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maanantai 31. maaliskuuta 2014

Loyal Union Sampler - BOWs 9 - 12

Here is the last four blocks of the Loyal Union Sampler quilt.

Tea Leaves block is the first appliqued block. Block E-4 and B-9 are based on Quick-pieced Quarter-Square Triangle (QST) units.

At this point I have sewn 21 blocks, as you might remember there is 121 blocks in this sampler;o)
Today I sewed 22nd block and I will show it together with other three new blocks, when I have sewn them... after three weeks...


here are the all blocks together;o)

I hope you enjoyed your visit here today!

lauantai 29. maaliskuuta 2014

Gear Up...

... tote is a pattern of Sweetwater.

It's a tote, which I have planned to make for a years... at least two?...if I remember right;o)

If you want to sew your own Gear Up tote, you'll find the pdf pattern at Sweetwater's Etsy shop here.

Also the fabrics, which I used are all by Sweetwater, from the collection called Reunion. The outer fabric is canvas, other fabrics are normal cotton fabrics.

I really love the fabric with year prints!
And I adore the ruffle on the outer pocket!!!

Sisävanuna on kiinnisilitettävä vanu,
Vilene H 630.

Laukku ei ole kovin tukeva. Enemmillä tikkauksilla siitä olisi tullut tukevampi... mutta tämä kelpaa nyt kevätlaukuksi;o)

Tote measures
35 cm x 29 cm x 8 cm

The one thing, which I don't like so much...

 ... is the inside pocket, which extends all the way up to the bottom seam. I presume that it's a little bit unpractical!
Lisäksi vielä mietityttää, laittaisinko magneettilukon kassin reunaan...

ILOISTA ... HAPPY.... Sunday!!!!

Ps. Olen saanut postauksiin paljon ihania ja kannustavia noreply-kommentteja, joihin en pysty sähköpostin kautta vastaamaan, JOTEN tässä ja nyt haluan KIITTÄÄ niistä!!!
Kommentit ovat aina tervetulleita;o)

maanantai 24. maaliskuuta 2014

Looking for Happiness...

... a make-up purse inspired by Tilkunviilaaja.

I have long admired for Tilkunviilaaja's purses. Finally I also managed to sew that kind of purse!
...ihan kissan karvoineen kaikkineen;o)

The purse is VERY scrappy and it's quilted densely with Gütermann SULKY cotton 30, col. 4019 - it's variable-color yarn. 
A following picture you can see how the color changes... a little bit...

Stitchings are about one centimeter at a distance from each other.

Tukimateriaalina käytin hyvin ohutta polyestervanua ja vuosikerta - verkkarikangasta (90 -luvun alkupuolelta?).
Koetilkun tikkasin pelkällä verkkarikankaalla, mutta se tuntui liian ohuelta...

I even remembered to sew an inside pocket...;o) it's a piece of old curtain... another bite of spirit of recycling!

Sisätaskun tekaisin vanhasta verhokapan helmasta
(= vältyinpä taskunsuun päärmeen ompelulta, hih-hih)

 Here is the back of the purse. There is few piece of selvages...

Tilkunviilaaja usually gives a name to her purses... so did I!
Because it is a gift for my niece, who is enthusiastic to grow vegetables, summer flowers, etc. And she is dreaming of moving to the countryside... and black-white fabric, which I used, is from collection of Marimekko called 'Onnea etsimässä'.
So this purse is called:

"Onnellisuutta etsimässä"

leveys - 22 cm
korkeus - 18 cm
pohjan leveys - 6 cm


lauantai 15. maaliskuuta 2014

Farmer's Wife Sampler - Blocks 24 & 79

I promised you to update Farmer's wife sampler blocks three weeks ago... time flies!
Even if I haven't shown them to you, I have sewed one block every week
- I have now ten FW blocks -

Why I haven't told anything of them?
Well, I have not found a way to present them - smartly;o)
Isn't it a bit boring to see a variety of blocks without a story?

