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keskiviikko 31. maaliskuuta 2010

Girl's Day Out

See you -
I hope SOON!

3 kommenttia:

Chrissie kirjoitti...

Hi, Hahaha, you are something!!!
It is very good that you startet anyway.
What you show is very nice, so do not worry!!!
Happy Easter to you in youre new house.
Hugs Chrissie

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

Yes, I think you should get settled first and get your things in the right place. That will give you rest and piece to finish this block!
It seems like Fenix is having a wonderful time. He feels very much at home in his new space with you.
Good luck with everything!

Cattinka kirjoitti...

Hi Satu,
now I know why you couldn´t finish your block, I´m glad that you didn´t loose the will to work on the quilt. I´m sure you will catch up soon.