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sunnuntai 20. helmikuuta 2011

CWD: Churches Spared

Can you read Fenix's thoughts???

"Yes, ladies! I got a very good hunch that this would happen to Satu with her next CWD block. I know she doesn't like the narrow stripes (3/4 finished) and she always sew them too wide..."

"Okei, okei Fenix! You don't have to tell everything!! But block 74 is not so bad... I can cut the edges or... something... Do you want to hear about Emma and her life in February 20, 1864?

A great drove of lean ill-looking cattle was driven into the Campus today - our two cows have not been taken from us. Neither the Roman Catholic, Trinity (Episcopal) or Presbyterian Churches were burnt. It was a miracle the latter was saved - everything around it was destroyed. In Trinity churchyard soldiers were encamped. Of course there was no service in any of the churches yesterday - no Church bells ringing .- the Yankees riding up and down the streets - the provost guard putting up their camp - there was nothing to suggest Sunday. --- (quote from CWD quilt, written by Rosemary Youngs)

Yesterday evening I didn't sew so much as I planned, but the evening was very pleasant - atleast mentally. I made a experiment on triple-coloured hexagon flowers... AND Bryn Terfel's concert in Helsinki was fabulous... I'm really regretting that I didn't purchase the ticket. I hope he will come back on someday... and then I'm going to be there too!

Block 74. Churches Spared

hope you'll come back tomorrow...
I will;)

3 kommenttia:

alda kirjoitti...

looks great!

Karen kirjoitti...

Pretty flowers and excellent block!

Cheryl kirjoitti...

Another complex block well done!