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lauantai 7. joulukuuta 2013

Hei! Nimeni on...

... Satu.
And I'm addicted to... fabrics, yarns, BOWs, BOMs... and nowadays all kind of quilts related alongs.

Elizabeth Hartmann's colorful and modern quilts has always fascinated me. She started a cat-themed quilt along on the first day of December. She makes it with an easy block-a-day (BOD) way. The quilt along continues through December 25.
I didn't hesitate much since I saw her 'colorful cat-themed quilt! We surely need that kind of quilt... hanging on our sewing room's wall!... Or what do you think, Fenix?

 I'm sorry Fenix, I haven't yet sewn a cat, which would be a orange-red cat. But soon...soon...
we are approaching shades of orange.

So today I confessed to you my newest addiction: the Cat Quilt-Along.
Thank you for listening to me!
Happy Saturday!

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Cattinka kirjoitti...

The two of you defenitely need that quilt!