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sunnuntai 15. joulukuuta 2013

3. Adventtina...

... mausteiden tuoksuja ja värejä...

Today I'm baking gingerbread cookies... the dough is made according to a recipe of Pikku Myy (= Moomin character Little My). It's more spicy than a normal gingerbread dough, but so yummy, nam!!!
SURPRISE!!!! I found a new quilt-along....
American Patchwork & Quilting magazine is organizing Tone It Down quilt-along. There is a group of designers, who are sewing the quilt together. They are sharing their tips, tools and tricks while sewing their own version of Tone It Down. The scrappy block interested me too much... so I had to sew a block. The block size is 15" x 15"... quite nice size;o) I'm not sure, if I had now time to sew more of them... although the temptation is... there...
It's so dark that I NEED COLORS around me!!!
Our cat is called Marty today.
Fenix had an unexpected problems finding a yellow-green fabrics... but I comforted him that when we need a pure green fabrics the finding will become more easy;o) So far he is doing his job very well!

I'm glad you visit here!!!

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Gudrun kirjoitti...

Such a beautiful block!
Greetings Gudrun