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sunnuntai 14. maaliskuuta 2010

Recovering Items

March 14, 1864 Emma Florence LeConte Furman wrote in her diary

She and Cousin Lula lost even more heavily than mother and I in clothing, for we only sent off our best things but they sent everything except two winter dresses a piece and hardly a change of underclothing, and not an article to begin Summer with. Our underclothing was all of homespun and our stockings home-knit, so we kept them. The silk dresses so carefully treasured during the war are entirely irreplaceable. Aunt Josie and Cousin Lula lost 24 before them. How are we to get clothes? - when even calico is from $25 to $30 a yard -
(quote from Civil War Diary quilt book, written by R. Youngs)

Block 78. Recovering Items

This must be the worst of my CWD blocks - so far. The seamlines are still SO wonky, after sewing them again and again... maybe I'll redo it someday...

Oh, I need some recovering after this... Sunday.
All has gone so wrong from the beginning; first I drove overspeed to the work (got a fine), then one of my teeth cracked more (it's aching), driving back home was unpleasant (because of hard fall of snow) and this unsuccesful block!
A horrible Sunday!!!

two days and then... ;))))

4 kommenttia:

Karen kirjoitti...

A horrible Sunday for sure! But, I do love the block, just the way it is.

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

I love the block too. I don't think you will get it any better with the sashing fabric you used. The colors are great.
I hope those too days go by really really fast, so you can finally start your holidays and concentrate on other things!

Lappetausa kirjoitti...

Hope you feel better today! I made this block yesterday, but have had no time to make blog post. I used paper piecing, and found that easy for this block. I'm making more of your earlier blocks these days, trying to catch up with you. Winter has come back here, I want spring!

Robin kirjoitti...

Ugh! Sounds like a rough day. :( It may not be perfect, but the block is still lovely. You chose marvelous fabrics for it (love the sashing stripe!).