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maanantai 22. syyskuuta 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

Today is my day... to be part of this!

Now I feel that I'm like a bear waking up from the winter sleep! 
Because my quilting blog has been really REALLY silent during past summer... I feel that I'm quite rusty and it's difficult to start to write after sooo loooooong pause!
- especially because I write English today, hopefully I get through this challenge with honor -

Well, no more of that laziness of  being a poor blogger... I'll try to be more lively during the winter...

I was invited to this blog hop -happening by Katrin from Cattinka. She even remembered that we "met" in 2009 through the "Girls Day Out" - quilt along. 

Actually I had already forgotten it, because it feels like that we have known each other for the whole my blogger life... that's quite true, because I started to write Quilttales in August 2008.

The part of this blog hop fun is that I'll answer a few pre-set questions, which are:

1. What am I working on? 
2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 
3. Why do I write/create what I do? 
4. How does my writing/creating process work?

I think I select only two of those questions...

1. What am I working on?

In addition to quilting I do all kind of handcrafts:
... knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, felting, paper crafting, mosaic...
so the variety of materials, which I use is very wide.

At this moment my general crafty life is... 

.... GONE with YARNs!
- that is also one reason, why my blog has been quiet recently, because here I mainly write about my quilting life, not about other crafts -

Christmas is coming - also this year ;) - and I have to act as a helper of Santa Claus. Here is the paper bag, which I have to fill up with knitted woolen socks...

I'm badly late with my knitting schedule... but I'll try to do my best!

In quilting life... my main goal is that all Civil War Diary Quilt blocks are done till the end of this year and maybe I'll sew the whole top of the quilt together!?
Hmmm... would you like to wish me luck now???? I hope you would like to, because... after all that goal may be too hard for me...

There is - only - twelve blocks ahead. The CWD quilt is made up of 121 blocks.
I'm going to take a last effort in October, when I'll have a whole month vacation ;)
Isn't it peculiar how much your working life disturbs your hobby life?????

3. Why do I create/write what I do?

Exactly I don't know why I create what I create...
- ups! mostly I create nothing but the pile of UFOs -
 ... but the different kind of hand crafts has been belonged to my life ever since when I was a really, REALLY small kid. I was five years old, when I knitted my first scarf for my barbie. It wasn't perfect... the width of the scarf varied very much, but after all... my barbie was happy ;)
Isn't that the most important thing, when you create something... give happiness to each other and of course at the same time to yourself?

With these patchwork-loaded stories I just want to delight the readers of my blog.
I want to write some funny - not boring - tales of adventures in quilting world... and I think the most important thing in those stories is my very own quilt-inspector FENIX! 
Do you agree with me????

Sometimes I like to share my quilting experiences with you... by giving some "amateur quilting tutorials"...
like this one ;)
The whole "truth" and the nature of my blogger life you'll find only by reading my previous postings...
or scrolling down the sidebar of my blog. There you'll find out that I'm a starter rather than a finisher. I have many MANY sampler quilt going on....

If you are here for the first time, I'm happy, if you read my other stories too ;)

Oho, Fenix ei kyllä näytä kovin onnelliselta!
... and sometimes I add few words of Finnish into my tales...

The idea of Around the World Blog Hop is that I'll now invite you to visit three other bloggers
on next Monday, 29 September. 
It happened that I managed to "attract" two of my sweet quilting friend along this...
so next Monday you'll travel from Finland to Canada

Are you ready to read...
... about Tiinatei and her Tilkkutie stories?
... about Dolores and her True Blue Canadian stories?

HAPPY WEEK my friends!!!

lauantai 23. elokuuta 2014

I'm waiting for...

... a sewing inspiration! It has not yet come!

Maybe there is some hints of inspiration in the air, because today I finally cut few pieces for blocks...

Aurifil Designer BOM - Aurifil Button

and the next...

CWD block - Sad and Lonely Days

.... with the Civil War Diary blocks... I'm slightly behind my schedule...

So - really - I NEED a good kick of inspiration!!!!
Where I can find it?????

 Edellisessä postauksessani olleet sukat herättivät mielenkiintoa, joten kerronpa niistä vähän lisää.

Sukkien malli on Cookie A.:n ihanasta kirjasta Sukkia. rakkaudella. Malli on nimeltään Monkey.
Varoitus! Monkey on malli, johon koukuttuu - helposti!
Ohje löytyy myös täältä, englanniksi.

Tässä muutama kuva mallineuleesta...

