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lauantai 5. helmikuuta 2011

Books, BOWs, BODs... and Wonders

On Monday: Dreaming... and reading new books;)
...also wondering, where to find more time???

On Tuesday: Hand piecing... and admiring new fabric patches from Sew Unique Creations.
...also wondering, how addictive these spools and flowers are???

On Wednesday: Remembering... Acores in 2007, while sewing SBS block L5 PINEAPPLE.
...also wondering, shall I ever travel again???

On Thursday: Inspiring... and 4 more DEAR JANE blocks (130/169 done).
...also wondering, shall I set one more goal for this year???

On Friday: Comparing... and sewing KANSAS TROUBLES for BB's Civil War quilt.
...also wondering, have I developed in two years???
(at the right KT block for SBS sewed in 2009)

On Saturday: Fascinating... and piecing more tiny patches together.
...also wondering, have I choosed the right shades of colours???

On Sunday: Relaxing... and --- don't know yet;)
... but surely wondering, how mysterious are paths of a life???
On Monday I'll turn a new page in my life... again;)


3 kommenttia:

Cheryl kirjoitti...

Your week was productive! and full of variety. When you find out where to get more time, let me know. I guess if I didn't blog hop, I would have more time. Now going to happen~~too much fun.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Thank you for taking us through your week. It's nice to see how much you have done

Karen kirjoitti...

Now that is a full week!!! Is it possible to find more time?