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sunnuntai 27. kesäkuuta 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook - week 25

FOR TODAY June 27, 2010

Outside My Window... sunny, sunny... and very windy.

I am thinking... Hanne and May-Britt. They have made a agreement to finish their Butterfly Garden (designed by L. Beasley) quilts before next summer. I'm in the same boat with them, I too neglected mine after five finished block (four more to go) and lost my inspiration. I would like to join with these two ladies, but I know, I won't manage to do one -even- mini-block in a week.

I am thankful for... that I have this blog. The blogging gives a lot of inspiration. And here I can meet many talented and kind persons. Some of them I have learnt to know better...

From the kitchen... a traditional finnish mid-summer food: new potatoes, salted herrings and salad. And creamy ice-cream as a dessert... unfortunately without strawberries:(

I am wearing... green T-shirt, dark blue capri-trousers.

I am creating... something new. Yes, I have been totally on the side-track lately. Probably it's more easier to tell you what I have done with this...

picture thought I am sharing today...

1. I got the first block kit of My Garden BOM (designed by Lynette Anderson). I have spared some dusty colour fabrics for it; for example Moda's Evening Mist and Lecien's European Taupe. More of this BOM you'll find here.

2. I also got the patterns of Down in the Garden (designed by Leanne Beasley). And of course I had to try some stitches... and select some fabrics...

3. One day I was mood for appliqueing. So I dig up the first block of Le Jardin (design from Bunny Hill).

4. Yesterday I read a lot of blogs... and I couldn't no more resist 'Klosjes'! Yes, I copied the pattern of 'them and cut the first ones. I'm going to sew them today, while watching the football match between Germany and England. Oh, that will be THE match! I won't reveal which one of them I spur on;)))

5. Maybe you now wonder, why I'm speaking of being on the side-track. That's because I should have focus on the stitching of the next GDO block. Hmm... only three days left... And plenty of stitches undone... Sorry, girls, I did it again! I'm late!

I am going...
to continue on the side-track! It's all too fun!!!

I am reading...
the old finnish craftmagazines. I must throw away the ones that I won't need anymore.

I am hoping... a good week at the job.

I am hearing... the voices of the birds. The first young birds are out of their nest.

Around the house... the wind is swinging the curtains of this room.

One of my favorite things... is starting always a new quiltproject, before I finish the old one. It's not necessarily a good thing???? Shall I feel a hint of quilty... oh, sorry... I mean guilty;)

A Few Plans For The Week: I'll just enjoy everything that life will give me... I'm not going to take any extra pressures! I think this is a really good plan!!!

Have a good week!

perjantai 25. kesäkuuta 2010

Satu's Flower Garden is growing...

Four weeks and four flowers more...

I have decided to show my hexagon flowers once a month.

Hopefully there will be atleast four flowers more growing in my garden in every month. My total number of flowers is now ten - a very long journey ahead, but I enjoy every moment of it!

I'm not sure what is the final size of the quilt
and I'm not sure either how I'll piece them together. I would like to make some path of the stone between the flowers. The future will show...

Warm Mid-Summer evening to you all!

Hyvää Juhannusta!

lauantai 19. kesäkuuta 2010

Friday Night Sew In...

Last night we had a problem, what to do.
And a small arguement.

Fenix was mood for sewing. So he tried to open SBS book, but this week's BOW looks very difficult (it's Tumbling blocks -block) and it terrifies me...
We only choosed the fabrics for it.

I was mood for crocheting. I have dreamed of granny squares using the variegated pink woolyarn (Nalle Kukkaketo) and it tempted me...

... so we had to solve this problem.
Why don't we do both
sew a little
Gardener's Journal block C
and crochet a little
two kind of granny squares
Atleast we did something;)

Till sluten
Victoria och Daniel!!!

sunnuntai 13. kesäkuuta 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook - week 23

FOR TODAY June 13, 2010

Outside My Window... rainy, windy, gray. I need some cheer up...

I am thinking... how fast time goes by? I have tried to do something, but yet it feels that I haven't done nothing.

I am thankful for... the music. It cheers me little, when the weather is lousy.

From the kitchen... and also

the picture thought I am sharing today...

with this dinner I'm celebrating my achievement

in SBS quilt. I have now done 70 blocks 0f 140;)

I am wearing... not surprise to my regular readers- striped blouse and velvet trousers. Those trousers are extremely cosy and I own several striped blouses...

I am creating... the next CWD block. It's called Pet Regiment.

I am going... to sew, stitch and relax tonight.

I am reading... John Irving's newest book Last Night in Twisted River. It's a thick book - over 600 pages - and I'm a slow reader... it takes time...

I am hoping... and dreaming of a summer holiday. Because of changing a job I don't have a real summervacation in this year:(

I am hearing... voices from TV.

Around the house... peaceful. Even one of my neighbour is quiet. Maybe he has finally finished his homerepairings.

One of my favorite things... is watching football matches on TV. In the next month there will be A LOT of WATCHING from the South Africa. My favorite teams are Portugal, Brazil and Holland.

A Few Plans For The Week: to finish block C of Gardener's Journal, to trace the stitcheries of the next GDO block...

I wish you

enjoyable week!!!!

tiistai 1. kesäkuuta 2010

Updating GDO

Hei Girls, I almost made it;)

Only the rosebuds and hearts are still left...
I'm going to stitch them tonight.

So after all I'm not so hopeless case;)))
only one day late...

In June I have planned to stitch a Fashion Shop -block. Because there is not so much stitchings... maybe I have time to piece one of the block...

Let's see what will happen!

But before I'll start the next GDO block, I'm going to concentrate on the next block of the Gardener's Journal.