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lauantai 18. tammikuuta 2014

Sew Kitschy

Today I'm gonna advertise to you one more BOM!
Because... it's paper piecing BOM! Hurray!
And it's FREE! Double-Hurray!!
But remember the blocks are free only one month... so hurry to load your own copy of January block!

So... in this way starts SEW KITSCHY - a Paper Piecing BOM!

"Oven Mitts" - 'Some like it hot'

I promise you that I won't start any new project in this month... anymore.
But I allowed to myself this one, because I completed today an UFO... hah-haa, LOL, my friends! ;oD

When I for a while ago organized some of my drawers I found this obscure-looking thing.
... looks really vague...

I remembered that many years ago (maybe in 2008-09 or earlier!) I saw a nice, good-looking pincushion somewhere in blogland. I wanted to make it... but I has never got stuffed it. Why? I don't know?!? I didn't find any instructions for it, but it seems to be English paper-pieced.

Today it took one hour...

... and after that hour... it looked like this.
THE FIRST finished UFO in 2014!!!

If you wonder why I'm so happy about such a small finished thing... it's because I made - secretly - one New Year commitment for 2014, although I HATE to make them!

It was this posting, which I saw at Pat Sloan's blog...
Be a UFO BuSTer!
*** Your Assignment ***
  • Pick the top THREE projects that you want to finish for you in the first quarter of next year (yes I like lists and I like the number THREE!)
  • Set a deadline of when they need to be done.
  • Do NOT move this deadline.
  • Do NOT take on other work that makes you MISS this deadline.
  • Now get the first of these 3 projects OUT where you CAN work on it. Don't leave it in a box under the bed in the spare room.  Put it front and center in your workspace
  • Now work to finish something for YOU!
- quote from Pat's blog -

... the previous posting led me to make my own assignment.
Oh boy, I'm in trouble!!!

Doesn't three UFO in four months sounds reasonable?
At least to me it sounds... so in the end of this year we'll see how I'll succeed in my commitment.

" Goals are Dreams with Deadlines "
- Diana Scharf Hunt -


2 kommenttia:

Cattinka kirjoitti...

I like your oven mitts, you chose nice fabrics, and the backround looks good with that large scaled flowers. Good luck for you Finishes, you had better start right away!

Kristy @ Quiet Play kirjoitti...

Your Sew Kitschy block looks great! Glad you're joining in!

And yay for finishes! Always a good feeling!