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keskiviikko 4. syyskuuta 2013

Mr Blue Sky

Sun is shinin' in the sky, there ain't a cloud in sight.
It's stopped rainin', everybody's in a play.
And don't you know it's a beautiful new day.

Aurifil's September designer is Kimberly Einmo and she designed to us a FABuLOus block called 'Mr Blue Sky'. While sewing her block she listened music by Electric Light Orchestra. I must admit I haven't heard their 'Mr Blue Sky' song before, until yesterday when I popped up on Youtube.

When I made Kimberly's block I learnt many other new things...

First I haven't before sewed HST's using rectangles. I recognized that it's a nice method... I got very precise HST squares!

Then I decided to choose colors for my block according to sapphire... and naturally I first began to think of different kind of blue shades...
BUT when  I googled sapphire I learnt that it belongs to a large group of gemstones called corundum... and it can be any color!... except if it's red, then it's ruby!! How odd it is that!?!
Anyway I decided to use blue fabrics, because this is Mr BLUE Sky block;o)

Before I sewed the pieces together, I checked the fabrics one more time...
Hmm... I think I'm going to fall in love soon... although it's blue...

One more thing, which inspired me to chose a sapphire theme for this block was that I read more about the sapphires:
a round, oval, glossy sapphire is called a cat-eye. The cat-eye effect is clearly seen, when the light hits on the surface of the sapphire. The gem reflect the light like a cat's eye in the dark.

Oh & Ah...   'Mr Blue Sky' ... ;o)

... and all nine Aurifil (gems) blocks...

Oh, I think we'll have now a little time to sing together... all together ;o)

Mr. Blue you did it right, but soon comes Mr. Night,
creepin' over, now his hand is on your shoulder,
never mind I'll remember you this way...

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Cattinka kirjoitti...

You blocks are beautiful!

Tiinatei kirjoitti...

Kaunis! Jalokivikokoelmasi on ihastuttava. Tunnistin blokkisi Flickristä ennen kuin näin nimesi siinä, syy lienee ollut Unikon. Blogisi päivittyy blogini lukulistalle jotenkin hullusti, se vain tupsahtaa jonnekin väliin, eikä tule listan ylimmäiseksi niin kuin uusimman kuuluisi tulla. Ajallisesti järjestys on oikein, mutta päivitys näyttää tapahtuvan myöhemmin kuin olet postauksesi julkaissut. Tulipa sekavasti selitettyä ;D. Onneksi se kuitenkin ilmestyy sinne