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lauantai 29. toukokuuta 2010

FOR TODAY May 29, 2010

Outside My Window... very green!!!! (Look at the photo below). Also the sun was shining in the morning, but now when I was planning to go to the balcony with GDO stitchery, it's beginning to rain:( My Luck!

I am thinking... my new working mates. They are now spending some time together on the one small island. I thought to join too, but I didn't have time. I hope they have a good time... and not too much water there... Am I lucky to be inside this afternoon?;)

I am thankful for... my freedom.

From the kitchen... it's almost summer, so I'll cook some sausages (=finnish summerfood) tonight. Because I have no grillroom, I'll make them in the oven.

I am wearing... striped blouse in autumn colours and velvet trousers.

I am creating... today I sewed one more SBS block. (You'll find it on the photo below) and noticed that after two more blocks I'm in the half way of finished the SBS blocks. It feels amazing!

I am going... to watch the Eurovision Song Contest from Norway. Although our own singers are not in the final. GREETINGS to ELIN!

I am reading... nothing at this moment... It's long time since I read a real book... maybe I have to start one...

I am hoping... that I'll learn - as much as possible - as soon as possible - in my new job.

I am hearing... a finnish artist J. Karjalainen. He is singing in the radio a song called HÄN. (in english She). Now there is JonBonJovi starting to sing It's My Life!!! So I'm listening very good music;) Don't you agree?

Around the house... the washing machine is doing 'his' work;) And Fenix is somewhere hiding. He doesn't like our new machine... at all!

One of my favorite things... a good, relaxing music! My taste of music is very diversified, maybe you have noticed...

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: two days for finish the block five of the GDO...

Girls, I already know that I can't finish it on time... SORRY!

So it would be better not to plan anything for this week;) I just do what makes me feel happy...

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Isn't it GREEN!
The rowan is starting to bloom...

Oh, and the sun is shining again;)
Fenix, where are you? Do you come with me ? Let's go to the balcony!

tiistai 25. toukokuuta 2010

CWD Blocks

Progress in CWD quilt...
but I had to give up my style sewing a block at the same day, when there is a diary note on the book:(
but the main thing is
Now back to the GDO stitchings...

lauantai 22. toukokuuta 2010

Friday Night... Dreams were not fulfilled

I had bigger plans for the Friday, but this was all I did...
french knots and lazy daisies.
That's life! - up- and downhills!

But Fenix was more busy than me
he had to approve the new furniture to the balcony.
It seems he like it;)

Happy weekend to you!

torstai 20. toukokuuta 2010

Satu's Flower Garden

After warm and mild Wednesday evening...

...more flowers are blooming
in my garden!

sunnuntai 16. toukokuuta 2010

FOR TODAY May 16, 2010

Outside My Window... too HOT! At the balcony is over +30 degrees of Celsius, when the sun shines... and it's shining now. I know I have waited the sunshine and warmer weather, but it should have been spring now, not summer.

I am thinking... of next week. So many things on the must do -list... Also other than quilty things. How will I manage?

I am thankful for... the beauty of the nature. I love those pure lightgreen leaves.

From the kitchen... surprise! One little pizza, not home-made.

I am wearing... olive green T-shirt and dark blue trousers with short legs.

I am creating... plantings to the balcony. I have never had the balcony before, so it's a new, amusing challenge ahead;) Although I decided not to take it too serious in this summer...

I am going... to stitch Cafe block of the Girl's Day Out tonight.

I am reading... the gardening books; especially how to grow plants in the pots.

I am hoping... - longer days - more time -

I am hearing... the voice of TV- commentator, who is describing the ice-hockey match between Denmark and Russia. It's 1-4... oh, already 1-5 in the third period... and now 1-6!

Around the house... this apartment is full of sunshine;)

One of my favorite things... is ice-hockey. I don't play it myself, but I'm a big fan of the team of Finland. They are now the World Champion Games in Germany... and I hope after difficulties in the first games the finnish lions will manage to do their best...

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: It's a Friday night sew-in next Friday and I'm planning to sew three CWD blocks (24, 54, 55) - atleast one on Friday, the other two during the weekend. Also I'm trying to finish the stitcheries of block 5 of GDO, and sewing the cellphone case for my mother, before her trip to the spa. Oh, I almost forget to mention one SBS and JellyRollSampler block is also on my list of the plans...

Busy, busy... I really need more time...

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Few photos of my mother
and my latest blocks of the Sylvia's Bridal Sampler quilt.

torstai 6. toukokuuta 2010

The Base of the Satu's Flower Garden

Until now I have

pulled up some weeds = chosen some fabrics from Moda's 3 Sisters Simplicity coll.
prepared the soil = washed and pressed those fabrics
and planted few flowers = cutted and sewed hexagons together;)))

... and... you know...
these flowers are ADDICTIVE!!!

See you again in Flower Garden
after two weeks!

sunnuntai 2. toukokuuta 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook - week 17

FOR TODAY May 2, 2010

Outside My Window... all is gray - the sky, the ground, everything - and wind blows.

I am thinking... Simone; she is on her way to the States.

I am thankful for... dayoffs on the weekends.

From the kitchen... chicken with coconut.

I am wearing... jeans, olive green blouse with long sleeves.

I am creating... something for my dear mother. It's Mother's Day on next Sunday.

I am going... to go to the old lodging and clean there a bit.

I am reading... nothing special at this moment.

I am hoping... sunny days. I really miss the spring flowers to grow!

I am hearing... a noise from the computer. It sounds more louder than normal. Is it going to break? Hope not...

Around the house... silence. Fenix got tired of playing with his balls and is now trying to sleep beside this computer.

One of my favorite things... is coconut. I don't know why, but I have always liked the taste of it. Have I lived under the coconut palm in my previous life? Hihii;))

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: sewing blocks - SBS D-3 and JellyRollSampler block 5, preparing the block five of Girl's Day Out and finishing the stitcheries of block A from Gardener's Journal.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

lauantai 1. toukokuuta 2010

CWD: Taking Charge of the School

In April, 1862 Susie King Taylor wrote in her diary

After I had been on St. Simon's about three days, Commodore Golds-borough heard of me, and came to Gaston Bluff to see me. --- he was pleased to hear of my being so capable, etc., and wished me to take charge of the school for the children on the island. I told him I would gladly do so, if I could have some books. He said I should have them, --- I had about forty children to teach, beside the number of adults who came to me nights, all of them so eager to learn to read, --- (quote from CWD quilt book written by R. Youngs)

Today 1st of May I wrote to my CWD journal...
First of all... excuse me, but
may I say some ugly words???

Damn, damn, ... DAMN!!!

The finished Block 96. is too large! It should have been 6 1/2 ", but IT IS 6 3/4".
I have measured the squares wrong. They are about 1/16" too big. It's not much, but enough! I should have used the foundation piecing... And it took me about three hours to finish it. Krrr.. This is SO frustrating!
After this I do fancy those tiny squares more less...
But there is one positive thing in this block, I do like those fabrics;)
which are
white - I don't know the manufacturer
light lavender - A Kansas City Star coll. by B. Brackman
blue - Yorktown (?) by J. Morton
cream - Mary Rose coll. from Quilt Gate

Well, it's obvious I have to redo this someday,
but now I forget it and leave to stitch some Gardener's Journal stitchings while watching the snooker. There is two of my favorite player in 1/2 final; Neil Robertson and Mark Selby. I really hope, they will play in the final;)))

Hopefully I'll have better sewing day tomorrow...

See you soon;)

PS. Elin. Have you already sewn this block? I recommend the foundation piecing;)