Ruskea-turkoosi sävyiset sukat on neulottu Schoeller&Stahl:n Fortissima Mexico Cotton Stretch Butterfly -langasta. Se sisältää 41 % villaa, 39 % puuvillaa, 13 % polyamidia ja 7% elite stretchiä. Puikot, joilla nitkuttelin olivat kokoa 2,5 ja silmukkamäärä 64 s. Sukkien koko on noin 38.

Sovelsin Cookien mallia Novitan Nalle langalle (ylin sukka kuva), siten että loin 56 s eli vähensin jokaiselta puikolta 2 silmukkaa = mallikerrasta 2 oikeaa silmukkaa.
"Toimii" hyvin eli malli on yhtä ihana Nallestakin neulottuna;)


sunnuntai 20. heinäkuuta 2014

CWD: Games, Music and Knitting

July 20, 1864. Isabella Buchanan Edmondson wrote in her diary:

Another happy and beautiful morning. Miss Lou gave me some Cotton to knit Eddie a pr of socks. I began them, but did not get much done, most of the time playing Bagammon, Chess, or having some Music, learned Miss L. two pieces, "Brightest Eyes Quick Step", "Rosebud Waltz", she was very apt, but I fear her swimming scholar will ever be a drag to the art. Our days are as happy as can be.
 - quote from Civil War Diary Quilt written by R. Youngs -

Despite the summer heat I have managed to keep my schedule with CWD quilt. The block #50 Games, Music and Knitting is already third block in July... and if I tell you a secret... it's my fifth in this month, which means that I have taken a couple of false start ;) I sewed the next two blocks - dated 22 of July - ahead of time. I know myself... that after working day I'm too lazy to sew anything in the evening... at least when it's hot summer day!

Have an enjoyable week!!!

perjantai 18. heinäkuuta 2014

On the Plus Side - Aurifil Designer 2014

Iloisia uutisia!!!!

Lapin tyttö on taas turvallisesti kotona pistäydyttyään - kuulemma -"kesämatkalla"...
sukulaisia tapaamassa?

Hmmm... uskoisinko tuon mysteeriseltä vaikuttaneen katoamisen syyksi?

Aurifil's July Designer is Camille Roskelley.
She is definitely one of my favorite quilt / fabric designer. Her newest fabric line Miss Kate is out soon!

Oh, I have to spare some money to have a whole fat quarter bundle of it!

 Camille designed a very nice block for Aurifil BOM called "On the Plus Side".

Voi Fenix, sinun pitää kyllä siirtyä! Eihän siitä blokista pilkota kuin reunat!

 Here's my version of Camille's On the Plus Side - block.

I'm so happy that Lapland's girl is back home to introduce Aurifil BOM to you, my friends!
And look how beautiful new lace hat she is wearing! It's designed and made by my dear quilty friend, Tiinatei. KIITOS - vielä kerran ;O)


sunnuntai 29. kesäkuuta 2014

CWD: Smallpox

June 29, 1863. Cora Owens Hume wrote in her diary: Dr. Chenoweth says that Ann has smallpox very bad. We all quit going to her room expect Aunt Lettie who nurses her. 
(quote from Civil War Diary Quilt written by R. Youngs)
I planned to sew nine CWD blocks in June... but I have been bitten by a lazy worm! Despite the worm bite I did sew them all... but I didn't sewed them in a journal entry order! 

That's why I haven't been busy blogger either!!!
Today I show you only the photos of my newest CWD blocks without diary entries... and cutting instructions. If you want to sew one or two of them, let me know and I'll post you some instructions.

57. Smallpox

65. Love Letter

83. Soldiers Ladies Aid Society

85. Pet Regiment

88. Soldier's Box

89. The Fate

Block 89. is a little bit different... more asymmetrical in Rosemary's book. I decided to change a pattern little;)

90. Furlough

There is still 17 grey blocks in this image... seven of them should be sewn in July!

Hopefully July is not a too hot month!!!! ;) 
... if it is... then my laziness might get worse...


perjantai 27. kesäkuuta 2014

Chain Links - Aurifil Designer 2014

Voihan neljäntuulen hattu!
Olen koko kesäkuun odottanut Lapin tyttöä palaavaksi kotiin... ja esittelemään tämän kuun Aurifil Designer blokkia!

Tyttöä ei vaan kuulu eikä näy!!!

Ja nyt kun hänelle olisi ollut kaksi uutta hattuakin - varmasti mieleisiäkin, koska muistuttavat paljon hänen omaa, kadoksissa olevaa hattua...

.... nimittäin .....

...ihana tilkku-blogi-ystäväni Tiinatei ahkeroi ja ompeli Lapin tytölleni KAKSI uutta hattua tämän kuun blokkiesittelyä varten.

