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perjantai 19. maaliskuuta 2010

Tonight - Friday Night Sew in

The SBS block A-4 Posies Around the Square is my project in this night.

I have never tried to needleturn pieces as small as these are. It's to be feared that the finished block will not be a success! HMM..

The pieces seem to be bigger in the picture. But for example the diameter of inner circle of posie is about 1/4". Very Scary!!!

Well, I'll throw my fear away and...
let's spend a nice evening together!

1 kommentti:

Terry kirjoitti...

I love your Sylvia's block. You are the second quilter I have come across this week working on the quilt. You are much closer to finishing.

Glad you liked FNS-in. It was my first one.