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maanantai 2. joulukuuta 2013

Celtic Solstice - part 1.

As I yesterday showed you, I began a new Mystery with Bonnie from Quiltville.

The reason why I began it now...
- although I have other unfinished quilts and so on -
... was that I want to make a quilt, which reminds me of our journey in Ireland few years ago. I was there with my dear mother and we traveled around the island of Ireland with a bus. It was one of my many dreams to get there... and it happened!!! It was only a week... but it was a wonderful WEEK!!!!
I won't never ever forget it!!!

 Here is my color / fabric choices.

Bonnie is now
- first time? in her mystery history -
offering to us the mystery quilt in two size... 75" x 75" and 111" x 111".
I'm sewing the smaller one...

... so I'll need in total 188
these kind of background (orange / neutral) and side triangle (blue) units.
I have now sewn 47 units! ... tomorrow 35 more and day after tomorrow 35... and... on Friday I have them all sewed and I'm well prepared for the next clue ;o)
... but before that I'll go and see the progress of other quilters, here.

Hugs, Smiles And Warm Fuzzy Feelings
to every one;o)

6 kommenttia:

Leah kirjoitti...

Looking good! Love the layout.

Cattinka kirjoitti...

You chose very bright fabrics for this challenge, but.... so much work to do. You are amazing to work on this right before christmas.

Tiinatei kirjoitti...

Niiiin kaunis kangaskokoelma! Minä olen tippunut jo aikoja sitten kärreiltä projektiesi suhteen, niin monta menossa yhtäaikaa (tai ainakin tuntuu siltä) , ja kaikki niin kauniita ja mielenkiintoisia! Taidan olla myös vähän kateellinen, vaikuttaa, että sinulla on paljon enemmän aikaa ompelemiseen kuin minulla. Menee monta iltaa, etten ehdi konetta lähellekään...Nyyh!

Andee kirjoitti...


Cathi kirjoitti...

Your fabrics look wonderful together! It will be fun seeing more as each clue comes out!

Maria kirjoitti...

Love your fabric choices, Satu! They are beautiful colours :-)