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torstai 6. tammikuuta 2011

CWD: Knitting and Reading

January 6, 1864 Emma Florence Le Conte Furman (17 years old) wrote in her diary

A horrid day. Rain, rain, rain. I have been sitting over the fire knitting and reading. Mother sitting opposite with her knitting asked me such endless questions in regard to her stocking that I put down my book impatiently and am trying to write. I feel awfully cross and out of sorts, and can't understand how so simple an affair as knitting a stocking should appear an insoluble problem. Mother can't conquer the mystery of "turning the heel" - there it is again - "Emma, how many times did you say I must knit plain?" - I think I shall put my pen down and run away - (quote from CWD quilt book, written by Rosemary Youngs)

Block 66. Knitting and Reading

I and my mother (who was visiting us) have sewing day today. Although my mother just wanted to sit, relax and look, while I was sewing. Block 66 appeared to be complicated block, because it was easy to sew those HST pieces upside down... unless you don't concentrate...

I also sewed first SBS block in 2011.

C-9 Grandmother's Pride(44 weeks and all SBS blocks are done)
My Epiphany was easy-going...
what about yours?

PS. The next CWD block in January 12 - nro 94.

2 kommenttia:

Karen kirjoitti...

Beautiful blocks!!!

Anne Ida kirjoitti...

You have once again made beautiful blocks! Keep 'em coming :o)