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lauantai 19. helmikuuta 2011

CWD: Poor Columbia

February 19, 1864 Emma wrote in her diary at the Campus

The provost guard is encamped opposite the Campus. It consists of one battalion and is to remain until the last straggler leaves town. ---
--- Ever since dark thick clouds of smoke have been rolling up from the arsenal and I fear the flames will spread over the hill. Mary Ann came to see us in great distress this afternoon to tell us that a Yankee had sworn to her that these buildings should be burned tonight. --- I suppose it was only a drunken threat. Mother looked over the town this morning from Aunt Josie's attic window. She described a scene of fearful desolation. Here all is hidden from us. When they are gone I will walk out of the Campus and see it all - yet how I dread it! Poor Columbia! --- (quote from CWD quilt book / R. Youngs)

Have you already got bored with daily updates of CWD blocks?
Fenix is...

he is waiting me to play with him...
and if I turn back to the sewing room...
I can hear slight protesting voices...

... today - I must say too -
I'm also getting bored with them... after finishing...

Block 73. Poor Columbia

There is three days (=blocks) left at this CWD -marathon...
BUT I won't give up now!! I'll keep the schedule and reach the goal!

Maybe I'll get more enthusiasm for tomorrow...
playing with these tiny pieces for 1880's Sampler
listening Bryn Terfel's concert

But before that I'll play with Fenix!
Today I learned more about how demanding cats might be;)

3 kommenttia:

Karen kirjoitti...

I am not tired of seeing your blocks. I like the arrows on the corners of the current one.

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

Wow, Satu, you made great blocks for your CW quilt! I especially love the paper printed fabric.
How fun it must be, to be able to work on your blocks in such a continuous way!
Hi Fenix ~ not getting bored yet?

Cheryl kirjoitti...

Looks like Columbia was a challenging block. I like the printed fabric you used.