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lauantai 23. maaliskuuta 2013


... but first other things.

Now all the Mill Girl's blocks are sewed...
(if you remember my all is 16 blocks)

... and we are thinking of a quilt assembly - sashing and border.

Last Wednesday was a special day for me ;o)
and I got a special delivery from Germany.
In these cutely wrapped parcel was...

a very useful sewing bag
(look! handy pockets outside of the bag)
a cutest embroidered heart ever!
THANK YOU, my friend Katrin! You are a treasure too!!

And then... the newest stars!

Two new stars for the Oh, my Stars quilt...

... the bigger star is 12" Woven Star, the smaller is 4" Quattro Stagioni Star.
I sewed them both by following the instructions carefully and this time I didn't find errors...

Yesterday Virtual Quilting Bee continued and we got a new block pattern .

 Block #2 is named 'Origami Star' and it's designed by Amy Newbold. 
You'll find the tutorial of  'Origami Star' by clicking the link above.

Until next time...
Happy Sewing!

2 kommenttia:

Cattinka kirjoitti...

The origami star looks perfect to me! It is once again a very difficult pattern and you made it very nice.
I am glad your present arrived on time and that you liked it.
Have a nice weekend.

Grit kirjoitti...

Wonderful work, Satu.

Greetings Grit