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maanantai 14. helmikuuta 2011

CWD: Panic

Welcome to follow Emma LeConte's life during one week in 1864...

February 14, 1864 Emma Florence LeConte Furman wrote in her diary

What a panic the whole town is in! I have not been out of the house myself, but father says the intense excitement prevails on the streets. The Yankees are reported a few miles off on the other side of the river. How strong no one seems to know. It is decided if this be true that we will remain quietly here, father alone leaving. ---

Block 68. Panic

--- I have been hastily making large pockets to wear under my hoopskirt - for they will hardly search our persons. Still everything of any value is to be packed up to go with father. I do not feel half so frightened as I thought I would. Perhaps because I cannot realize they are coming. I hope still this is a false report. --- (quotes from Civil War Diary Quilt, written by R. Youngs)

Emma's father worked for the Confederate army. He was a chemist. During the war, he supplied the Confederate army with supplies made in his laboratory; gunpowder, alcohol, ether and many different medicines. So just before Sherman's army marched into Columbia, he had to pack up his laboratory and move to the safer place, leaving Emma and rest of the family behind.

PANIC? ... here at the Quilttales?
...truly... not yet!
but maybe SOON...

TO BE CONTINUED... tomorrow;)

PS. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Cheryl kirjoitti...

Love the poison green in your CWD block! Never panic~~there is always a solution!

Karen kirjoitti...

Lovely block and I love the history.