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tiistai 1. helmikuuta 2011

Fixed Stars in February

Before revealing plans (=Fixed Stars) for February...
it's time to scan shortly achievements in January
(one more time;)

1. Sew borders for Gardener's Journal. Done!
2. Sew and finish Le Petit 'Mon Ami'. Done!
3. Stitch block eight for Butterfly Garden. 3/9 done, other miniblocks prepared
4. Sew along Cheryl 1880's Sampler blocks. 3 blocks done!
5. Sew three CWD blocks. Done!
6. Sew four SBS blocks. Done!
7. Stitch some Life is Beautiful -stitcheries. 3 done, 1 prepared
8. Knit woollen socks. one finished, the other started
... did I forget something...

If you are regular reader, you might have noticed that I REALLY forgot something...

... I forgot my character!
I mean
always during the weeks I find something new and interesting things from chest of drawers or somewhere else...
and that means usually focused projects are forgotten;)...
I think I'll call THEM... for now on... as


They are those unpredictable projects
here in Quilttales corner;)

When I gathered projects for the Fixed Stars -list in February,
first it was LOOOOOOOOOOOOOng!
I had to shorten it
- wanted to leave room for shooting stars
- wanted to get more finished projects

1. Sew 10 CWD blocks. starting in 14th February, with Panic
2. Piece Angel's Story blocks together. half of them pieced
3. Finish Jul Mysteriet 2011 -tablerunner. blocks are sewn together
4. Finish all blocks for Midnight Stars - doll quilt. one block done
5. Finish woollen socks.
6. Sew 4 SBS blocks and other blocks of samplers.
7. Piece miniblocks of BG block 8 together and start to stitch block 9

There is a lot of program for February,
even the list is now shortened.

Let's see what happens!

Have a nice beginning of February!

PS. Be aware,
you might see more of these little (or giant) fellows...
flying around here... in a future.

4 kommenttia:

Dolores kirjoitti...

Oh my goodness. You really will be busy. I make a list but there is no way I would show it publicly. I may fail to finish something on that list and then I would be disappointed. I do manage to cross things off the list but then other things are added. It's a never ending cycle.
Good luck with your February list.

Cheryl kirjoitti...

Good job so far. You are following you stars! Keep up the good work.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

You have been very busy, very busy. i like what you are making, esspecially the little owls, they are addictive. So beware!!!!!

Cattinka kirjoitti...

You really did very well in January, got so many things done.
The February list is long, but you are a good seemstress and you will get done a lot of it.
I like to see the good progress you make! And the little owl is soooo cute.
Katrin W.