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maanantai 31. maaliskuuta 2014

Loyal Union Sampler - BOWs 9 - 12

Here is the last four blocks of the Loyal Union Sampler quilt.

Tea Leaves block is the first appliqued block. Block E-4 and B-9 are based on Quick-pieced Quarter-Square Triangle (QST) units.

At this point I have sewn 21 blocks, as you might remember there is 121 blocks in this sampler;o)
Today I sewed 22nd block and I will show it together with other three new blocks, when I have sewn them... after three weeks...


here are the all blocks together;o)

I hope you enjoyed your visit here today!

5 kommenttia:

Elin TG kirjoitti...

You are very clever. The blocks are so nice! I have a busy time sewing for an exhibition on Sunday, so my blocks must wait.

Manuela kirjoitti...

Your blocks are beautiful. I like your colors and fabrics.

Greetings, Manuela

Tiinatei kirjoitti...

Niin kauniit ja pehmeät värit! Ruudukkosi täyttyy hyvää vauhtia. Toivottavasti Fenix on toipunut?

Dee kirjoitti...

I really like the Tea Leaves block. I also like the fabric you're using for these. Is it a 3 Sisters line of fabric? Very pretty.

Jenny kirjoitti...

I have not visited for a while but it is great to see you have been busy , I love the bags and the blocks.