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keskiviikko 13. maaliskuuta 2013


... näytti tältä tänä aamuna...

From the Oh, My Stars tutorial I chose Woven Star to be the star of my week.
For the 8" star I cut the pieces just like it is said... in the instructions....
BUT after middle parts, I had troubles...

When I had sewn two little 'envelopes', I noticed they are not 3 3/8" wide as they should be! Krr!

What shall I do? Shall I stretch them a bit or what? Or do I use narrower seam allowances?

No way... I had to cut new triangles... larger this time.

Onneksi palasia oli leikattuna myös tutun turvallista perustähteä varten, joten pahimmat höyryt pääsi ulos sitä ommellessa.

At the same time I sewed the other star too...
and it was easier to sew causing less gray hairs;o)

Basic Sawtooth star... for a change on the green background.

The following picture you will see the changes, which I made...

... white squares are now 2 5/8" instead of 2 1/2",
the largest triangle pieces are now 3 3/4" instead of  3 5/8" (diagonally cutted square).
My Woven Star is a bit wonky and bigger than 8", but it's easy to 'repair' ... only tiny trimming;o)

My star quilt 'Tähtisirpaleita nurmikolla' is progressing nicely...
 The half of the 8" stars = 10 blocks is now ready.

I have sewn six different stars...
maybe I'll double or triple some of them and do at least one Patchwork Star in size 8" too.

Lopuksi vielä muuta 'härdelliä'...

eli totaalinen kaaos - aina - ompeluhuoneessani ,o)

Happy End of this week!

3 kommenttia:

Cattinka kirjoitti...

You make very hard to sew stars and to me they look perfect. I have to stick to the sawtooth star a while longer before I tackle the complicated ones.
You stars are looking good, keep it up.

Dolores kirjoitti...

That's a very interesting star. I like it.

Anne kirjoitti...

Aivan loistavat värit / kankaat näissä vihreänsävyisissä tähdissä!