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lauantai 26. helmikuuta 2011

Fixed Stars for March

Before March
there is still time in February...

for example
starting a new project... and also finishing it;)
But what was a pink mystery thing...

It became a huge pincushion - diameter is about 22 cm!
I love it!!! It's like a tiny pillow;)

The pattern is designed by Janelle Wind. She is one of my favorite designers, because she always uses bright colours. I use them all too rarely... And the frill is sooo cute!

Are you soon keen on to see what happened to my Fixed Stars in February? Well, let's start to scanning...

1. Sew 10 CWD blocks. 9 of them done, the tenth I'll show you tomorrow!

2. Piece Angel's Story blocks together. Done!

3. Finish Jul Mysteriet 2011 -tablerunner. Waiting for quilting and binding...
4. Finish all blocks for Midnight Stars - doll quilt. Only 3 blocks of 9 done.
5. Finish woollen socks. Done!
7. Piece miniblocks of BG block 8 together and start to stitch block 9. Block 8 done, block 9 not even started... will continue in April

6. Sew 4 SBS blocks... Done!

... and other blocks for samplers. Done!

Here is three blocks for 1880's Sampler
and Richmond is Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts block. I haven't yet done three other blocks of BB's tutorial: Log Cabin, Cotton Ball and this week's Bird in the Air.
But maybe I'll catch them later...

If you look Richmond closer, it isn't exactly the same with BB's...:(
It ought to look like this... KRRR...

There was (=I saw) also few Shooting Stars in February:

I wanted to finish Le petit project, which was 'Sweet Spot' by C. Nelson, but I only cutted the fabrics for the middle stars... and tested the colours... and fabrics...

... and because I'm now studying different kind of handcrafts, there is some homeworks in the evenings... and that leads to new temptations... too often;)

I must remember that, when I'm considering Fixed Stars for March!

And here they finally are...

1. Finish Midnight Star - doll quilt.
2. Finish Jul Mysteriet 2011 -tablerunner.
3. Start and finish a shopping bag with pink roses.
4. Stitch-a-long 3 blocks for 'Tis the Season'
5. Applique block 2 for 'The Night before Christmas'
6. Spare time for Shooting Stars
7. Sew 4 SBS blocks and other blocks for other samplers.

Oh, this was loooooooooong post!!!! although February is short month...

with Life is Beautiful stitchery
I would like to wish you...

beautiful first week of March;)

4 kommenttia:

Cheryl kirjoitti...

Great goals for March, and great accomplishments for Feb. It sure does help me to list everything.

Cattinka kirjoitti...

You really got a lot done in the short month of February. It went by so fast. Good luck with your fixed stars of March, you have lots of plans already!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

you have done alot. i like the pincushion, it's one of my ufo's. I'm looking forward to see your bag.

Karen kirjoitti...

Lovely post! Funny Fenix on the ironing board and that IS a huge pincushion!!! A very productive February, everything is wonderful.