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sunnuntai 3. marraskuuta 2013

LUS - B-6 Charlie Stokey's Star

... is this week's Loyal Union Sampler block.
Challenges of the block were:
a lot of small pieces... Y-seams... but I made it... somehow!

I was going to place the blue and red fabrics the other way around, but I was almost cut in all the fabrics until I found that "mistake" ... perhaps they are better this way ... it was a blessing in disguise ... for once;o)

B-6 Charlie Stokey's Star

This block would be fun to be a bigger size... for example 12". Now it's only 6" finished.

I'm happy that you popped up here... see you soon!

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Cattinka kirjoitti...

This one looks very difficult to me! You are an expert at these tricky blocks!