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tiistai 12. marraskuuta 2013

Twinkling Tuesday

I'm almost 100 % sure that you have already heard of this...

Lori's fantastic book was released about month ago. It's full of color and happiness like Lori's blog. Every time, when I need some color therapy I visit at her blog. As soon as I heard that she will publish a book I decided to have it;o)
She hosted a Row-along... was it last year? I don't remember exact... and these colorful blocks: apples, stars, mittens, mugs etc... became familiar to us quilty people. At the time I hadn't time to be in... and I have regretted it. So this time I'm in right from the start! JIHUU!!!

 Last week (the first week) we sewed APPLEs!
I collected one autumn apple 'Punainen Melba', one summer apple 'Valkeakuulas', one winter apple 'Lobo' and one 'Granny Smith'. The first three apple varieties are grown (also) here in Finland.

This autumn has been so dark, RAINY and gray... Oh, I really need these fresh shades!!!!
Where the snow lingers??? We need more light!!!
And also the photographing is a bit of a challenge in these conditions... 
at least to me... with a poor camera...

If you like to watch the other Quilty Fun Sew Along -blocks, you'll find them here.

"See" you again on Friday!
It's a new CWD block coming...

4 kommenttia:

Dee kirjoitti...

Your apples looks great! I love that you patterned them after real apples. I haven't joined in on this quilt along but love seeing everyone else's blocks.

quappwurm kirjoitti...

Hi Satu ... funny, that you are sewing Loris blocks, too!! Today I tried the stars - I havn't the book, so I must draw them by hand or by EQ. The shipping costs to germany are unbelievable ... But I'll do my very best ... we will see, if it works!
Lovely wishes from Christiane

Cattinka kirjoitti...

Pretty, pretty, pretty, thats something I like a lot!

Tiinatei kirjoitti...

Ihania omppuja ja tähtösiä! Etenkin tuo omppublokki on aivan ihana, pitänee jatkaa "joskus kokeiltavien" listaa omppuloisilla. Moikataan perjantaina Tampereella, jos satutaan vastakkain :D