Fenixkin tarkasti tarkasti hatut ja hyväksyi ne!
Kiitos Tiinatei!!!!

She designed a block, which represents her sisters
and is called "Chain Links"

Here's my version of "Chain Links"...

... and all the 2014 Aurifil Designer BOMs together.

PS. Laittakaahan sana ympäri Suomea kiertämään: kaipaamme Lapin tyttöä - kovasti!!!... haluamme hänen palaavan takaisin omaan lämpöisen turvalliseen kotiin!!!! Ja Satu lupaa, että hänen oma hattunsakin löytyy - PIAN!!!!


sunnuntai 8. kesäkuuta 2014

CWD: Victuals

Viime viikolla se sitten iski... OIKEA ompelulaiskuus!
Lisäksi "helle" ja alkava flunssa nuuduttivat niin, että iltaompelu ei houkuttanut - lainkaan...

... so the planned sewing evening on last Thursday was only a distant dream!

I tried to catch my plans today...
but this flu disturbs and tires me all too much... I sewed only one CWD block today, even today it would have been a new CWD block...

And if you read this story till the end, you will learn an extra thing, which annoyed me more today!!! Krrr!!

Here is some instruction for the cutting:

 - from pink and grey  fabric, cut:
* two 7/8" x 5 1/2" rectangles (B)
* one 1 3/4" x 11" rectangles (E)
* one 1 1/8" x 11" rectangles (G)
* one 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" square. Cut it once half diagonally to make two triangles. (C)
* two 2" x 2" squares. Cut them once half diagonally to make four triangles. (D)

- from white fabric, cut:
* four 1 1/4" x 1 9/16" rectangles (A)
* two 3/4" x 11" rectangles (F)

 I started by sewing pink rectangles (B)... or precisely pink strips... around white A unit. A/B unit should be measure 2" x 1 7/8".

Then I attached pink/grey C and D triangles... 

 ... like this ;)
Look I still smiled, although my head was quite painful due the flu.

Today I used the Companion ruler (the angle 60 degree)...

... to trim the excess of fabric. And of course to make sure that my patches - or triangle units - are the right size... ;)
I was still happy to sew this interesting block ;)...
... vaikka käytettyjen nenäliinojen röykkiö ompelukoneen vieressä kasvoikin!

VOILA!!! I had all the corner units finished! ;)

Then I started to piece the center of the block.
I sewed the rectangles E/F/G - or strips - together this way...

... and again I cut the triangle units by using Companion ruler.
Olipa pimeä päivä! On lähes keskipäivä ja salamavalot räiskyy!

 Oh, I lost my sight... or visibility...

 ... but I'm ready to sew all the triangle units together ;)

Vielä hymyilyttää,
kun en tiennyt edessä odottavasta "katastrofista" mitään!!! Ehkä tilkku-inspehtoorillani oli siitä aavistus, kun tässä vaiheessa välttämättä halusi tulla kuvaan mukaan...

 And VOILA... la... la... laaaa...
WHAT!!!!! OMG!
I sewed the triangles in the wrong order!!!!! KRRRR!!!!
Apparently I really lost my sight!!!! KRRRR!

Well, now I'm all too tired to rip and re-sew it! Maybe I just figured my own block...

Nyt Satu pomppii tasajalkaa ja päätäkin alkoi särkeä tuplasti!!!!!

Maybe it's better that I won't promise you, when I'll introduce the next CWD block...
but there is still 7 blocks with the date in June.

June 5, 1862. Eldress Nancy Elly Moore wrote in her diary: About noon day, Colonel James with 200 Calvary, who are in search of John Morgan and his band of guerrillas, called to get lunch and to fill their canteens with cool water from our well. The family were just going to dinner when they rode up. So soon as they were done eating, the Brethren carried out the victuals that were cooked, and divided them around as well as they could. They soon discovered where the victuals came from and they flocked to the kitchen doors, they appeared very hungry for vegetables, they devour the raw lettuce with avidity and appeared to be very thankful for all they got. 
(a quote from the Rosemary Young's book Civil War Diary Quilt)

Happy next week my friends!!!

PS. Tiinatei: Tri-Rec-Tool viivain on todella hyödyllinen, jos haluaa ommella teräväkulmaisia sakaroita, kuten edellisessä CWD blokissani on. Tri-tool:n kulma on 53 astetta ja sen kanssa käytettävän Recs-tool:n kulma on 27 astetta. Sen käyttöä esitellään mm. täällä ja mm. ruotsalainen tilkkukauppa Lapp-Elisa myy niitä... täällä. Se on luotettava ja hyvä tilkkutyöbutiikki ;O)