It would be nice to tell you something about the letters of 1920's farm wives, but we (= yahoo group) don't sew the blocks in the same order than they are presented in the book. There is two or four blocks, which are associated with the same letter. Would it be nice, if I show you those blocks and add some quotes from the book? Shall we try it this way?
Actually I started my tales of Farmer's wife blocks that way (here) by showing the first letter and first two blocks.

So today I show you the next letter and next two blocks and we will all know... is it ok that way?

No safer Road to Travel
- a letter written by Mrs. E. M. L. -

"I know no safer road to travel through real living than my daughter would take if a farmer were her life companion. --- To wake up in the early morning to the bird calls, the animal greetings, is better than the best symphony concert ever played. To see the sun climb out of bed and reach out rosy fingers to pick up the dew drops from field and meadow, and to watch the joyous greeting of all nature, in the summer time, is worth more than silver and gold can buy."
- quote from The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt by Laurie A. Hird - 

I hope you enjoyed your visit today!

- Happy Quilting Day -

tiistai 11. maaliskuuta 2014

Mitä opin tänään, osa 2. - blokki: Hyrrä (?)

... vai Koukku?

This month's Another Year of Schnibbles project is one of the Carrie's newest Schnibbles pattern called 'Hook'
First I thought that I'll make it later, but when I saw Carrie's tutorial of sewing one hook... I had to try it!
And you know me... I'm now totally hooked;o)

Haluaisitko sinä kokeilla hyrräblokin ompelemista?

En tiedä tämän blokin "oikeaa" nimeä, mutta minusta se muistuttaa jonkinlaista väkkärää... joten kutsun sitä hyrräksi;o)

Jospa ommeltaisiin ensin yksi blokki yhdessä, jotta huomaat kuinka helppoa se on...

Yhtä hyrrää varten tarvitset:
- 60 asteen kolmioviivaimen tai viivaimen, jossa on 60 asteen kulmaviivat
- kaksi eri väristä kangasta

- valkoisesta kankaasta (= taustakangas) 3 kpl 2 3/4" x 4" (7 cm x 10 cm) kaitaleita
- kuviokankaasta (= hyrräkangas) 3 kpl 2 3/8" x 4" (6 cm x 10 cm) kaitaleita
(valkoiset kaitaleet ovat tarkoituksella leveämmät trimmausvaraa varten)

Ompele kaikki kaitaleet yhteen seuraavasti:
Silitä saumanvarat auki. Tasoita kaitaleen reunat, mutta älä kavenna kaitaletta liikaa!

Ups! En muistanutkaan ottaa kuvaa tästä vaiheesta...

Aseta ommeltu kaitale siten, että valkoinen reuna on vasemmalla. Ota kulmaviivain esiin...

 ... ja leikkaa sen avulla kaksivärisiä kolmioita 5 kappaletta. Asetin viivaimen, siten että kolmion alakanta on 3 1/2":n kohdalla ja keskiviiva kulkee tarkasti saumaa pitkin.

6. hyrräkolmio ommellaan kaitaleen päihin ylijääneistä paloista, valkoisesta ja kuviokankaasta!

Käyttämäni mitat ovat aika niukat, joten kun leikkaan kolmioita yhteen kulmaan jää pala ommeltua saumaa. Mutta ei huolta, se on vain pieni pala, jonka voi myöhemmin trimmata pois ...

... täl viisiin näin;o)

Kuten aikaisemmin kirjoitin, kolmioiden leikkaaminen sujuu myös viivaimella, jossa on 60 asteen kulmaviivat. Itse en tätä kokeillut, mutta Carrie havainnollistaa sen blogissaan täällä.

Mutta nyt takaisin hyrrän pariin... päästäänkin jo ompelemaan kolmioita yhteen;o)

Ompele ensin kaksi ja kaksi kolmiota yhteen...

... ja sitten niihin kahteen kolmas kolmio tällä tavalla näin... 

En kuitenkaan vielä ompele hyrrä -puoliskoja yhteen, vaan ne ommellaan ensin kaitaleiksi ja sitten kaitaleet ommellaan yhteen jne. aivan kuin hexagon -pintaa ommeltaessa...

 Helppoa kuin heinänteko!

