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lauantai 22. tammikuuta 2011

Friday Night Sew in... Broken Dreams?

I was well prepared for this Friday Night Sew-In.

THE Plan:
finish 'Mon Ami' (Le Petit -project in Jan).
It would be a tablecloth for the summertable, and there would be 16 Friendship star blocks (4x4).

What a h...! Can't be true!!!

I sewed all the blocks and started happily to piece...
... noticed I haven't think at all...
of great importance of position the HST's!!!
I saw my dream broken:(

What shall I do? I WANT 'Mon Ami'!!!

I thought and thought...
'Mon Ami' began to look more and more of
'The Alley of the Broken Dreams'

Yes, I realised I should rip two seams and turn those pieces around... a lot of boring work!
No way... not tonight!
I searched one of my box of treasures and found very pretty lace.
Should that be an answer?

It surely looks pretty;)

I must think of this resolution more...
While thinking
I sewed few of these triangles

What a h...!!!! NO MORE mistakes tonight, Satu!!!!!

So my thoughts were somewhere else...
and I decided to leave the sewing room.

21st January!

HOPEfully more LUCK on SATUrday!!!

8 kommenttia:

Irma kirjoitti...

Hieno, eläväisen näköinen pinta:)

laurence kirjoitti...

Very beautifuls stars

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

It looks very nice. It's a shame you sewed some stars wrong sides together. I love the fabric you used ( I used some fabrics also for my Mon Ami).

Cattinka kirjoitti...

Hi Satu,
I don´t quite understand the problem with the stars, they look good to me.

Anne Ida kirjoitti...

Oh, no! Those friendship stars can be a bit annoying sometimes - they are so simple, but you really do have to watch the direction of those points. The nine you have in the last picture looks fabulous, though! Hope you manage to frog stitch the last ones and you will have your 4x4 block table topper! And that lace do look great with your choice of fabrics!

Lori kirjoitti...

Sometimes it is better to leave the sewing for another day!!

Karen kirjoitti...

Bummer, but I like what I see!

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

Oh dear, what a night. Isn't that terrible, how some days everything seems to go wrong...