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perjantai 27. joulukuuta 2013

Secret Santa Claus Swap

This was the fourth time, when I took part in Secret Santa Claus Swap

hosted by Chookyblue...
... this year Googygirl co-hosted her.

The SSC swap always means that you are totally spoiled at Christmas Eve;o)

This year Maria from Australia had worked hard and it was her turn to spoil me.... and Fenix too!!!
Fenix got treats from Maria's cat, Eduardo!

You can guess Fenix was very interested in those treats... purr- nam... purr!!!

 And WE BOTH love Maria's other gifts: a small towel - cutest little kangaroo on it - so CUTE!, useful transfer stickers for next Christmas and a GORGEOUS, SOFT lace scarf... with bling-bling on it! LOVELY! All these were carefully wrapped and Maria also included care instructions for the scarf.
And I think I also got a new blogger friend from Australia;o)
You really spoiled... 
Special PUrr-thanks also to EDUARDO!

I tried to spoil Suze from Australia with these treats...

I surely hope that she like them... as much as I liked to make them;o)

I also hope that Chookyblue will has enough strength to organize SSCS2014! ... my Christmas won't be a real Christmas without SSCS!!!
So it's time to thank you... you too...
 Chookyblue and Googygirl!!!

By the way, if you are wondering who is laying there... under the Christmas tree...??
He is Fenix's newest playmate, who came to us with Santa Claus from Cattinka's place... from Germany. We call him Ferdinand.
I must say... first I was a little bit jealous to him, because Fenix spent quite much time with him... not with me! For example Christmas morning I woke up the sounds, which I hadn't heard before. I guessed... that Fenix was playing with a ball and probably with Ferdinand, because he wasn't there where he stayed with a new ball in the previous night, when I went to the bed. On Christmas Day both boys were sleeping on the coach... heads next to each other... they were so sweet;o)
So, Katrin, you spoiled us too!!!
Danke Schön!!!

We wish you a wonderful last weekend of 2013!!!

4 kommenttia:

Maria kirjoitti...

So glad that you liked the gifts, Satu! It was so nice to make something warm for a Christmas present and I love that yarn :-) In my local yarn shop the owner recently had a shawl made in that yarn in a lovely turquoise colour on display...I might have to buy some more yarn! lol
Love the items you made for your swap partner too; she would have been thrilled with her gifts!

Tiinatei kirjoitti...

Voi, miten ihania juttuja on lennellyt suuntaan jos toiseen. Nuo unikkoiset mukin aluset on tosi kivat!

Cattinka kirjoitti...

I like the name you picked for the crochet cat. At first I thought he should be named Fenix II, but your choice is much better. I inteded him to be your friend but if Fenix is happy with him thats okay for me, too.
Have a good New Year!

Chookyblue...... kirjoitti...

lovely Satu.........both sent and recived the gifts are great.....Felix spoilt too how nice.........thanks for being part of the SSCS 2013........