 Nyt minua jänskättää, kuinka hyvin hyrrien keskiosat kohdistuvat kohdilleen...
... mutta se on sitten sen ajan murhe tai ILO!

I hope you too are hooked in this month! THIS is FUN!!!
You'll find Carrie's Hook -tutorial here!

Happy week!!!!

maanantai 10. maaliskuuta 2014

Sew Kitschy - a Mixing Bowl and Spoon

I think it's time to whip up some delicious treats;o)
Do you agree?

A mixing bowl and spoon is the third block of Betty's Kitchen quilt.

When I sewed March's BOM, I realized that the Cookie Jar should be on the table, not float in the air like that... I don't know what I have thought ... obviously nothing... when I didn't notice it before...

Well, now the jar is on the table, though not in this photo. I used the same gray fabric as in the bowl block.

My weekend went past by with...

;o) yes, with Jersey Girl!...

... It is now quilted and binded!!!!!

Although it's made of Christmas fabrics, I want to admire it for a short time. So it's now on the wall of the living room. Maybe I have to finish another small quilt... which is more in spring color...


Size 91 cm x 91 cm
AYOS project in January 2014

Thank you for stopping by...

perjantai 7. maaliskuuta 2014

The Mug Rug Swap - Celebrate the Olympics

Now it's time to reveal the mug rugs, which I posted to my swap partner, Veronica!
But before that...
let's admire all the goodies, which I got from her!

Inside the parcel... there was a patchwork card, a cute little key ring, an embroidered pendant, lot of iron-on GEMS!, a beautiful zippered pouch and.... those GORGEOUS mug rugs, Winter Dove and Russian Doll! 
Just look and admire all those details... especially the details of Matryoshka! Lovely work!!!
You spoiled me - totally, Veronica!
THANK YOU one more time;o)

And now the rugs, which I posted to Veronica.

I tried to catch some atmosphere of Sochi by imitating images, which I saw during those two Olympic weeks. Therefore I changed the original mug rugs pattern - a little bit...

So these rugs with two small Moomin mugs I posted to Veronica!
This was a very fun swap!

Happy Weekend!!!!

maanantai 3. maaliskuuta 2014

CWD: Regiment Landed

I have only one Civil War diary entry of March... and the associated block, which is not yet sewed.

There is no particular date... so I decided to sew this month's CWD block today!

It's very easy block called
100. Regiment Landed.

I wrote up a few dimensions at the same time, if you would like to try this block. It is 6" x 6" finished... as all the CWD blocks are.
Note: Fabric D - pieces are 1/8" bigger than is needed... just in case;o)

 Because the sewing of today's block didn't take long... I sewed few other... already completed blocks together;o)

This is so.... SO fascinating fun!... to see them together!!
And with the sashing strips, it doesn't matter that there is a little bit smaller or bigger blocks.

Now I only regret that I haven't done this (=sewed few blocks together, when they were completed) with Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks. It's much more easy and absolutely much more pleasant and more REWARDING way!

Now we will have the six-week break. Can you imagine SIX weeks without Civil War Diary blocks?
Don't you worry... weeks will pass quick.... I have plenty of other patches to fiddle with;o)

The next block is very interesting...

Enjoy your stitchings!

sunnuntai 2. maaliskuuta 2014

Borders - Aurifil Designer 2014

Liulau laskiaist,
minun mammallein pitkii pellavaittii,
hurukselaisille huiskuntynkii,
mämmäläisille mätäpäitä!

Aurifil's March designer is Emily Herrick of Grazy Old Ladies Quilts. Isn't the name of her company funny? Emily Herrick is new designer to me. But I enjoyed my visit on her home page. Her style is simple and modern, like the block "Borders", which she designed for us.

Do you notice... Lapland's girl hat is still missing! But the search continues! Here - during the Olympics - the atmosphere was occasionally so heat and sweaty, that we had to wash her hat. Now it's drying up! But she wanted to wear a hat in this photo. So she wears now a new knitted hat in spring color;o) Doesn't she look cute? And the color matches so well together with a new Aurifil block...


See you soon!!!