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sunnuntai 24. maaliskuuta 2013

Sunday Drive

... but before we start the engine, I show you one more star.

If the Patchwork star was one of my favorite stars, I think the Nested star is the other.

 Oh, I love this star pattern!!!
Except I did not remember to pay enough attention to the direction of a lighter green fabric. Damn...Simpura sentään! Oh well, no one is perfect...

Now... Are you ready for 'a drive'? It's only a short one...

... but looks very curvy and complex! 
What do you think, did I handle it?

 Wov! So many crossings on the way!
Have to be careful with the direction of the pressings...

Luckily I have my own ironing-inspector ;o)... Fenix, advice me immediately, if I press the seams wrong!

Oh no, he has fallen asleep!!! Well, I need to cope alone...

After a few hours of 'hard' work... öhöm... drive ;o)
I saw it finished...

It's a block called 'Sunday Drive'
designed by Polly Minick & Laurie Simpson.
The block is tenth block of the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM. This mystery ends in May and a new mystery begins in June. More of these Designer mysteries you can read here.

I'm glad, if YOU were with me to the end of this drive...
as opposed to the one inspector ;o)

JOYFUL WEEK, but drive carefully!!!

5 kommenttia:

Dolores kirjoitti...

I guess you tired out poor Fenix with all your work. Lovely blocks.

Dee kirjoitti...

Fenix is adorable! That block has so many pieces, I can why he needed a nap. But it turned out beautifully!

Grit kirjoitti...

Wonderful stars.

Greetings Grit

Cattinka kirjoitti...

wow, that looks rather like a big journey then just a sunday drive. The block is beautiful.

Tiinatei kirjoitti...

Sinä olet kauniilla tähdilläsi saanut minutkin innostumaan niistä! Tuijotin Nested Starisi vihreää kangasta, enkä kyllä keksinyt, mikä kankaan suunnissa on mennyt vikaan, kun minusta ne ovat ihan loogisesti :)