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maanantai 21. helmikuuta 2011

CWD: Sadness and Silence

February 21, 1864 Emma Florence Le Conte wrote

--- The very air is fraught with sadness and silence. the few noises that break the stillness seem melancholy and the sun does not seem to shine as brightly, seeming to be dimmed by the sight of so much misery. I was at Aunt Josie's this morning and there learned for the first time the extent of suffering. O God! When we think of what we have escaped and how almost miraculously we have been saved we should never rise from our knees. --- (quote from CWD quilt book / R. Youngs)
Suddenly also I'm feeling sadness, because tomorrow our looooong marathon week with CWD blocks will end. It lasted nine days... there has been both up- and downhills... And I'm glad that we have got some very encouraging comments during the journey!!! THANKS - KIITOS;) to you! I value them! Sorry, that I haven't have time to answer them all...

Block 74. Sadness and Silence
(almost PURR-fect;)


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Karen kirjoitti...

Another great block and a wonderful photo of Fenix looking out the window.