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lauantai 15. maaliskuuta 2014

Farmer's Wife Sampler - Blocks 24 & 79

I promised you to update Farmer's wife sampler blocks three weeks ago... time flies!
Even if I haven't shown them to you, I have sewed one block every week
- I have now ten FW blocks -

Why I haven't told anything of them?
Well, I have not found a way to present them - smartly;o)
Isn't it a bit boring to see a variety of blocks without a story?

It would be nice to tell you something about the letters of 1920's farm wives, but we (= yahoo group) don't sew the blocks in the same order than they are presented in the book. There is two or four blocks, which are associated with the same letter. Would it be nice, if I show you those blocks and add some quotes from the book? Shall we try it this way?
Actually I started my tales of Farmer's wife blocks that way (here) by showing the first letter and first two blocks.

So today I show you the next letter and next two blocks and we will all know... is it ok that way?

No safer Road to Travel
- a letter written by Mrs. E. M. L. -

"I know no safer road to travel through real living than my daughter would take if a farmer were her life companion. --- To wake up in the early morning to the bird calls, the animal greetings, is better than the best symphony concert ever played. To see the sun climb out of bed and reach out rosy fingers to pick up the dew drops from field and meadow, and to watch the joyous greeting of all nature, in the summer time, is worth more than silver and gold can buy."
- quote from The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt by Laurie A. Hird - 

I hope you enjoyed your visit today!

- Happy Quilting Day -

4 kommenttia:

Tiinatei kirjoitti...

Oi, miten kauniit ja pehmeät värit blokeissasi on! Minusta on ainakin mukava lukea lainauksia blokkeihin liittyen. Itsekin voisin allekirjoittaa Mrs E.M.L:n kuvauksen aamusta, tuosta farmarin vaimona olemisesta en olekaan sitten ihan niin varma :D

Tilkku ja Tilkku kirjoitti...

Kauniit kankaat ja värit blokeissasi. Minäkin ostin pari vuotta sitten Farmer´s wife-kirjan aikomuksena ommella yksi blokki viikossa, mutta niin se vaan jäi. Eihän se olisi myöhäistä aloittaa vieläkään.

Val Spiers kirjoitti...

What a lovely quote. Such colourful prose. Thanks you for including it. Your blocks look great,

Tilkkureppu kirjoitti...

Maanläheiset värit blokeissa, kaunista!