palalaarista muutama palanen mm. tuota hurmaavaa Rati Riti Ralla -kangasta... Harmitti, kun ei ollut kuin pieniä paloja! Olisi aika veikeää essuna...

sunnuntai 17. marraskuuta 2013

LUS: G-4 Massachusetts... and few other thing

I am so happily lucky that I don't have to talk to you now... 
because pronouncing this block's name... Mas... Massasaschusss... äsh... would be totally impossible! - at least to me;o)

 Loyal Union Sampler BOW - G-4 Massachusetts
OhMy...- even the writing of the name is difficult, I have to look it again from Jennifer's book...

This is the first LUS block, which I sewed using Luna Notte's fabric with a black background. I was a little frightened, would it be too gloomy block... therefore I chose the black fabric with the large flower print... maybe it's not too gloomy!?! Or what do you think?

Then I'll write few words in Finnish about the craft fair. The photo below shows you what I found there;o)

Tampereen Kädentaidot 2013 sitten oli... 
tässä jotain, mitä minun kasseihini tarttui... Voi, minuu...

... näyttää ihan Lankahullun päiväkirjan kuvasivulta...
Mutta eihän tuossa ole kuin langat parhaimmillaan 13 pariin sukkia... ja se sukkainen joulu taitaa tulla taas ensi vuonna;o) Olikohan tuo tarpeeksi vakuuttava selitys lankaostoille?
Kankaisen Ommellaan.fi -osastolta tarttui kohtuullinen! määrä kankaita mukaan... tarkoituksena oli ostaa vaaleita taustakankaita. Melkein meni nappiin!
Liekö tuossa mosaiikissa sitten uuden harrastuksen alku?
Perjantain Summa summaarum: Hauska, antoisan uuvuttava päivä kaikkinensa! Aikaa vain olisi pitänyt olla enempi...

Tension in Chookyblue's Secret Santa Claus Swap 2013 is growing... an excitement is almost palpable....

Tomorrow is the first day of the postage... and as you see I'm ready as a scout ;o)

This little rosy girl will deliver my secret parcel to my pal far, far and even farer away...

I'll trust her that she will success in her job... and my SSCS pal will receive her gifts in time!

... while one week seems to over - again! - ... 

I wish you ALL a WONDERful upcoming week!!!!