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lauantai 20. maaliskuuta 2010

Don't look IT too close!

This is it - my 60th Sylvia's Bridal Sampler block is ready.
What a Friday night it was... I had huge sweatdrops on my forehead!!!

A-4 Posies ' round the Square

I have posted the first blocks of the Euro Bee to France.
Sylvie was a host in this month and her dream was
a pinwheel quilt with amish style.

You'll find more pinwheel blocks from here.

Have a nice weekend!

I'll go and pack some moving boxes...

8 kommenttia:

Madammeke Ongeduld kirjoitti...

that is a beautiful block

Cattinka kirjoitti...

I looked very close, and the block looks great!

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

What a wonderful job on that 60th block!!!

Anne Ida kirjoitti...

I looked close!! And have to say it is an absolutely beautiful block! You can give yourself a pat on the back for this one!! You know I cheated on the A4? I didn't appliqué the small circles on top of the large ones, so my flowers have no centres ;o)

Congratulations on reaching the 60 block mile stone!!

Meredith kirjoitti...

I enlarged teh photo and teh block looks great. You did a nice job with the fabric/color selection. Very pretty

Karen kirjoitti...

Such a pretty block!!

Robin kirjoitti...

Satu, your SBS block turned out beautifully! Those are such tiny pieces. You did a great job. :)

Love those pinwheels too!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hi Satu, I really enjoy following your blog you do some wonderful work! I hope your week has improved. very hot still here in australia nice cool nights though thank goodness. Judy g