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torstai 7. marraskuuta 2013

CWD: Bitter Enemy

Nov. 7, 1863 Eldress Nancy Ellen Moore wrote in her diary

Clear and beautiful day this 7th. Today Brother Patterson J. was out at the town of Franklin Kentucky. While there he saw the dead bodies of two guerrillas; who had been shot by Federal soldiers of Colonel Johnsons company. - A good many man who were acquainted recognize one of the dead bodies to be that of George Milligan who was formerly one of our near neighbors and a bitter enemy to believers. (quote from the book: Rosemary Youngs' The Civil War Diary Quilt)

I also wrote early this morning to my CWDQ journal: a beautiful and relaxing start to this 7th day.
The next CWD block was so easy compared to the previous one. Only squares and HSTs!

CWD block #27. Bitter Enemy

Here's some cutting instructions, if you like to sew it. The block's size is 6 1/2" including 1/4" seam allowance:

- cut 1 blue and 1 brown 4" square to make 3 1/2" HST square
- cut 2 brown and 2 cream 2 1/2" squares to make 2" HST square
- cut 4 brown 2"x 2" squares

The squares for the HSTs are a little bit bigger than needed, but I prefer to trim HST squares after sewing. That's way I get the right size HST squares;o)

If you wonder why I take quotes from Rosemary's book... I do it, because I want to clarify you the name of these CWD blocks.

Now I must hurry to make my morning walk... there is yet clear sky... a bit.
See you!

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Tuon ruskean pohjakankaan kuviot menevät niin, että näyttää, että siellä olisi yhtenäinen kangas kolmioiden alla. Taitavasti olet saanut kankaan kuviot samaan suuntaan. :D