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keskiviikko 8. tammikuuta 2014

Chez Claire - Aurifil Designer 2014

- a new year starts in Aurifil Designer BOM with Brigitte Heitland's block called
'CHEZ CLAIRE' or 'Spools'. Brigitte told about her block that: "It's easy to sew, since it can be with Precuts and because it can be sewn in a traditional style as well as in a fresh and modern style."

My theme last year with the Aurifil BOM blocks was precious stones.
I think that I won't have any particular theme in my blocks this year... maybe I'll try to find more compatibility with the shades of colors...

I found this - retired - pincushion girl from Lapland... and I think... she will adventure with my Aurifil 2014 Designer blocks this year! A traditional part?
She is a gift from my grandmother, who gave it to me in some year in 70-80 centuries. The girl's hat is missing... I remember, that I saw it somewhere, but I didn't find it today. Hopefully we'll find it before the end of this year... and also many beautiful blocks;o)

Did I try to find some modern style with the fabric choice?
I don't know... but I have never before used grey background fabric...

See you soon;o)

5 kommenttia:

Tiinatei kirjoitti...

Hauskaa, postasin juuri omat BOMini. Sinun BOMissasi on hauskat kankaat, etenkin tuo lankarullakangas! Minullakin on ollut joskus tuollainen neulatyynynukke, mutta koko nukke on ollut jo kauan kateissa.

Irma kirjoitti...

BOMisi näyttää kivalta.
Minulla on pitkä lista kaikenlaisia suunnitelmia joten taidan jättää tänä vuonna tämän projektin väliin;)

Dolores kirjoitti...

Another new project? I like gray as a neutral.

Elin kirjoitti...

I want to join, but cannot find the block pattern. Could you send me a link?

Hannele kirjoitti...

Hauskalta näyttää, pidän moderneista värivalinnoistasi kovasti!