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perjantai 7. maaliskuuta 2014

The Mug Rug Swap - Celebrate the Olympics

Now it's time to reveal the mug rugs, which I posted to my swap partner, Veronica!
But before that...
let's admire all the goodies, which I got from her!

Inside the parcel... there was a patchwork card, a cute little key ring, an embroidered pendant, lot of iron-on GEMS!, a beautiful zippered pouch and.... those GORGEOUS mug rugs, Winter Dove and Russian Doll! 
Just look and admire all those details... especially the details of Matryoshka! Lovely work!!!
You spoiled me - totally, Veronica!
THANK YOU one more time;o)

And now the rugs, which I posted to Veronica.

I tried to catch some atmosphere of Sochi by imitating images, which I saw during those two Olympic weeks. Therefore I changed the original mug rugs pattern - a little bit...

So these rugs with two small Moomin mugs I posted to Veronica!
This was a very fun swap!

Happy Weekend!!!!

4 kommenttia:

Tilkkuilo kirjoitti...

Huikasevan ihania vaihtopaketteja! Sekä hänellä että sinulla!

Tilkkureppu kirjoitti...

Huikaisevia vaihtoja, tuo sininen salmiakkikuvio hieno!

Tilkku ja Tilkku kirjoitti...

Hienoja mukimattoja olet ommellut ja saanut. Paketin muukin sisältö oikein kaunista ja kivaa.

Dolores kirjoitti...

They all turned out so nice. I particularly like the diamond borders on the matryoshka doll.