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tiistai 15. syyskuuta 2009

Think Too Little of My Blessings

September 15, 1861 Sarah Lois Wadley wrote in her diary

Father and Major Bry think that the war will continue through Lincoln's administration, but I pray that god in his mercy may avert this trial, I have never contemplated a long war, I have steeled myself to bear great and bloody battles and, many privations and even suffering for a little while, but four long years of war, of suspense which is worse than defeat almost; my heart sinks, my courage utterly fails; can I bear it? but why speak thus, I know I must bear it, and it only rests with me to decide whether I shall bear cheerfully or repiningly. I hope I may be enabled to be cheerful, and I sometimes think I can be so, but there are moments of darkness, in which I cannot think of the brightness which is often hid by clouds, and waits but for the stormy wind to scatter them and makes its glory apparent. - I think too much of my sorrows and too little of my blessings, - (quote from Civil War Diary Quilt -book written by R. Youngs)

This note is very touching. I'm speechless...

I used Quilt Gate's and Lecien fabrics. Pink and cream are from Mary Rose Collection, green is Lecien's Mrs March's Collection.

I wanted to reach some touching feeling with this block number 117. Because of that I fussy cut the lady in the middle part of the block. And I just adore those fabrics;)

Next time I'll have 'News' on September 25. Hopefully I'll find suitable fabrics...

Och Hälsningar för dig, Elin!
Hopefully you will join this fun with me soon again;)
Take care...

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Elin kirjoitti...

Wonderful block! Thank you for your nice support, and for your long mail. I've made the block tonight!

Karen kirjoitti...

Lovely block!

Anne Ida kirjoitti...

Another gorgeous little block!