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lauantai 1. tammikuuta 2011

CWD: Present Deplorable State and Special Blessings

January 1, 1862 (22 years old) Rebecca Loraine Richmond wrote in her diary

Mother, Father and I have passed a very quiet day at home. Time occupied in sewing, writing and reading. I devoted an hour to guitar music this evening. I was invited to receive calls today with Sarah Nelson, and also with Mrs. Peter Pierce, but, having previously decided for various reasons, not to receive calls today I declined both invitations. The present deplorable state of our beloved country seems to me to call rather for prayer and fasting than the mirth, jollity and feasting commonly indulged on the first day of the New Year.

Block 87. Present Deplorable State

Few notes from my CWD journal:
I planned to paperpiece the whole block, but at the last minute I changed the plan. I paperpieced only the shapes of arrows. For the striped triangles (in the middle of the block) I sewed 1" wide stripes together, cutted four triangles with the template and finally sewed arrows and triangles together. The finished block is quite good... actually much better than I thought!

The second block of the day is...

Block 6. Special Blessings

One year later in 1863 Rachel Young King Anderson wrote in her diary

A new year dawns on us gloomily, tho I have very many thanks recorded on my heart for special mercies and blessings that we as a family have been favored with during the stormy times that have been and still are raging around since the war began in 1861 and that is now raging. Hundreds of thousands of mothers, wives and sisters have been bereft of sons, husbands and brothers, but thank God my husband and son are still with me and I hope my brothers may spared to us and theirs.
(both diarynotes are from Civil War Diary Quilt book by R. Youngs)

It's 150 years since the Civil War began.

I can't imagine what it really means... but those quilts and stories behind them fascinates me. I don't know how much the movie Gone With the Wind... Scarlett and Rhett... influences my interests.... Atleast it's the movie, which I will never forget.

I took this photo at one evening in last September. It reminds me of one action from Gone With the Wind.

In the spirit of CW I will follow these two blog regularly in 2011

1. 1880's Sampler quilt

Cheryl is sewing a quilt,
which is inspired by the sampler quilt made by Barbara Bucher Synder in the 1880's.

2. Civil War Quilts

On Barbara's new blog
she commemorate the start of the Civil War by posting 52 block patterns with the story of CW.

I'll sew the next CWD block on next Thursday.

Now it's time to go to sleeeeeeeeeeep......Kroooooh!!

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Cheryl kirjoitti...

We will be sewing both together! I must check out the Civil War Diary quilts.